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100% Solved! How to Deal with 4k Video Downloader Error Can't Download and More Issues

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-04-03

Are you confused by the 4k Video Downloader error can't Download/Parse this link/Not working? Read the following article for ten methods to get the right solutions to your problems. A 4k video downloader is a tool used by millions of people. While downloading a video from, let's say, YouTube, you get an error message on your screen. It's probably because there is some problem with the 4k downloader running on your device. There are various reasons causing 4k video downloader error, and solutions provided in the article.

Part 1: Common 4k Downloader errors that you might see

4k video downloader is a 100% genuine tool that downloads any video from the web with fast and effortless performance. The following errors are among the most reported 4k video downloader errors generated by the software.

Download error

If a "Error" sign is shown on the app, it means the 4k video downloader can't download your link. To fix this error, once you've confirmed there is no problem with your internet connection, then either reboot your computer or check storage.

4k video downloader error can't download

Parsing error

This is the most common error in the app. A message will be displayed on your screen saying, "4k video downloader can't parse this link". It means that the 4k downloader can't parse the provided link. Ensure there is no firewall blocking the software, and then check the accessibility of your link.

4k video downloader cant parse this link

Crash error

As the name suggests, a crash mistake occurs when the 4k video downloader app crashes. Usually, your device's operating system notifies you about said issue. Since the app has crashed, nothing is wrong with the video you want to download. This error is either because of a bug in the software or a bug in your operating system.

Part 2: How To Fix 4k Video Downloader Can't Download/Can't Parse Link/Not Working

If you are facing the 4k video downloader not working issue, do not worry, you are not alone. 4k video downloader is a popular app where you may encounter many of the errors mentioned above while downloading videos from the 4k video downloader, here is how to fix them on your own.

1. Check if Videos are Supported to be Downloaded

If 4k downloader shows a download error, check if it supports the link you're downloading.

As for some FaceBook videos, make sure your downloading videos are fully public and available and check the page is leading to particular video, not the whole Facebook page. When you have trouble downloading YouTube videos, connect to another WiFi spot if possible or use any VPN utility of your liking to change IP if problem occurs.

2. Restart your Device

The reason for the error might be the lagging of your computer and malfunction within its operating system. Restart your device, the 4k video downloader error might disappear.

3. Check your Internet Connectivity

4k downloader requires a good Internet connection. Perhaps, your 4k video downloader is not working because of a poor internet connection to your device. Restarting your router and closing all running apps may solve your problem. 

check Internet to fix 4k video downloader error can't download

4. Reinstall 4k Downloader

Restarting your device solves the malfunctioning of the OS. Likewise, reinstalling the application will allow the software to function on your computer correctly. 

5. Close other Unnecessary Running Applications

If many softwares are running in the background simultaneously, it will slow down the speed of your device. Closing all background apps and other unnecessarily running applications will enable the fast working of the app.

close some application to to fix 4k video downloader error can't download

6. Unblock 4k Downloader

Check the privacy settings of the video you want to download and change it to public. Go to the smart mode settings of the app and change the output folder. It will fix the 4k video downloader error.

7. Turn off Windows Defender and Other Antivirus software temporarily

A specific file may not be downloaded, or a 4k video downloader may not support a particular link due to windows defender and other antivirus software. Ensure that your video is not being blocked because of a firewall.

turn off defender temporarily to fix 4k video downloader error can't download

8. Free up your Disk Space

The 4k video downloader takes up substantial space in your device. Check your device's storage and manage apps accordingly. Delete double images and files and free up some space on your device. Changing the location of a file (download directory) can solve this problem.

9. Wait for a further update or try HitPaw instead

Your 4k downloader might not be working correctly because of pending updates. If your system meets the minimum requirements, remember to keep up with them. If your app is already updated and there are no further ones. Try looking for an alternative, for exmaple, download HitPaw Video Convertor on your device.

Part 3: Try Better Alternative 4k Video Downloader for Errorless Downloading

When your 4k video downloader can't parse links, the problem persists after you have tried everything from rebooting your device to updating your application. It is advisable to look for an alternative for the same task without similar errors.

HitPaw Video Converter is a poweful tool for you to download videos without any limits. It downloads videos/audios from 1000+ websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Now it’s available on Windows 11/10/8/7 and the Mac version will come soon.

If you're interested in downloading videos by HitPaw Video Converter, read ahead for detailed steps, it's super-easy. But first of all, get it free now!

Step 01 Open HitPaw Video Converter, paste the link of video, it'll instantly analyze it.

use hitpaw to solve 4k video downloader error

Step 02 The downloading option will be shown for you. Choose the video format/resolution you want and download. You can also download audio only.

use hitpaw converter to solve 4k video downloader error

Step 03 Soon, the videos will be downloaded on your computer.

The HitPaw video convertor gives priority to your preferences. For example, it is up to you to download the video with or without subtitles and choose the saved location for downloaded files.


The above articles cover methods to confront many 4k video downloader errors its users face while using the application. It is recommended to use the HitPaw Video Converter to download video without any unnecessary obstacles.  Besides, it's also available for converting files like YouTube to AVI and other formats. Why not try HitPaw?

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