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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow you to communicate with your friends and explore eye-catching content. In 2018, Instagram came up with the rule that implied Instagram would notify you whenever you opt to screenshot a story. However, Instagram took a turn and took back this decision.

Despite the clarification, many users ask, ''does Instagram notify you when you screenshot''. Those users will find their answers in this guide, and we'll also tell you how to screenshot on Instagram.

does instagram notify when you screenshot a story

Part 1: Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story

If you've ever asked a question, ''does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story'' you aren't alone in asking this, as many people tend to raise this question.

Instagram used to notify you whenever someone opted to take your Instagram stories' screenshot in the past. However, now Instagram doesn't come up with a rule as you won't be able to know if someone takes a screenshot of your story.

Many people raised their concerns about this matter as they wanted to maintain the security of their personal information. Still, Instagram maintains that if someone intends to prevent the story from being captured, he can turn the Instagram account private.

This explanation makes sense as when you tend to upload a story on Instagram from a Private account, no one other than your friends on Instagram qualifies to watch your story, let alone take a screenshot.

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does instagram notify when you screenshot

Part 2: Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM

Although Instagram doesn't notify when taking a screenshot of a chat message and normal pictures, many people would ask that “does instagram notify when you screenshot a dm”. The answer is Yes. It tends to send a notification when you screenshot disappearing messages and videos.

Disappearing photos and videos are those you send your friends, and they can only see the photos or videos once or twice. However, if you're sending a photo or video to your friends through a camera roll, Instagram won't tell you when your friend takes a screenshot of your content.

Hence, if you want to get notified whenever someone takes your pictures or videos' screenshots, send your content as a disappearing message.

does instagram notify when you screenshot a dm

Part 3: Can People See When You Screenshot on Instagram

You'll see many people asking ''can you screenshot Instagram stories, or can people see if your screenshot their Instagram''.

The simple answer is no; Instagram doesn't tell you when someone opts to screenshot your posts, stories, profile, or anything related to your Instagram.

You can take screenshots of any video or photo from Instagram. However, as mentioned in the upper part, Instagram notifies us when taking screenshots of disappearing photos or video messages. Apart from those messages, Instagram doesn't bother to inform you about the screenshot you take on your Instagram.

Part 4: How to Screenshot Instagram Story

Since Instagram notifies you when you screenshot disappearing photos or videos on Instagram, everyone wants to know about the tricks to screenshot story Instagram or disappearing messages.

Here's the list of tools that will screenshot Instagram stories.

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder

If you're looking to screenshot an Instagram story, a screen recorder might help your cause. Yes, you can use HitPaw Screen Recorder to screen record and help you screenshot Instagram story, or it also helps you capture your screen.

Using this flawless screen recorder, you've got the privilege to record the screen and webcam simultaneously. Moreover, you can also record and stream videos on various platforms using this tremendous tool.

The key features of HitPaw Screen Recorder:

  • It helps you take a screenshot of anything displayed on your screen.
  • You can apply picture in picture recording effects to your video.
  • It helps you adjust the recorded video.
  • HitPaw lets you explore stickers, templates, and virtual backgrounds to make your live streaming and video recording top-notch.
  • It comes with an effortless interface; newbies can record the screen with minimal effort.

How to take a screenshot on Instagram using HitPaw Screen Recorder:

Step 01 Before doing anything, you'll need to get the HitPaw Screen Recorder downloaded on your PC and then launch it straight away.

Step 02 All you need to do is hit ''Record Screen'' and then navigate to Instagram.

 does instagram notify when you screenshot a post

Step 03 In this phase, you need to hit the ''Recording'' icon and begin recording your screen. If you want to screenshot an Instagram story or video, you can hit the F6 camera icon. After ending the recording, you can download the recorded story to your PC.

can people see if you screenshot instagram story

2. Use Airplane Mode

Using Airplane mode to screenshot is a fairly old method, and most Snapchat is familiar with it. However, Snapchat has blocked this trick, but you can still apply it on Instagram. It can help you screenshot Instagram DM.

Here's how to do it.

  • 1

    After launching the Instagram app, you'll need to let the story load.

  • 2

    You'll need to enable the Airplane mode to turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular data.

  • 3

    You'll need to navigate the Instagram app and take a screenshot of a story or disappearing message.

  • 4

    You'll need to quit the Instagram app on Android before disabling Airplane mode and uninstall and install the app again on iOS devices.

3. Use Story Saver for Instagram on Android

Story Saver is a befitting app on Android that holds the list of all your following users' stories. It means that you can do it without fuss whenever you want to download the story.

However, if you want to download someone else's story, you'll need to use the search function of Story Saver. After tapping the user name on the search box, you'll be able to see their posts or stories.

You can get access to Instagram stories after hitting the thumbnail. Next up, you'll need to hit the red circle to download the story on your Story Saver. You can also access the stories of the people you follow by navigating to the ''Download'' icon. Now, you can click on it and watch the story you'd want.

4. Use Story Saver on iOS

Story Saver on iOS allows you to download your favourite stories on Instagram without logging in with your Instagram ID. However, you can't download the stories from the private accounts as you'll only be able to browse the profiles.

You can select either story highlights or stories within 24 hours as far as stories are concerned. Next up, you'll need to hit the three dots in the Instagram story you'd like to download.

Later, you'll need to select ''Save to Camera Roll'' or ''Save to Downloads'' to download the story. You can access the downloaded stores on your iPhone gallery.


So, after reading this article, you should know thee answer of does instagram notify when you screenshot a story. Instagram doesn't send you a notification when your friend takes a screenshot of your Instagram stories. However, it tends to notify you when you screenshot Instagram DM.

If you've got any doubts about whether Instagram will notify you when you'll take a screenshot, you can use some tools to take a screenshot. HitPaw Screen Recorder is the most reliable of all the tools we've mentioned, courtesy of magnificent features and an incredible user interface.

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