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10 Free Online Video Script Generators

Manual typing can be extremely tedious, but you can make things easy with a robust video script generator that uses AI to complete the task perfectly. Although a smart AI tool can write an AI video script in less than a minute, it is challenging to find the right program for the job.

Considering this, the following list talks about the 10 best video script generator tools and explains their key features for your convenience.

Part 1: What Is a Video Script and How to Create a Video Script?

A video script is a text document that works as an outline for the narratives, dialogues, and voiceovers in the final version of a movie. The better the script is, the more interesting and engaging the video will be.

As for creating a script, earlier, people used to write manually, and therefore. such content was prone to errors and reflected biased opinions of the writer. Nowadays, with AI technology at the boom, tasks have become easier. Today, web solutions or desktop apps automate the job, eliminating any chances of errors or inclination towards or against the subject in question in those AI-generated video scripts.

Part 2: Top 10 Video Script Generators for Eye-Catching Content

1. HitPaw EdiMakor

The most versatile video script generator, HitPaw Edimakor comes with an AI-powered subtitle creator, making the program a complete solution for professional video creators, social media influencers, and vloggers. The integrated video composer automatically merges media clips according to the scripts it generates through AI.

HitPaw Edimakor video script generator Key Features
  • Integrated screen recorder with simultaneous webcam and voice recording features
  • Built-in AI-powered subtitle generator
  • Generates AI scripts in more than 30 languages
  • Writes scripts in casual, professional, funny, creative, and informative tones
  • Automatically merges media clips
  • Comprises ‘Advanced Edit’, a built-in timeline-based tool for granular video editing

2. Syllaby

Syllaby is another versatile solution having an integrated AI video script generator for your videos and other visual narratives. The embedded video creator automatically merges footage, adds transitions, and syncs voiceover to produce publish-ready clips for TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms. The web app also assists in searching the most trending topics to produce viral videos within a few minutes.

Syllaby ai video script generator Key Features
  • Creates personalized real-like avatar clones for lively videos
  • Searches for viral topics
  • Assists in social media marketing strategic planning
  • AI-powered editor for video creation with the least human intervention

3. Neuroflash

Neuroflash AI video script creator has over 100 templates to write finished content, ready for publishing. In addition, the AI-powered chatbot eases your tasks by automating text messages, saving you time and money you would otherwise spend on hiring professionals and training them. You can even use prompts to generate AI images to compliment your scripts for better understanding.

Neuroflash ai video generator from script Key Features
  • Offers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions for convenient accessibility
  • Comprises 100+ text templates to save time when using AI to generate video scripts
  • Allows team collaboration for joint inputs to improve productivity
  • Uses AI to generate tailored images for visual illustrations

4. AtOnce

The best thing about AtOnce is that it can generate several articles and blogs of up to 4000 words each in over 30 languages within a few seconds. The tool’s algorithms can write AI video scripts on any niche of your choice and even export them to your website, saving several hours of manual work.

AtOnce video script ai Key Features
  • Creates content that bypasses AI detection
  • Automatically adds images to your text
  • Generates scripts ranging anywhere from 250 to 4000 words
  • Writes several first drafts within a minute and compresses them in a ZIP file for convenient downloading

5. VidIQ

What makes VidIQ unique is that it comes with a 24 x 7 available AI coach to assist you in growing your YouTube channel in much less time. This AI video script generator also helps you brainstorm to come up with YouTube channel names and video ideas. It can even write descriptions for your YouTube videos.

VidIQ video script generator online free Key Features
  • YouTube title generator
  • Keyword generator
  • YouTube description generator
  • Channel audit tool
  • Competitors tool

6. Copy.ai

If you’re looking for long-form SEO-friendly articles, Copy.ai would be the best solution for your business. As a freelancer, you can use this web app to generate product descriptions, ad copies, and sales pitches to improve your production. Copy.ai also creates engaging social media posts to promote your brand, products, and services across the globe.

Copy.ai ai video script Key Features
  • Generates AI scripts to sync with your brand tone
  • Translates content into your preferred language
  • Writes convincing sales pitches
  • Helps you work more and faster with AI Chat

7. Jasper

Jasper works as your efficient AI copilot that can help you write content, reply to customer queries, generate insights and analytics for better strategy and productive planning, and much more. The solution also scans your existing content for brand voice and suggests modifications to update the text for better audience engagement.

Jasper video script generator ai Key Features
  • Writes AI video scripts for social media marketing campaigns
  • Generates SEO-friendly content to increase web traffic
  • Summarizes customer reviews and comments to give quick insights into your products or services
  • Generates AI images to support text content

8. JotPro

JotPro is a one-stop shop for all your writing needs. The solution can write AI video scripts, technical documentation, blogs, cover letters, and more in a few seconds. You can boost your business production several times with promising sales emails and social media ads that JotPro writes using AI. The SEO optimizer feature scans your website for missing attractions and writes descriptions to draw traffic.

JotPro ai video from script Key Features
  • Writes blogs
  • Creates content for social media posts and marketing campaigns
  • Supports as many as 35 languages
  • Built-in creative writing feature that you can use as a video script generator

9. Simplified

An umbrella solution holding several tools to manage your entire business through AI from one place, Simplified does everything for you by entering simple prompts. With this web app, you can generate AI images, create blogs and articles, write AI video scripts, create animations, edit videos, and produce advertisements for social media marketing campaigns in less than a minute.

Simplified video script writer ai Key Features
  • Schedules posts for almost all popular social media platforms
  • Generates hashtags for social networking sites
  • Creates appealing and SEO-optimized YouTube video titles
  • Creates Shopify pages
  • Generates memes

10. ScripAI

A revolutionary AI platform that offers everything for free, ScripAI has plenty of tools to automate all your tasks and complete them with perfection in much less time. The web app can create story posts for LinkedIn, generate definitions for new words you think of, rewrite sentences to meet SEO standards, etc.

ScripAI video script writing ai Key Features
  • Creates AI-generated video scripts for YouTube Shorts
  • Expands sentences naturally to make them more elaborative
  • Writes Instagram captions
  • Generates YouTube video outlines
  • Generates compelling email subjects

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the AI tool for writing video scripts?

A1. While many tools have a dedicated section to do the job, others may require you to enter prompts smartly to use them as a video script generator. For a quick solution, you can check HitPaw Edimakor, which also has an integrated AI-powered video editor that merges media clips to sync with scripts it generates.

Q2. What is the best AI video script generator?

A2. Because all AI tools work on the same principle, each is good in its own way. However, the number of features and the level of efficiency any such solution offers depends on the complexity of the code used to write algorithms that function in the background.

Therefore, you must take some time to find the one that best suits your needs. Nevertheless, this title made things easy for you. You can start from the first app in the list, i.e., HitPaw Editmakor, and you don’t have to look any further.

Q3. How to generate a video script with AI?

A3. Usually, all AI tools work almost identically. Taking HitPaw Edimakor as an example, all you need to do is:
1.Choose AI Video Generator from the main interface
2.Go to the Explanatory video tab
3.Enter two or three sentences in simple language (maximum 300 characters including spaces) about the script you want to create
4.Choose the tone of the script from the Vibe list
5.Pick your preferred language
6.Click Generate Script and wait while HitPaw Edimakor generates the AI video script for you


An AI-generated video script is accurate, scalable, and unbiased. However, to get this kind of output, you must do some research and pick the best AI solution that works efficiently. For your convenience, this title discusses 10 web and PC apps, and HitPaw Edimakor is something worth picking up as the best video script generator if you are a perfectionist.

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