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Best I have ever met

“I highly recommend HitPaw Video Enhancer, the function is very good, and if there is any problem, the support team will give you a solution very quickly. Overall great!”

Wyman Garney 2022-11-16


“Because I have tried many tools before, I actually have no expectations for enhancing the video quality, because many tools simply resize the video for me. But HitPaw Video Enhancer really helped me upscale video to 4K.”

Ethan 2022-11-16

Useful tool

“I didn’t know what AI video enhancer meant at first, but later I found out that AI technology can help me realize many functions automatically, and I just need to simply click a button.”

Victoria 2022-11-15

HitPaw Video Enhancer

“Love it! Save my life! I thought my old videos couldn't be saved because the resolution was too low and I couldn't see many things clearly, but I met HitPaw, thank you so much to save my videos!”

John 2022-11-15

Maybe an option

“For those without professional skills, it is still worth a try. Have to say, at least it helped me solve the problem. Thanks, HitPaw!”

Helena 2022-11-14


“Fantastic software that helps me upscale my video with one click. I will consider HitPaw again when I have the same kind of problems.”

Louis 2022-11-14

Most Recommended

“I am the biggest fan of HitPaw, I have been looking forward to this product and he did not let me down! Was able to help me solve the problem very well!”

Carroll 2022-11-11

Save My Life!

“ I'm older, and unlike young people, they may have more video editing skills, and I can only do some simple editing. At the time when I wanted to enhance the video quality, it was too difficult for me, so I chose HitPaw Video Enhancer. Thanks a lot, it helps me enhance the video quality with one click.”

Robert 2022-11-11


“This enhancer helps me fix a lot of blurry videos that I collected on the Internet and it only requires one click to do so. I love this”

Kris 2022-11-10

Best AI video enhancer!!!

“I tried many video enhancers and HitPaw Video Enhancer is my favorite!”

Damon 2022-11-10

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