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Worth spending money on this screen recorder

By Blažena Lýdia 2022-01-25
“I can use it to record any part of my screen on my computer and I never come across any lag during using it. ”


By Alex 2022-01-18
“HITPAW IS EPIC! It is easy to use and produces high-quality videos with small file sizes. The free version is great, but the registered version is affordable and well worth the purchase. ”

Great tool to record iPhone on PC

By Issouf Adebowale 2022-01-17
“These days, I am recording reaction videos for my YouTube channel. And I want to use my iPhone as the camera. HitPaw Screen Recorder is very helpful as when I record myself with iPhone and show it on the PC. What I like most is that it has background remover which helps me change to any clean background. ”

Best screen recorder ever!!

By Spike 2022-01-11
“Nice software! It has high quality and easy to use. So, it's the best for beginners. if you want to record screen or game play, HitPaw Screen Recorder would work great!!! This program is the best for screen or video recording. I used Fraps program before which is another recording program. But it was kinda difficult to use and a little bit difficult for me. So, I tried this program for recording. I still using it! It is really easy to use and has good quality. I am very satisfied with this program. Thank you! Definitely recommend! ”

Best recorder i've used

By Mark 2022-01-04
“When I was recording my game, it didn't lag my computer at all, and the video quality and quite fine. ”

Awesome software engineering!

By Jothy 2022-01-04
“Nice software! It has high quality and is easy to use. So, it's the best for beginners. if you want to record screen or gameplay, HitPaw would work great!!! Definitely recommend! ”


By Teboho Katarina 2021-12-24
“This software is the easiest and most useful app I have ever used, and I responded to some questions in time to answer them. And more importantly, the output resolution of the recorded game is the same as the resolution of the game window, which is a very good experience for me. ”

Easy to use

By Connie 2021-12-21
“It's easier to use than other screen recording programs I've used. It’s ready to go after installation and has easy-to-understand options. ”

I Love this

By Shawn 2021-12-15
“This screen recorder lets me record my game and I get more than 100 likes! Thanks! ”

Thumbs up

By Aelita 2021-12-09
“I want to give HitPaw Screen Recorder 5 stars. It’s fun to record video easily on the screen, and it can keep the content I’ve always wanted to watch. This is great for game recording, especially during live broadcasts. When I first start recording, I will turn on this software, but the microphone will be a little bothersome. They have helped me solve it in time, please give me a thumbs up for this speed. ”

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