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The Top 6 Free Sports Streaming Sites and How to Edit Sports Videos

Die-hard sports fans rarely miss live actions in their favorite sports. When you are away from your TV and need to follow up on current sporting events, the services of a sports streaming site can come in handy. There are lots of free sports streaming sites online but we have listed the best 6 free sports streaming sites.

Part 1. The Best 6 Free Sports Streaming Sites

1. Stream2watch

Stream2Watch is a free online sports streaming website. It has been one of the best free sports streaming sites for more than 5 years. The website affiliates with many other sports streaming websites to grant sports lovers access to unlimited entertainment.

sports streaming free sites
  • Sign up or not: Stream2watch does not require sign-up for visitors to stream videos.
  • Is it free: Stream2watch is free to use.
  • Sports support: Stream2watch supports NFL, football, rugby, baseball, wrestling, and many other sports.
  • Online or app: Stream2watch is mainly a sports streaming website.
  • Legal or not: Stream2watch has a legal disclaimer on its website.
  • Speed: Stream2watch loads fast. However, ads pop up sometimes.
  • Other special feature: Stream2watch has a search feature that users can use to find their favorite sports videos.

2. Drakulastream Sports Streaming Sites Free

free sports streaming sites reddit
  • Sign up or not: Does not require a signup.
  • Is it free: Draculastream does not charge users for streaming videos.
  • Sports support: Draculastream supports football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and many other sports.
  • Online or app: Draculastream is only an online sports streaming app.
  • Legal or not: Dramastream is legal as it operates and published its TOS on the website.
  • Speed: The site is a bit slow in page load. Some pop-up ads also slow page load speed.
  • Other special feature: There is a location-sensitive timer on the homepage. This tool helps users to determine live matches and concluded matches.

3. Cricfree Live Sports Streaming Sites Free

best free streaming sites for sports
  • Sign up or not: Does not require a signup
  • Is it free: It is free to stream sports videos on Cricfree
  • Sports support: Cricfree supports football, cricket, wrestling, tennis, and some other sports
  • Online or app: Cricfree operates purely online via its official website.
  • Legal or not: Cricfree is a legal website and trusted website
  • Speed: Page load speed is impressive. The streaming speed is good enough.
  • Other special feature: Cricfree offers chatroom services for users.

4. Sportrar Free Streaming Sports Sites

free sports streaming sites
  • Sign up or not: To enjoy the full benefits of the website, visitors are expected to register.
  • Is it free: Users don't pay anything to stream live sports videos on Sportrar.
  • Sports support: Sportsrar supports football, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Online or app: Sporter only uses its official website to provide streaming links to others.
  • Legal or not: Sportrar operates a legal sports streaming website. The site TOS is available on the website.
  • Speed: Sportrar is not very fast when loading on Chrome. Sportrar streams may take a while before the video plays.
  • Other special feature: Sportrar has a section for leave tables across major football.

5. Watch ESPN

ESPN is one of the biggest sports free streaming sites of our time. Many sports lovers must have heard about or watched ESPN at some time. Watch ESPN is a subsidiary of the ESPN Network. It is solely responsible for streaming sports events and sports news online. The live streaming sessions require registration.

best free sports streaming sites
  • Sign up or not: New visitors are expected to pay for a subscription or signup for their 7-day free trial offer.
  • Is it free: It is free to use Watch ESPN for the first 7 days. After the 7 days expire, the user will have to pay for a subscription.
  • Sports support: Watch ESPN supports soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, water ski, cycling, and many other kinds of sports.
  • Online or app: Watch ESPN is available both online and as an app compatible with different platforms.
  • Legal or not: Watch ESPN is an authorized media company that offers live streaming of sports legally.
  • Speed: The website speed is excellent as streaming videos is so easy and fast too.
  • Other special feature: Watch ESPN also offer some limited access to movies and many fun sport shows and reviews.

6. FromHot Best Free Streaming Sports Sites

sports streaming sites free

FromHot is a top sport live streaming website. It allows users to choose their time zones so they can get the accurate time for sporting actions. FromHot does not require registration and the website is not littered with ads.

  • Sign up or not: Users don't have to signup to stream videos. There is no need to sign up.
  • Is it free: It is free to use.
  • Sports support: FromHot supports a wide range of sports including football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and many more.
  • Online or app: FromHot is majorly a streaming website.
  • Legal or not: FromHot is legal and has not had issues.
  • Speed: FromHot loads fast and the streaming experience when the internet network is strong.
  • Other special feature: FromHot offers dedicated time zoning services to new users.

Part 2. How to Edit a Sports Video As You Want: Use Hitpaw Toolkit

HitPaw Toolkit is an innovative response to all video editing needs. HitPaw Toolkit can help both professionals and rookies create high-quality videos. The Toolkit is available on both the Windows platform and Mac.

HitPaw toolkit features include:

  • Crop & rotate: Reduce the size of an image and change the orientation.
  • Stop motion: Use this to stop things in your video from moving.
  • Resize video: Adjust the size of the video before uploading it to other channels.
  • Cut video: Remove unwanted parts of the video.
  • Add music: Add a piece of music from the local folder.
  • Change video speed: increase or reduce video speed.
  • Merge video: Combine two or more separate videos into one.
  • Adjust audio: Replace the default audio on the video with preferred music instead.
  • Convert video to GIF and other formats: Change the format of a video from one to another.
  • Meme Generator: Create memes and add captions to them.
  • Edit photos: Trim, rotate, or change the brightness of photos.

How to Use HitPaw to Merge Two Videos

You can merge two parts of your favorite sports videos to make a single video clip. Follow the steps below to use HitPaw to merge videos.

  1. Visit https://www.hitpaw.com/. Download and install the HitPaw Toolkit on Windows PC or a Mac.

  2. Launch the HitPaw toolkit.
  3. Click Merge on the home menu. Open folder to locate target videos or simply drag and drop the videos on the timeline.
  4. The added videos are displayed on the right of the screen. Make necessary changes in video order, adjust the video scale and resolution.

    merge videos from top free sports streaming sites
  5. Click the Play button to preview the merged video. Click Export to save the merged videos as a single file.


We have listed some major live free sports streaming sites where sports lovers can stream their favorite sports live for free. Some of these websites allow users to download and save streaming videos. HitPaw Toolkit will help you merge two or more separate sports videos. HitPaw can also be used to add professional touches to your downloaded videos.

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