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Fantastic and incredible

By Bilaal Edwards 2022-05-09
“This converter is fantastic! It allows me to effortlessly convert video to audio, and batch processing is quick! It can also aid in the downloading of videos from YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. I sometimes use it to transform the sound of a famous video into my ringtone. It's incredible! ”


By Lia Wardle 2022-05-05
“I don't usually leave comments. But HitPaw Video Converter surprised me; its lightning-fast downloading and conversion speeds allowed me to complete my task in under ten minutes. Incredible! ”

A stunning converter!

By Lucis 2022-04-25
“I like this software very much. I can use this tool to easily convert MKV to MP4 videos. Not only this, the converter has the ability to convert videos in number of formats. The tool is very simple to use, as well. In addition to this, the tool offers best output quality! ”

This converter is fantastic

By Marina Carter 2022-04-24
“This converter is fantastic! I use it to easily convert my video to audio, and the batch processing is quick! It can also assist you with the download of videos from YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. I sometimes use it to transform the sound of a popular video into a ringtone. It's incredible! ”


By Manha Austin 2022-04-18
“HitPaw Video Converter is a fantastic program! I use it to download a large number of lessons in a short time. Amazing. I also want to watch them on my TV, and I was surprised to learn that it can convert these videos to TV-compatible formats! ”

convert ts file on Mac without losing quality

By luca 2022-04-12
“I have some ts files that are from DVD. I was trying to convert them to mp4 in VLC on Mac, the conversion was successful but had flash lines in some videos. And I have tried using the online video converter tools but the video quality is loss. Finally I used hitpaw video converter Mac version to convert .ts files without quality loss. ”

download subtitles

By dan 2022-04-12
“when I am downloading a video from youtube, the hitpaw video converter also downloads the subtitles alongside with the video. It's a really handy add-on feature. This is why I always believe that paid software has features that other free tools don't. ”

Fast and free YouTube Downloader

By Fallon Nixon 2022-04-11
“I love downloading Taylor Swift's album on YouTube. I may download videos from YouTube for free with HitPaw Video Converter. The download speed is incredible, a 5-minute song can be downloaded in under a minute. This is fantastic! I can get two videos for free. I'm going to sign up for a plan to use this fantastic tool. ”

Don't miss this software!

By Bob 2022-04-08
“I am so glad that I can find this video converter. I am a video creator and editor. Sometimes I need to convert different video formats to compact with different devices. How fortunately I am! My friend inroduce this converter for me. It can convert to and from more than 1,000 video/audio formats. This converter make me more efficient with my work. I love it!!! ”

It amazing me!

By Kris 2022-04-08
“I love this software very much! It really amazing me. Its fast conversion time and high qualtiy make it become a stunning video converter. It is the ultimate video converter and cable of converting video and audio between 1000 formats with 100% original quality reserved. I love it so much. It make my work more easily. ”

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