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Best Music Converter

“It's the best music converter that I have ever seen and used. It can download music from different music players. I like Spotify Music Converter and iTunes Music Converter the most.”

Zoe 2023-12-08

Love Noise Remover

“Noise Remover is great! I like to record my life with a camera. Sometimes, there is loud background noise in the video, I will use it to help me to remove that noise.”

Vera 2023-12-08

Good image editor

“I use the image editor and converter many times a week. It's very convenient to edit images. Even though my computer's system is not so good, but this converter still runs very fast.”

Nancy 2023-12-08

Use Apple Music Converter

“I love to use Apple Music Converter the most. The download speed is very fast. I can also choose from a variety of music file formats.”

Kate 2023-12-08

Experience new tools

“Except for video converter, there are many interesting tools that I can use. Removing noise and vocals is a new experience for me.”

Isabel Lee 2023-12-07

all in one converter

“Not like other converters. HitPaw Video Converter gathered almost all main streaming platforms, especially Spotify and Apple Music. Whatever music player I use, I can download them easily and play them offline now.”

Allen Smith 2023-12-07

New version is good.

“I can log in with my email and password now! The register code is too long to remember. Great upgrade.”

Seb Brown 2023-12-07

Use it to download Apple Music

“Love to listen to music. The biggest problem I have with Apple Music is that I can't play Apple music on other devices offline unless I purchase them. With HitPaw Video Converter, downloading music and converting formats have become the easiest thing for me. Thank you so much.”

Barlow 2023-12-05

Spotify Music Converter is the best music converter.

“Spotify Music Converter is the best converter I have ever used. And the license price is affordable. I bought a one-year license. It turns out that it is really practical.”

Robin 2023-12-05

You can also try Image Converter.

“Before downloading it, I didn't expect that it would be so useful to me. Image Converter is the best tool that I use to convert image formats.”

Grimes 2023-12-05

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