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Top 5 Most Embarrassing Live Stream Fails

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

Entertainment is very important in being a popular content streamer. However, live stream fails are actually more enjoyable for viewers than the content streamer. These hilarious yet very embarrassing moments impact the streamer’s fame in many ways. In this article, we will discuss the 5 most embarrassing live stream fails and discuss how to avoid these situations.

Part 1. Top 5 Most Embarrassing Live Stream Fails

Every other day something unusual happens that becomes trending on social media platforms and people start trolling the person involved in it. The same goes for a live stream fail. We have gathered the top 5 live streaming fails moments that left the streamer embarrassed.

Kandyland’s Microwave Incident

Kandyland, a Twitch streamer, during her live streaming was facing power issues. She was showing this to chat, then decided to use the microwave. This electric appliance took much power and her streaming cut too soon. This funniest twitch live stream fails made her fans laugh and facepalm. It happened for only a few minutes however, she felt embarrassed upon her return.

live stream fail of kandy land

Dr. Disrespect’s E3 Bathroom Fiasco

Dr. Disrespect (Guy Beahm) is famous for playing shooters on Twitch and has a great fan following. He hosted an IRL stream in 2019 at E3. This streaming ended up being a horrible experience for him. He addressed the audience that he had to “go to the bathroom” and he will be right back. But the worst thing was that the camera was still rolling when he was doing his business. It was a clear violation of Twitch’s terms of service. Due to committing a thing that is potentially illegal, he got banned from Twitch soon after this streaming.

live stream fail of dr.disrespect

Laboratory24’s Art Board

Laboratory 424 is a science laboratory and Twitch streamer. This laboratory decided to allow chat to put designs on an artboard for various fun and useful reasons. During the stream, chatter out of nowhere threw images of Pep the Frog and a drawing of a male appendage on the artboard. During the incident, laboratory 424 instantly shut the artboard down and luckily faced no serious consequences for this. However, that charter was banned due to abusing the artboard.

live stream fail of laboratory24

Amouranth’ Wardrobe Inciden

Some live stream fails moments come to bolster a career and bring someone into the limelight. This happened with Amouranth, a Twitch streamer, due to a simple wardrobe mishap. During a live stream, she was playing with her dog, accidentally her audience flashed that she was wearing no underwear. Due to this, she was temporarily banned from Twitch.

live stream fail of amouranth

Hellbringer13225’ Tinder Account

During a live stream of League of Legends, hellbringer13225, a Twitch streamer, was confronted by his better half (maybe a girlfriend or a wife) for having a tinder profile. She was yelling at him and his response was complete denial. However, it’s not sure whether it was a real live stream fail or a planned drama to gain more viewers.

 live stream fail of hellbringer13225

Part 2. Live Stream Fails Reddit: A Site to Watch Tons of Live Stream Fails

This Livestream fails slang surely makes a boo-boo on camera. It has created a community centered on the /r/livestreamfail subreddit. Subreddits like livestreamfail is a website that offers its community of Reddit users to watch numerous Live stream fails Reddit videos. These Reddit live stream fails clips are posted by members on Reddit for all others to see.

This website has 1.3 million members and people stay updated regarding Livestream fails. Moreover, the Reddit members who post it also gain or lose “Karma” based on the voting up and down by the community. If you are a live stream fan but not free to watch length streams, you can look for live stream fail Reddit clips on livestreamfail.

live stream fails reddit is a famous site

Part 3. HitPaw Screen Recorder Ensures No Live Stream Fails for You

Facing a Livestream failure can turn out to be the most awkward moment of one’s life. So, for that reason, you need to make sure you stand out and make the best impression on your Livestream audience. HitPaw Screen Recorder helps you to join your audience on any Livestream platform with full confidence.

HitPaw Screen Recorder supports easy recording and live streaming even you can do both at the same time. It supports almost all streaming platforms including Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, BOOYAH, Bilibil, LinkedIn Live, and many more. Its live streaming feature is much demanding which allows you to make professional-grade live streams using various elements and available sources. Moreover, it has many built-in templates which you can use for live streams and pre-recorded videos over 30 platforms.

use hitpaw screen recorder to avoid live stream fails
  • 100% secure
  • Simultaneous screen recording and live stream feature
  • Allows easy capturing of full screen or a part of the screen
  • Capable of recording video with internal sound or audio from a microphone
  • Professional grade live streams and 30+ free templates
  • Support live streaming to over 30 platform
  • Easy access from computer or iOS devices

Here are the easy steps to using its live streaming feature:

Step 01 Download and launch HitPaw Screen Recorder on your PC.

Step 02 Open the main interface and press on “Live- “Live Streaming”.

Step 03 Next click on the “Add Source” option to add your preferred source like game screen, window, images, texts, or window to Live Stream. For example, if you want to broadcast your gaming, click on Add Source > Game > Select the game you want to live stream.

use hitpaw recorder to avoid live stream fails

If you need more eye-catching stuff, check out the funny text and stickers on the right-side menu. To add any template to your live stream, click on the right side of the screen and choose your template for live streaming to make it more interesting.

use hitpaw to avoid live stream fails


See these live stream fails, they’re quite embarrssing. So, you need to plan everything beforehand especially when you are appearing in a live stream, take help from the HitPaw Screen Recorder to avoid such kinds of failures. Its catchy stickers and templates must can get your live streaming outstanding. We believe it will become your go-to software for live streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

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