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great tool

“HitPaw Video Converter has made my video editing work a lot easier. It handles format conversions effortlessly and is perfect for preparing video content for my projects. I'd like to recommend it to my friends.”

Ethan Brown 2023-10-23

Batch conversion is great!

“I've tried many video converters, but HitPaw stands out for its performance. It's quick and supports numerous formats. The batch conversion feature is really functional when you have multiple files to process.”

Ava Martin 2023-10-23

save my computer memeory

“Can't help telling you HitPaw Video Converter offers excellent value for the price. With the various conversion formats on it, I can transfer my different videos and audio with just one software. This helped me free up a lot of computer memory.”

Benjamin 2023-10-18

video conversion helper

“HitPaw Video Converter is a multifunctional tool, including the newest AI tool, such as AI art generator. I often switch systems from Windows to Mac, and it helps me adapt my video files easily. You can also give it a try.”

Sophia 2023-10-18

good video converter

“I'm thoroughly impressed with HitPaw Video Converter. It's become my go-to software for my video download. Just paste the URLs on it, my favorite videos can be downloaded easily, so amazing.”

James 2023-10-18

looking forward to new version

“Can you imagine this tool has been my lifesaver? It simplified the process of converting video formats. By the way, the new feature speech-to-text is wonderful!”

Olivia Robinson 2023-10-16

Great video downloader

“HitPaw video converter is perfect for my everyday use. I appreciate its speed. When I downloaded and used it to download some videos for the first time, I quickly learned how to use this video converter based on the tutorials provided on this website.”

Michael Davis 2023-10-12

good time-saving video converter!

“I've tried a few video converters, but HitPaw's offering stands out. It's not only easy to use, but it's also incredibly versatile, especially the background remover and screen recorder make my work more convenient. And the batch conversion feature does save me a lot of time!”

Sarah Williams 2023-10-12

Unexpected good files converter

“Before using it, I never thought that hitpaw video converter would be such a solid choice for me to convert video files quickly and efficiently. I've been using it for a while and haven't run into any issues.”

David Smith 2023-10-11

amazing video editor

“It's incredibly user-friendly and lightning-fast. I needed to convert a bunch of video clips for a school project, and hitpaw video converter made it a breeze. The output quality was fantastic. Highly recommended!”

Emily Johnson 2023-10-11

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