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50 Blessing Birthday Wishes for Your Son

The birthday of a son is a very precious day or an event for his parents, especially his mother. She always wants to make this a memorable day. We are providing you with 50 different birthday wishes for son from mom which help in attractively surprising your son.

Part 1: Top 50 Sweet Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Every parent wants to make his son's birthday an important and remarkable day for everyone. So they do decorations, arrange parties and many more. There are different ways provided below which help you express your love and feelings as birthday quotes for son.

Top 30 Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son

If it is your younger son's first birthday, then there are 30 unique and attractive wishes which you can use to surprise your son.

birthday message for son
  • 1.As it is a special day for you, I pray for your success in every field of life, good health, and always having a smiling face. I love you, my son.
  • 2.Wish my son is always happy and works hard for his life. It is one of your best days of the year so enjoy it.
  • 3.You are growing very fast so I want you to become more mature, respectful and stronger. Be happy and happy birthday to you.
  • 4.I pray that all of your wishes you had while blowing the candles may come true and you become a brave, hardworking and responsible person in your life.
  • 5.You are a very loving person and I want to make you stronger and more brave to face the difficulties of life. Congratulations on your birthday my love.
  • 6.It is a precious day for you so enjoy it with your loved ones. Be more healthy, responsible and hardworking. I always want to see you more happy and smiling.
  • 7.My son you are my love, my life and my world keep smiling and be happier. Happy birthday son.
  • 8.Happy birthday to the best son in the world. You are a brave and responsible person so you have to work hard and make us proud.
  • 9.My son, you are our honour and respect. You also follow my speaking and be a good son. I want you to continue this act and one day will make us more proud and honoured.
  • 10.My son, you are the love of my life. It is your birthday. I want you to become a successful person in your life.
  • 11.I always trust you and always want you to make a strong and brave person who faces the difficulties of life. You have to fulfil our dreams and make us proud.
  • 12.Happy birthday son, I want you to know the importance of you in our life. You always respect your elders and be nice with your fellow beings and younger than you which is a good thing. Be always happy my love.
  • 13.You have now become a part of our life. We always want to make you better and stronger in every aspect of life. I love you, my son.
  • 14.You are growing day by day and I am glad that you are taking all the manners and things that an ideal person must have. So be more strong to face the reality of life.
  • 15.On this special day, I want to thank God for giving me a nice son like you. You always study hard and want to become a successful person. May God fulfil your wishes.
  • 16.Son, you are one of the blessings of my good deeds. You never make me feel ashamed, moreover you always feel honoured. Be happy and be a respected person in your life.
  • 17.To the amazing son, you are love and my life who always respects and follows instructions. I never see you doing bad things, keep it up and be a good son.
  • 18.You will always be my favourite son who is good at everything. I love you very much and I want to make this day a remarkable memory for you. So enjoy it very much.
  • 19.Your birthday is a mark that you are becoming stronger and more mature every year. It is a very impressive thing and I always want to see you become a successful person.
  • 20.I wish that all of your wishes and dreams may come true and you will be known because of your good deeds. You are my lovely son and I love you.
  • 21.To the best son, you have most of your nana's qualities and I want you to become an honoured and respectful person as he is. You also have to work hard and concentrate on your studies.
  • 22.Our love and blessings are always with you as you are going to start a new year which means a new journey. I pray that your path will look bright with the light of success, happy moments and unlimited opportunities.
  • 23.Your birthday doesn't only remind us about your birth but it's another name for a moment full of enjoyment, laughter and love that you bring with you. Blessings are waiting for you my son.
  • 24.I hope that your birthday appears to be a launchpad for the year that is full of achieved goals, fulfilled dreams and a cloud of happiness.
  • 25.My son, I want you to become an ideal person with every blessing, love and success. You have to build all the good habits and qualities a gentleman must have.
  • 26.My son, I also pray for your good health, long life, success and happiness. You are my source of happiness and my life also.
  • 27.This is a special moment for you our pride and honour. I always want to see you as the best son as well as the best citizen who also loves his country and other people.
  • 28.A lot of time has passed but you are the same baby as me that you were when you were born. I hope your life will be full of love and as peaceful as a baby who doesn't know about the external world but only gets love and attention.
  • 29.My son, you are a hardworking son, you are good in every field of life. I just want you to keep it up and be remembered by people as a respected person.
  • 30.Your birthday is a time to reflect on the perfect and beautiful soul you are. Our blessings are with you and welcome for a year that will be full of enjoying moments, love and endless achievements.

Top 10 Birthday Wishes For Adult Son

If your son is an adult then you can consider the given birthday wishes:

birthday wishes for adult son
  • 1.The day has arrived when we don't just have to celebrate your birthday but will also enjoy the boundless love and happiness that you brought with you.
  • 2.From crawling on the surface to running before the bus, you always be a hardworking person and never lose hope. It is the best thing I love about you.
  • 3.My son, you are growing very fast and I want you to build up all the good qualities, focus on your goals and face the difficulties of life to become a successful person.
  • 4.My love, now it is a responsible age and I want you to focus on your studies and be a respected person.
  • 5.Another Year has arrived my son, is older and wiser. May you continue to develop and grow as you celebrate your adult years.
  • 6.For my adult son, who is not only older but more mature than me. Hope your future will be as bright as the first ray of sun falling on the world.
  • 7.Happy birthday my second hand. Your journey of adulthood has started where you will face hardships as well as moments of success. Stay strong and enjoy every little day of your life.
  • 8.My son, I have always prayed for your bright future and still wish you a happy journey towards success. Mummy always has your back.
  • 9.Happy birthday to the best son, this day is very special for you so enjoy it and always be nice to your elders.
  • 10.Wishing you the best son for his birthday, you are the love of my life and a second reason to live. You also increase our honour and respect.

Top 10 Birthday Wishes For Son-In-Law

Here is the list of birthday wishes for your son-in-law:

birthday wishes for son in law
  • 1.My son, your presence in our life is like a salt in food that does not feel but its absence makes a strong effect. Hope you have a year full of joy.
  • 2.Happy birthday, my son who comes into our life as a beautiful change and enlighten our lives with your amazing personality.
  • 3.I want to express my entire feelings and thoughts for you my son but I can't find these words showing my appreciation. Happy birthday and may you get success at every part of your life
  • 4.Happy birthday to my son who is more precious to me than my son. Hope you have a year full of blessings.
  • 5.My son, today is your day. Hope it is full of happy moments and enjoyable scenes.
  • 6.This is a special day for my son-in-law, it only comes once a year. So enjoy it completely and make it a remarkable memory for you.
  • 7.Happy birthday to my son-in-law, this is a special day in your life so you must have to enjoy it with your loved ones.
  • 8.My respected son-in-law, you are a beautiful person in my life. I always see you as a completely responsible and ideal person.
  • 9.You have all the qualities of an ideal son-in-law, and I want you to always achieve success in your life.
  • 10.My one of the best people I ever met, you are a very kind and responsible person.

Part 2: How to Create a Birthday Wishes Video for Your Son

When you collect amazing cards, photos and birthday quotes for son, you can take help from HitPaw Eimakor to create an amazing birthday wishes video for your son!

Intro HitPaw Edimakor(Video Editor)

Sending birthday wishes has become a fun way to show you care and make moments special. HitPaw Edimakor helps with this by providing easy tools to create personal messages. It has lots of templates, TTS voices, a flexible interface, and options you can change to make wishes that mean a lot to the person you're sending them to.

birthday wishes for a son Features
  • User-friendly interface, you can create great video with ease;
  • Support 100+ languages of text to speech;
  • Support voice record, you can record your voices to say”Happy Birthday! My Son“
  • Can share the video on any social media platform
How to Use:
  • Step 1. Click the button above to download it
    Firstly, you have to click the button above to download HitPaw Edimakor to your device.

    blessing birthday wishes for son
  • Step 2. Upload your son's photos or birthday cards
    Now you have to upload your son's photos or birthday cards. You can get the Photo Enhancer Tool Box and then add photos of your son by using the photo enhancer. Effects are also available.

    happy birthday wishes for son
  • Step 3. Add quotes to the subtitle
    Now, it's time to add quotes to the subtitle. Make sure the quote written by you will be perfect and lovely.

    to my son quotes
  • Step 4. Create a narration of the Birthday quotes
    Now you have to create a narration of the Birthday quotes. You can even record your voice or can use the available text-to-speech feature to create narrations.

    birthday wishes son
  • Step 5. Congrats! Your son's Birthday wishes video is completed!
    Congrats! Your son's Birthday wishes video is completed! You can preview as well as export the video by selecting the download button.

    blessing birthday wishes for son from mother

FAQs of Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Q1. What Is A Good Happy Birthday Message To My Son?

A1. Crafting a heartfelt birthday message for your son involves conveying your deep love, immense pride, and earnest wishes for his enduring happiness and triumphs. You might express it this way, Happy birthday, my cherished son! May your day brim with sheer joy, and the upcoming year usher in a journey laden with success, love, and indelible moments.

Q2. What Do You Write on an Adult Son's Birthday Card?

A2. When writing sincere messages in a birthday card for your adult son, you have the opportunity to express your deep respect for his accomplishments and offer heartfelt wishes for the times ahead. You might write something along these lines: On this amazing day, I celebrate not only the day of your birth but also the exceptional personality you've evolved into.

Q3. What Do You Say To Your 40-year-old Son On His Birthday?

A3. In commemorating your 40-year-old son's birthday, you can convey a greeting such as Happy 40th birthday, my exceptional son! This significant milestone encapsulates a lifetime replete with incredible feats, and my pride knows no bounds.

Q4. How Can I Make My Son Feel Special On His Birthday?

A4. To ensure your son feels truly cherished on his birthday, you can arrange a significant celebration that mirrors his tastes and inclinations. Amazed him with a surprise gathering, crafting a heartfelt birthday card, or relishing a noteworthy family meal together.


Wishing a son on his birthday is way more important than giving him a gift. This is why, a perfect and lovely happy birthday son quotes means you are writing it will your heart and converting your thoughts, feelings and love in the form of love. You can consider the above-mentioned birthday wishes or can also access HitPaw Edimakor(Video Editor) to create perfect wishes for your son.

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