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Reviews of HitPaw Screen Recorder HitPaw Screen Recorder

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easy to use

By Rosalind 2021-09-25

“This is the software that newbies like me have been looking for! ”

Picture in Picture

By Everly 2021-09-25

“The PIP is a nice creation, a perfect solution to my training lessons problem. ”

Simple and easy

By Ima Willihad 2021-09-22

“The recorded video can upload to YouTube. Simple and easy. ”

Useful Recorder

By Naamah Ruadh 2021-09-15

“It's a very useful software, Worth buying it. :) ”


By Nahuel Timoteus 2021-09-02

“From the first moment I used it, I really enjoyed the screen recorder! Simple, practical, easy to use! Highly recommend! ”

Relatively stable, not limit length

By Niko Sachin 2021-08-05

“The interface of this software looks very simple at first glance, and the operation is not difficult for people like me who don’t play games very often. The recording of games is relatively stable and does not limit the length of time. ”

Helpful Drawing

By Lavanya Decima 2021-07-29

“I was so surprised that with the function of the drawing, I can record my important meeting content during the recording of the meeting. ”

Take you to experience pro

By Johnathon Julek 2021-07-26

“This tool can take screenshots of the full screen, area, active window, polygon screenshots and long screenshots, etc. It can also manipulate and process the captured images. ”

Explain the Vivid Pictures

By Ulrica 2021-06-24

“This function is very useful for me to play games to explain the process, so that I can better explain the vivid pictures to others. ”

Not only easy to use

By Kristian Hassan 2021-06-11

“I have tried many screen recorders, HitPaw is the best one. It is not only easy to use, but also has many creative functions. For instance, you can easily capture your mouse and keyboard with different styles. ”

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