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Joshua Hill
Updated on 2023-06-15

Is your boss’ birthday coming and you want to wish him or her in a unique manner that they won’t forget? Blowing candles on the cake and singing a birthday doing still “do the job” but why not create a funny meme and make the day memorable for both you and your boss!

Part 1. What is the Happy Birthday Boss Meme

Nothing is more memorable and touching than wishing someone on their special day – Birth Day. Your boss must have worked really hard to attain his/her rank and deserves all the wishes from employees.

The only thing better than a happy birthday card or cutting the cake is creating a happy birthday boss meme. For many people, it seems a daunting task to create a meme and they keep relying on traditional ways to cheer for their boss. Because of this, we will walk you through how to make a memorable happy birthday boss man meme without any technical hassle.

Part 2. How to Make a Birthday Meme with HitPaw

Below are the two easiest and most popular methods to make a birthday meme.

Make the Funniest Birthday Memes with HitPaw Toolkit

If you want to create a spectacular birthday meme without spending an arm and a leg, then HitPaw Toolkit is your ideal choice. This simple yet full feature-packed video editor empowers users to produce stunning boss birthday memes with just a few clicks.

What makes HitPaw Toolkit the best meme generator tool is its ease of use, high efficiency and reliability, and impeccable editing features – which make it a preferable choice for both beginners and professionals to make exciting memes.

Key Features of HitPaw

  • Supported all formats
  • Simple User Interface
  • 10+ languages
  • Trim/Edit videos
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Audio/Video Tools
  • HD and 1080 video projects

Here’s how you use this amazing software to develop a happy birthday boss lady meme:

  1. Download and installed HitPaw Toolkit in your desktop.

  2. Open the software home interface and hit on the Image option at the left bar.

    happy birthday boss
  3. Next click on Meme Editor and select a meme template from the given options. You can use the drag and drop option or choose the file to load the pictures of your boss into the program.

    happy birthday
  4. Now, you can add text in here. There are many functions as font, palette, and row height to change text to change your meme birthday. You can also apply a host of editing effects to make your meme even more thrilling.

    happy birthday meme boss
  5. Then, of course, you can change the template while editing by clicking on the Template option at the right tab.

    meme for boss
  6. Finally, hit on Export to save the birthday meme on your computer if you’re satisfied.

    boss funny meme

Part 3. How to Create Happy Birthday Boss Meme with Online

If you don’t want to install any third-party tool, we still got your covered. Below are some of the best online tools to create captivating happy birthday boss memes.

1. Canva

Probably the most popular online meme generator tool. Canva has a huge stream of satisfied clients when it comes to creating attractive memes.


  • 100% free to use
  • Offers multiple templates and fonts
  • Learning curve is easy


  • It has limited features
  • Can be difficult for newbies

Here’s how you use this product to create a happy birthday boss funny meme:

  1. Navigate to and hit on Start Designing a Meme option.
  2. Then, choose the right template for your design.
  3. After that, hit on Uploads in the left tab to load your pictures.
  4. Now, you can apply a range of texts, add audio, and tweak the background settings to create a spectacular meme.

    happy birthday boss man meme

2. Kapwing Meme Generator

Another top-ranked online meme generator tool that offers a wide range to features to create a memorable happy birthday boss lady meme. This tool has intuitive interface, making it a to-go meme creator even for beginners.


  • Provides tons of editing features
  • 100% free to use
  • Quick and simple


  • Limited text adding options

Following the guide to use this product to create a happy birthday boss funny meme:

  1. Navigate to Kapwing Meme Generator and click on Upload File to import your pictures.
  2. Now, use the right-tab to adjust the frame dimensions.
  3. Then, customize the picture using the options in the left tab and create a spectacular boss happy birthday meme.

    boss happy birthday meme

Frequently Asked Question

1. Where did you find the birthday meme?

One can find or create the best birthday meme in HitPaw Toolkit. This powerful, feature-rich product allows users to develop a unique and memorable birthday meme in just a few minutes.

2. How do you say happy birthday to boss?

There’s no standard rule or something about how to wish happy birthday to your boss. But try to wish him in an impressive way to make it look unique and interesting. You can say:
A million magic wishes to you.
All the best to you and the years to come.


To wrap it up, this article has summarized how to make a memorable happy birthday boss meme. No matter if you’ve just started a job or have been working at a firm for quite some time, wishing happy birthday in style to your boss will brighten up their mood as well as make the day better for you. What’s more, you can choose HitPaw Toolkit to create an amazing happy birthday boss meme.

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This article aims to provide a detailed guideline on how to make a happy birthday boss meme to brightens up their mood as well.