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[Highly recommended] Best 5 Kid Voice Changer for Your Creative Projects

You want to replicate a kid's voice to prank the family members while sitting far from home. Interestingly, you can easily opt for the kids voice changer that will indeed assist you in making your voice like a laughing or crying kid.

We aim to make your job easier than you think by mentioning the 5 amazing voice changers.

Part 1. What Can Kid Voice Changer Do?

You could use the voice changer for kids in various scenarios mentioned below.

1. Fun and Entertainment

You love spending time with your family and kids. While traveling in a place, you intend to play the voice changer to sound like a kid, and your kids will wildly laugh at thinking as if you're also a kid sounding like them.

kid voice changer 1

2. Pranks and Surprises

You love surprises and pranking others. During a business party with clear instructions not to bring the kids along, you played the voice changer for kids to make another thing as if a kid were standing there.

kid voice changer 2

3. Audiovisual Productions

Using the voice changer for kids for audiovisual productions is also where you can produce the voices like kids for various purposes. This way, you can use the kid sounds in the videos or any project you've been looking for.

Since a kids voice changer can produce a voice with brilliant sound quality, it would be a brilliant gig for Audiovisual productions.

kid voice changer 3

Part 2. Top 5 Little Kid Voice Changer to Make Kids' Cute Voice

1. Voicemod

Making the pranking with others through kids voice changer breathtaking by looking at the Voicemod. With offering the various kids' voice-changing options, replicating the kids' voices in real-time offline is only a matter of a few seconds.

Moreover, Voicemod also brings in various audio customization options to make changing the voice look joyful.

Features :

  • Comes up with the intuitive user interface
  • Supports the multiple streaming platforms
  • Produce the voiceovers in a few seconds
  • Blesses you with the gigantic audio customization options

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Pricing: $59

Here's the simple guide below to use the Voicemod Kids voice changer.

  1. Grab the latest version of Voicemod from the official and install it afterward. Launch the software and choose the input and out devices.

    kid voice changer 4

  2. Tap on the VoiceBox icon and select the kid's voice. You'll find hundreds of voice filters there, and you can choose your favorite one without issues.

    kid voice changer 5

  3. Launch the app you'd like to change the voice and select the Voicemod Virtual Audio device as default. While speaking into the microphone, you'll be able to generate a kid's voice, making another surprise as if a kid is online playing the game instead of you.

    kid voice changer 6

2. Clownfish Voice Changer

You can also look at the Clownfish, which is quite astonishing when it comes to making the voice sound like a kid's.

It can become a candidate for the best kid voice changer courtesy of its audio customization feature and voice filters.

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Make the Custom voices
  • Supports multiple online platforms
  • Offers the affordable services

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Pricing : Free

Here's how to change your voice in Clownfish little kid voice changer

  1. Launch the Clownfish Voice Changer and select the voice filter.

    kid voice changer 7

  2. Navigate to the ''Discord's Voice & Video'' option before setting the input device to default.This way, you'll be able to replicate your voice like a kid in chatting platform or an online gaming platform.

    kid voice changer 8

3. Murf

Another voice changer for kids that has the reputation of replicating many realistic voices is Murf. It is an online tool that has developed a reputation for changing the voice of text or recorded audio.

Apart from offering various realistic voices and a smooth user interface, this kid voice changer online ensures that voice quality isn't compromised. On top of that, you don't need prior knowledge to explore the kids voice changer, as you can make the voice sound like a kid in a few moments.

Features :

  • Allows you to export the generated audio
  • Modify the voice by altering the pitch
  • AI power voice changer
  • You can use it for professional videos

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Pricing: $26/ Month

Get into the detailed guide to learn how to change your voice in

  1. Access the ''Create Project'' icon after visiting the official website.

    kid voice changer 9

  2. Select the voice changer for kids after exploring voice filters. After choosing the kid's voice, you'll need to tap on the selected voice filter.

    kid voice changer 10

  3. Once you're generating voices sounding like kids, hit the Export option to get the audio file downloaded.

    kid voice changer 11

4. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer will be a good option to explore kids' voice changing options. Voxal Voice Changer can alter the voice by offering multiple voice filters while maintaining the original sound quality.

Features :

  • Real-time voice changer, little kid
  • Offers the simple user interface
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Supports the voice customization
  • Compatibility

Mac and Windows


Home use: $14.99

Commercial use: $19.99

Dive into the easy guide below to alter your voice in NCH Voxal Voice Changer.

  1. Launch the Voxal Voice Changer after downloading it.

    kid voice changer 12

  2. Select the voice you'd like to use and launch the online platform. Next, select the input and output devices and start changing the voice. Now, you can speak, and this will make your voice sound like a kid.

    kid voice changer 13

5. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is a mesmerizing free voice kid voice changer app with remarkable voice filters. With offering the voice recording option, you can alter the voice after recording. You can also import the voice before adding the voice filters.

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple voice filters
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android

Here's how to alter your voice in Voice Changer Plus

  1. Launch the Voice Changer Plus and click the Record icon to record the voice.

    kid voice changer 14

  2. Select the voice filter you'd like to apply to the recording.

    kid voice changer 15

  3. Click on the ''Save icon'' to download the audio.

    kid voice changer 16

Part 3. Try The Best Voice Tuner with HitPaw Voice Changer

With the arrival of HitPaw Voice Changer, applying voice filters to the audio has never been so easy. HitPaw Voice Changer doesn't distort sound quality, offering a high-quality vhanged voice whether you're gaming or streaming. It also supports most streaming or meeting platfroms on the market now.


  • Helps you to produce the most realistic human voices
  • Offers the intuitive user interface
  • Integrated with the multiple online streaming platforms
  • Make your voice sound like the celebrities

Here're easy steps that how you can use HitPaw Voice Changer.

  • 1.Go to "Settings", click & select the input and output you are using. Then adjust to the volume as you prefer.

    use hitpaw voice changer
  • 2.Choose the effects you want and try speak into the microphone to listen to the transformed sound of your voice.

    use hitpaw voice changer
  • 3.You can adjust the sound effect in the sound settings,you can adjust volume, pitch, timbre of the sound.

    use hitpaw voice changer
  • 4.Simply click the "connect" to changer your voice on other platforms like Twitch, Discord, Steam, etc.

    use hitpaw voice changer

Final Words

A kid voice changer will be terrific when opting to prank or surprise others at a party or public gathering. With the fantastic voice-changing options we've listed, you can access the best voice changer to sound like a kid.

However, we still highlighted HitPaw Voice Changer which can generate a wide range of sounds and it is easy to use and won't ruin your sound quality.

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