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Service is good

“The product and service are good. After I bought HitPaw Video Converter, I almost used it every week. When there was a problem, I contacted support and they gave me the solution soon. That is great.”

Andrea 2023-12-04

Spotify Music Converter

“It seems that we are used to listening to music on streaming platforms. As for me, Spotify is one of my favorite streaming services. But sometimes I can't enjoy music if there is no internet. I used HitPaw Video Converter to download almost music that I love. And I can play them on my all devices offline now!”

Pete 2023-12-01

You can try this.

“HitPaw Video Converter is like a reliable friend. When I need to convet my images' format or compress videos, I will use it to help me. It deals with those things very well.”

Kev 2023-12-01

Convert music to play in my car

“Like to play music in my car. Unfortunately, the music player in my car is old, and it cannot connect Internet. But with HitPaw Video Converter, I can convert music to a format that is compatible with my old car.”

Allen 2023-11-30

Music Converter is good.

“I use it to download music from various music platforms. The value it brings to me is more than the price of the license. And I can download the music I like in batches. That saved me a lot of time.”

Sandy 2023-11-30

New video-convert experience

“This is definitely an amazing experience when I use HitPaw Video Converter to convert 2D videos to 3D ones. Love it!”

Rachel 2023-11-30

Download videos to watch on the trip.

“Happen to know this converter. After the trial, I bought its license, and it didn't let me down. Whenever I take a long time on the train, I will use it to download some videos to watch.”

Rob 2023-11-29

Convert videos

“So many video formats to choose from HitPaw Video Converter. Completely meets my daily conversion needs.”

Matt 2023-11-29

Music Converter!

“How to convert music format has bothered me for a long time. HitPaw Video Converter fixed it! To some extent, I would rather say it is a music converter.”

Nigel 2023-11-28

Daily useful tool

“I like to use different tools to explore the possibilities that this converter can bring to me. Especially the video to gif and speech to text.”

Lance 2023-11-28

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