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It comes in handy

“I'm currently recording reaction movies for my YouTube account. And I want to take pictures with my iPhone. When I film myself with my iPhone and present it on my PC, HitPaw Screen Recorder comes in handy. The feature I appreciate the most is the background remover, which allows me to switch to any clean background.”

Cassiel 2022-07-29

I can record while streaming

“This is one of the most institutive app I have tried. And I love it most because it can record my streams. It is really helpful. Sometimes, I want to watch my streams again or share my streams to others, but I don't where to find my streams. With this tool, I don't have such concern any more. Very willing to recommend it to my friends!”

Mariah Kathy 2022-07-26

Really a great help for me

“HitPaw Screen Record provides me with an easy way to record my lessons. My students really like this. The tools inside are also helpful, I often use the pen and highlighter during class. ”

skoro 2022-07-22

Thanks a lot

“With this screen recorder I can record my game and I get more than 100 likes! Thanks!”

Elizabi 2022-07-22

Nice for teachers

“I am a university lecturer. Because of the COVID-19, my school requires requires teachers to teach online. So I use this software to record my lessons in advance. I like the templates provided by this software the most because it makes my courses much richer and interesting.”

Dong-Geun Jong 2022-07-14

Record and Stream Hunger Games

“While you stream Hunger Games online, you can also record the screen to watch offline later. There are many ways to record your screen while streaming Hunger Games, best among them is HitPaw Screen Recorder. HitPaw Screen Recorder allows you record the screen in HD quality.”

Zoellick 2022-07-08

Record presentation in most effective way!

“With HitPaw Screen Recorder, you can record everything on your computer screen without compromising the quality. Additionally, if you want to record the Zoom app's screen during a presentation, this tool assists you in doing so.”

Kalish 2022-07-08

I use it to record Minecraft

“I like to play Minecraft very much so I want to record it. HitPaw Screen Record helps me all! HitPaw Screen Recorder is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to record your screen as well as your webcam. The special Game Recording mode of HitPaw Screen Recorder allows users to capture gameplay along with Webcam.”

Steven 2022-06-30

Effective Way to Record a Meeting

“HitPaw Screen Recorder can meet all my needs for meeting recording, and it can also take a quick screenshot or picture-in-picture recording. The recorded meeting video will be saved on my computer. That's great!!”

Thor Lee 2022-06-30

Good Virtual Camera

“ HitPaw Screen Recorder can be the appropriate alternative to OBS virtual camera. Using the virtual camera of HitPaw Screen Recorder, you can stream on various platforms.”

Teresa 2022-06-17

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