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Comes in handy

By Isla Burton 2022-05-09
“I'm currently filming reaction films for my YouTube account. And I want to take pictures using my iPhone. When I film myself with my iPhone and present it on my PC, HitPaw Screen Recorder comes in handy. The feature that I appreciate the most is the backdrop remover, which allows me to change to any clean background. ”

Live streaming is wonderful!

By Sylvana 2022-05-07
“HitPaw Screen Recorder supports easy recording and live streaming even you can do both at the same time. It supports almost all streaming platforms including Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, BOOYAH, Bilibil, LinkedIn Live, and many more. I think it is powerful! ”

The best software I used

By Gloria 2022-05-07
“HitPaw Screen Recorder is professional screen recording and live streaming software. Once done, you can easily access these streams whenever you want at your own convenience. You can use this software to either capture the entire screen or partial screen while streaming. ”

Simple and useful

By Zahara Bernard 2022-05-05
“This software is the most simple and useful app I've ever used, and I was able to use it as a professional. Furthermore, the output quality of the recorded game matches the resolution of the game window, which is a fantastic experience for me. It's said that now it also supports live streaming. ”

Really nice software

By Nabeela Pritchard 2022-04-24
“That's really nice software! It is of excellent quality and is simple to use. As a result, it is the most suitable for novices. HitPaw Screen Recorder would be ideal for recording screen or game action!!! This software is ideal for recording your screen or video. This program has exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much! Strongly suggested! ”

Wonderful function: live stream

By Grace 2022-04-21
“This is an amazing streaming software. It makes my live streaming more easily. I always stream the game on youtube. This software offers me many templates and I can record the stream simultaneously. That's wonderful. I like it!! ”

New version is wonderful!

By Lisa 2022-04-21
“I use the new version and it makes me amazing! It can not only record screen but also can live stream with many templates. I can stream the game with a beautiful template. It also has a virtual camera for video meetings. All in all, I like the new version. ”

Appreciated work

By Shakira Carter 2022-04-18
“By annotating screen-recorded photos and videos with lines, arrows, and emoticons, I can express my ideas to my business partners faster. ”

perfect recorder!!!

By Ken 2022-04-12
“This screen recorder is convenient for me. I usually use it to record some interesting videos on the Internet. It is easy to use. What makes me amazing is that I can adjust the recording area as I want and only record the part I need. I love this software!!! ”

highly recommend

By Judah Hutchings 2022-04-11
“This software is the most simple and useful app I've ever used, and I found problems on others. Among them, HitPaw is the errorless one and gives me a comfortable recording experience. Highly recommend! ”

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