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what a wonderful tool

“I love music and have always been looking for a tool to help me download music. I tried spotify and amazon music converter and found that I can download music without downloading music apps. It helps me free up my computer memory. Helpful!”

Tony 2023-11-07

Image Conversion Made Easy

“As a digital artist, I work with various image formats on a daily basis, and HitPaw Video Converter has been a game-changer for me. It supports all the popular image formats, and the conversion process is lightning-fast. It has definitely made my workflow much smoother and more efficient. ”

jerry 2023-11-06

Incredible Video to GIF Converter

“I have tried many video-to-GIF converters, but none have been as impressive as HitPaw Video Converter. The quality of the GIFs is top-notch, and it even allows you to customize the speed, size, and length of the GIF. It has become my go-to tool for creating eye-catching content for my social media. ”

Zoe 2023-11-06

convert audible files easily!

“I have a deep impression of converting audible. I love listening to audibles, HitPaw video converter helps me convert my audibles to other formats, then I can listen to them on other devices, too. That's great!”

Frank 2023-11-02

Great Amazon Music Converter

“The new Amazon Music converter feature is really helpful for me. I really recommend HitPaw^ ^”

Erica 2023-10-31

love the tool for downloading instagram photos

“I'm an Instagram lover, I can use it to download my favorite Instagram photos according to the date. Too convenient! Finding photos and downloading them is not complicated anymore for me.”

Christopher 2023-10-31

good screen recorder!

“I love how simple it is to use! Whenever I have online meetings, I can use the screen recorder to help me record my screen with one click.”

Lily 2023-10-31

Quick Background Remover

“I just love how easy it is to remove backgrounds with HitPaw Video Converter's AI Background Remover. No more wasting hours trying to use complicated photo editing software; this feature does the job in just a few clicks. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to create professional-looking visuals in no time. ”

Tsiorvas 2023-10-30

Deezer music to MP3

“HitPaw Video Converter's Dazzer music to MP3 feature is a dream come true for music lovers like me. No more relying on sketchy online converters or downloading multiple apps just to convert my favorite songs. Really impressed. ”

Owais 2023-10-30

love it

“The Amazon music converter is wonderful! I never thought that it could provide such a smooth experience in downloading and converting audio, etc. It's definitely worth the investment.”

Megan 2023-10-30

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