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What Is the Most Popular AI Software in 2024

AI software took the world to storm in the recent days, thanks to ChatGPT. Even though the AI segment has caught the limelight recently, it is not that they are new to the world. There have been many AI tools and software present in the world since a couple of decades. And this article is all about them. Today, we will have a look at some of the best AI software that you can use.

Part 1. What is an AI software?

Before we move to some of the best AI writing software, or AI software in general, let us know a bit about AI. Artificial Intelligence is machine-displayed intelligence that mimics human thinking or behavior and can be developed to solve particular problems. It is a mixture of Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

Different types of AI tools are developed using huge amount of data, thereby becoming capable of making intelligent decisions. There are various types of AI software, including:

Expert Systems: AI software that simulates the decision-making ability of a human expert in a specific domain by using rules and heuristics.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software: AI software that enables machines to understand, interpret, and generate human language.

Machine Learning (ML) Software: AI software that uses statistical techniques to enable machines to learn from data, identify patterns, and make predictions.

Deep Learning Software: AI software that uses neural networks to enable machines to perform complex tasks, such as image and speech recognition.

Robotics Software: AI software that enables robots to perform tasks in a physical environment by using sensors, actuators, and decision-making algorithms.

Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs): AI software that simulates human-like interaction in a virtual environment, such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

Computer Vision Software: AI software that enables machines to analyze and interpret visual data, such as images and videos.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) Software: AI software that enables machines to generate human-like language, such as automated content creation or chatbots.

Autonomous Systems: AI software that enables machines to operate independently and make decisions without human intervention, such as self-driving cars or drones.

Part 2. 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software

Know that you know what AI software is, below is the list of top paid and free AI software that can be useful for your daily errands. Have a look.

1. Google Cloud Learning Machine

The Google Cloud Learning Machine is one of the best AI software free options for data scientists, developers, or anybody who wishes to create their own ML projects. The integrated toolchain of this AI permits users to develop and build their own machine learning applications, keeping the cost and time in limit. With this AI software, users get access to all the cutting edge AI technology by Google such as TPUs, TensorFlow, and TFX tools. Users will also be able to utilize Kubeflow, Google's open-source platform, which permits users to make portable ML pipelines.

ai writing software

2. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is one of the leading AI trading software and users can it for compliance and risk management, as well. This software provides solid data security and privacy, and it is an ideal option for highly-regulated companies. The software also assists users to bring in intelligent automation. Conventional automation software provides rules-based automation for monotonous tasks. On the other hand, IBM Watson assists to convert your business processes with the power of ML and AI. The software assists users to collect insights from unstructured data. While users may use different analytics tools, these tools are compatible with structured data only. AI and ML such as IBM Watson assist you to analyze unstructured data as well.

free ai software

3. NVIDIA Deep Learning AI Software

A leading contender for the best AI novel writing software, NIVIDA Deep Learning AI is a machine learning-based AI that is popular among users. This AI software is helpful in many cases and runs on GPU acceleration. In order to fully access users' projects from anywhere, this AI software is also accessible from the majority of cloud platforms such as Google and Amazon. This AI tool promises to make the best predictive analytics for user project, allowing them to improve their job continually.

ai software free

4. Azure Machine Learning Studio

One of the best AI recruiting software, the Azure Machine Learning Studio permits users you to make and deploy some of the best ML models within seconds to the Azure Cloud using the different tools at disposal. The AI supports different languages and open-source frameworks, such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, R, Python, and others. The AI is suitable for a variety of users with different skill levels, such as scientists and developers. If users decide to use this AI, the ML studio is a perfect solution to begin with. Users require creating a free account on the platform to use the AI.

ai trading software

5. Cortana

Microsoft's version of the virtual assistant is Cortana. The AI is actually helpful and popular among beginner users and developers. This AI is available on different Microsoft, Android, Xbox, and Amazon products. The AI provides a series of features and the more users use this AI, the more it “learns”, thereby adapting to more complicated tasks eventually. The AI uses Bing search engines and supports different languages such as Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. It is operated with the help of voice control to save time and operates on iOS, Windows, Xbox OS, and Android.

ai novel writing software

6. H2O.AI

H2O.ai is one of the popular AI software of this generation. This platform uses ML and AI projects in different ways. H2O.ai provides a flexible architecture and users can design AI and ML apps at scale. It comes abilities such as feature determination and feature transformation. Users can use ML algorithms and can manage ML workloads with the MLOps tools provided by this AI. Users can also deploy, build, and distribute AI apps with the AI AppStore offered by this AI.

ai recruiting software

7. TensorFlow

Created by Google, TensorFlow is another popular AI running on machine learning framework. It is developed with C++, Python, and CUDA, and it provides extensive advantages by supporting numerical computations needing high performance. This open-source framework allows users to utilize advanced capabilities such as ensemble techniques. Developers find it helpful since it provides robust architecture support and makes it simple to build ML models. The AI supports distributed training and users can deploy ML models easily.

ai software

8. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is the next free AI software ideal for Customer Relationship Management and companies can use it to create AI-based applications for their employees or customers. The AI permits users to develop predictive models associated with natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision. The AI software does not need any data preparation or model management.

ai writing software

9. Infosys Nia

This AI software free is popular among businesses for solving complex tasks and helping in enhancing the system to empower the process. The major elements are the Knowledge platform, data platform, and automation platform. Infosys Nia offers automation and conversational interface for programming errands. Predictive and cognitive automation depends on the automation platform. The Data platform acts as the data analytics and machine learning platform. The Knowledge platform is utilized for processing, capturing, and reusing the data.

free ai software

10. Amazon Alexa

This AI software is same as Cortana that can understand German, English, Italian, French, and Japanese. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based platform and can be added with existing products with the Alexa Voice Service. The AI can be linked with millions of devices and Bluetooth devices such as camera, entertaining systems, and lights, among others.

ai software free

Part 3. The Best AI Tool for Image and Video Watermark Remover

With so much of helpful AI software, people all around the world still use traditional methods (such as Photoshop) to get rid of watermark. What if we tell you that we have a tool that uses AI to automatically detect and delete watermark? You heard it right. HitPaw Watermark Remover is one such tool that uses AI for getting rid of watermark.

You do not need to interact with the tool too much since the AI auto detection technique automatically removes watermarks from images. The tool is supported on Windows and Mac so that users can use it regardless of the device they use. In addition to this, the preview option of the tool allows users to see the effect on their image so that users can ensure that the watermark is removed as per their requirement. Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool to remove watermark using AI.

  • Step 1.Download, install, and launch HitPaw Watermark Remover on your PC. Tap to import the pic for which you want to know remove watermark.

    ai novel writing software
  • Step 2.Choose the watermark with the help of the most suitable selection tool.

    ai recruiting software
  • Step 3.Next, tap the Preview option and the tool will begin to extract watermark using AI automatically. Lastly, click the Export option to save image without watermark.

    ai novel writing software


Having said that, we just had a look at some of the best AI software that you can use in your daily life. We also saw that users can easily remove watermark from images with AI using HitPaw Watermark Remover.

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