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Outstanding Instagram Video Downloader:

“I love how easy it is to download Instagram videos with HitPaw Video Converter. No more worrying about the video disappearing or losing quality when downloading from other sources. I just enter the URL, and within seconds, I have the video saved on my device. I think it's a must-have for any social media content creator. ”

Hailey 2024-02-03

A Top-notch Image Compressor

“I was really impressed with how well HitPaw Video Converter compresses files. It reduced the size of my images without sacrificing quality. This feature has been super helpful for me when I need to share large files with clients or upload them online. I highly recommend it if you're looking to save time and storage space. ”

petercloot 2024-02-03

Great software to edit video

“ This is really an incredibly convenient tool for converting videos to various formats!! I'm so excited with its fast conversion speed and batch conversion support, it significantly improves my work efficiency. HitPaw Video Converter is a powerful and simple-to-use video conversion tool for me and i will highly recommended to my friends who have video conversion needs.”

NAMANANA 2024-02-01

Highly recommended

“Hitpaw video converter has turned my imagination on its head, not only can it convert and download videos, music, and images in various formats, but it also has multiple AI tools inside, which is simply amazing, isn't it?”

John Parker 2024-01-30

Multimedia magic tool

“This software has made managing my media a breeze. The simplicity of operation, coupled with fast download speeds and lossless conversion, ensures a seamless experience. It has become an integral part of my media consumption routine.”

Daniel Hodges 2024-01-30

10 out of 10!

“As someone who loves to add a personal touch to their videos, HitPaw Video Converter's editing features and AI tools are gems. AI painting and vocal separation help me create more easily.”

Emily Cole 2024-01-30

A Must-Have for Media Enthusiasts

“HitPaw Video Converter has become my go-to tool for media management. The ability to convert between 1000 formats is a game-changer. The batch download feature simplifies grabbing content from various platforms, making it an essential part of my media toolkit.”

Charlie Mendez 2024-01-30

Finally I found this useful video converter!!

“This software is exactly the video converter I need. It handled all my video format conversion needs which is very suitable to deal with my work. I can even use it to edit my photos to post on Ins and Facebook. What a surprise thing!”

Hakunama Tata 2024-01-27


“HitPaw Video Converter's new Pixabay (as well as Pexels and Unsplash) download feature is really useful! It allows me to download the images I want in batches, which saves me a lot of time downloading footage. I will always support!”

Anastasia Lambert 2024-01-23

Functionality Meets Simplicity

“HitPaw Video Converter is a very friendly tool that simplifies all kinds of complex operations and makes it easy for novices like me to use!”

Jade Miller 2024-01-23

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