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How to Upload Video to Reddit from Computer and Mobile App

Do you know how to post a video on Reddit? If not, this is the perfect guide for you. Reddit is a popular platform among users to share their different queries and discussions. The users can share links, text, images, and videos on Reddit now. Previously, the Reddit forum did not allow users to directly upload videos there.

However, the latest update of Reddit does not need any third-party hosting site to upload videos. The users can directly upload videos to Reddit according to their choice. Today we are going to explore the step-by-step process of how to upload video to Reddit in detail below.

Part 1. What Video Files Can You Upload to Reddit?

Before uploading videos on Reddit, you need to know the requirements for sharing videos here. Reddit only supports MP4 and MOV format videos. Other than that, the maximum video size should be 1 GB and the video length should not exceed 15 minutes. If your video follows these criteria, then you can share your video on Reddit. In summary, the requirements are:

  • Format- MP4, MOV
  • Size- 1GB
  • Length- 15 minutes

Part 2. How to Compress Video for Reddit

You can only upload videos on Reddit if it aligns with the specific requirements of the platform. For example, you need to change the video format to MP4 or MOV format. Also, you need to compress the video if its size is more than 1 GB.

HitPaw Video Compressor provides an easy way to compress videos for Reddit without losing quality. It does not have any size limitation and compresses videos with original quality.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Compressor

  • Supports compressing any videos: MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Resize video without losing quality for Email, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, etc.
  • Custom compression settings to meet exact requirement
  • Batch compress multiple videos with super-fast speed
  • Real time preview before final compression
  • 20+ other tools integrated including video converter, video downloader, AI tools, etc.

Steps to Compress a Video for Reddit

Here is a guide on how to compress video for Reddit using HitPaw Video Compressor.

  • Step 1:First, download and install the HitPaw Video Converter on your device. Then open the Video/Image Compressor feature from the Toolbox.

    hitpaw reddit compressor
  • Step 2:Import the video(s) that you want to compress.

    add video to compress in hitpaw video compressor
  • Step 3:Now click the gear icon on a file and select the proper compression level for the file. You can see the estimated file size while dragging the slider. Instead, you can select a quality level define the compression. In the Format list, you can select MP4 or Original.

    compress video for reddit
  • Step 4:Click the Compress button now to start compressing the target file. Also, you can click the Compress All button to compress all files with one click.

    compress video to upload to reddit

Thus, you’ve successfully compressed the video for Reddit upload. Let’s move to the next guide of posing a video on Reddit.

Part 3. How to Post a Video on Reddit?

You can use your PC or mobile phone to post videos on Reddit. Here is a guide on how to post videos on Reddit.

Option 1. How to Upload Video to Reddit from a Computer?

Let's explore the steps to upload a video to Reddit from the Computer below.

  • Step 1:First, Log in to your Reddit account. Then, go to the community where you want your video shared and click on the “Image & Video” tab.

  • Step 2:Then Select “Upload” to add files directly from your device. You will see an option for selecting your specific video file and hit “Post”.

    how to upload a video to reddit from computer
  • Step 3:Before finalizing, make sure your video files meet specific criteria of the accepted format, size, and video length. If your video file follows all the criteria, then it will not be a hassle to upload videos onto the Reddit platform.

Option 2. How to Upload Video to Reddit on Mobile Phone?

Let's explore the steps to upload a video to Reddit from the mobile app below.

  • Step 1:Initially, install the Reddit app and click on the ‘New Post’ button.

  • Step 2:Select the ‘Video’ option and pick the subreddit where you want to share your video.

    how to upload a video to reddit from phone
  • Step 3:Do not forget to keep an eye-catching title to attract viewers.

  • Step 4:Finally, tap on the ‘Post’ option and you are done! Also, make sure all the restrictions follow the criteria of the Reddit community. For example, follow the MP4s and MOV video format and keep the Reddit video size limit between expected length and size boundaries.


Q1. Why Can't I Post Videos in My Reddit Community?

A1. Reddit does not support video sharing without some specific formats. If you can not post videos in your Reddit community, check your file format. If it is not in MP4 or MOV format, convert it into the compatible formats with HitPaw Video Converter.

Q2. Why Does My Video Have No Sound on Reddit?

A2. If your video has no sound on Reddit, there may be some problem with the original video file. First, you need to check if the original file has the specific audio you want. Also, you need to convert the video file to formats like MP4 and MOV. After converting the video file, make sure the audio is still present in the file. Then try to upload the video file again in the correct format. Sometimes the file may have problems with size and length. So, you should also look for the correct video size and length.

Q3. What Video Files Can You Upload to Reddit?

A3. Reddit supports video files in certain formats like MP4 or MOV. Commonly accepted video file formats include MP4 and MOV. You can upload videos only in these two formats. Also, the video must not exceed the maximum length of 15 minutes. Along with this, keep in mind the supported file size on Reddit. You can upload videos up to 1 GB on Reddit.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide on how to post a video to Reddit will help you upload videos on Reddit. You have to make sure the video you’d like to upload meets the platform requirements. If the video is large than 1 GB, you have to compress it with a reliable compressor tool like HitPaw Video Compressor.

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