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To Keep your Students Entertained

By Vihaan Vera 2021-12-06
“When i have a messy background, it can be distracting to my students and take away from the professionalism of my virtual class. HitPaw Screen Recorder offers features like background blur effect so that I can quickly fix the issue and focus, instead, on presenting the best lesson you can. I like it so much. ”

To worth

By Julen Hormoz 2021-11-26
“Use HitPaw Screen Recorder to communicate my views to my business partners faster by annotating screen-recorded images and videos with lines, arrows, and emojis. ”

Friendly to customers

By Smith joe 2021-11-20
“I can use HitPaw Screen Recorder to record a user guide video and send it to my customers and it improves the communication efficiency with the customers. thanks a bunch. ”

Record the moment of my king

By Oran Romilda 2021-11-15
“I think it’s very good to play the League of Legends. It’s the first time I used Screen Recorder to record to play the game with the team. It was convenient for later replays, and it didn’t disappoint me. ”


By Giffard Zoe 2021-11-15
“My love tool reorder-HitPaw Screen Recorder ”

Record Teaching

By Thanos Aleyna 2021-10-29
“A friend introduced me to use this software, saying that it can help record the teaching situation and facilitate my review and review after class. It really helped me a lot, thanks to HitPaw Screen Recorder ”

I LIke it.

By Livianus Dragoslava 2021-10-25
“The long-awaited HitPaw Screen Recorder for Mac is finally here. I always thought it wouldn't be there. It didn't disappoint me. For someone like me who only uses mac computers, it is a savior. ”

Thanks a bunch

By Darinka Máedóc 2021-10-12
“HitPaw Screen Recorder lets i record everything that’s happening on my PC screen with crisp, high-quality visuals. Thanks a bunch. ”

OK~ヾ(≧▽≦*)oφ(* ̄0 ̄)q(≧▽≦q)

By Ansovald Madelynn 2021-09-28
“OK, Great.*^____^*`(*>﹏<*)′ ”

useful tool

By Adam Smith 2021-09-27
“It is a useful and efficient software. It's cost-effective! ”

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