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How to Get Abe Simpson(Grampa Simpson) AI Voice in 2024

Just imagine: got yourself immersed in a project you are passionate about- a Simpsons fan-made animation, and you don’t want to miss the ideal imitations of your favorite character’s voices. You had managed to get some good impersonators for most of them but one is missing – the cute grumpy old man who is also known as Grampa Simpson.

You go on the internet searching for voice actors with adult voice that can mimic an older person but it never works. However, when you come across the AI voice cloning world everything changes. Using correct tools and approaches, it is possible to make Abe Simpson sound authentic which could add more life to your project.

Who is Abe Simpson?

ape simpson

Grampa Simpson, whose actual name is Abe Simpson, is one of the most loved characters in The Simpsons’ animated television show that has been on air for a very long time. He is Homer’s dad, and he is Bart's, Lisa's, and Maggie’s grandpa.

Abe, who is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, is quite senile sometimes and can also be grumpy or just a rambling old man who lives at Springfield Retirement Castle. Nevertheless, his age doesn’t prevent him from having a soft spot for his kin. He usually tells them about different occurrences of his past life, even though some of them may be lies.

Throughout the series, Abe Simpson has become known for some iconic catchphrases such as “I used to be with it, but then they changed what 'it' was,” Abe Simpson Onion belt quote, and his tendency to pass out mid-sentence. His funny anecdotes, often tinged with pathos, combined with a distinctively elderly voice, have made Grampa one of the fan's favorite characters.

Who Voices Abe Simpson?

dan castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta is the American actor, voice actor, comedian and screenwriter who provides the voice of Abe Simpson. Since its beginning in 1989, he has been one of The Simpson's cast members and played an integral role in the success of the show.

In addition to Abe Simpson, Dan Castellaneta plays several other important characters on this show, including Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Barney Gumble (voiced by himself), Groundskeeper Willie, and Mayor Quimby. His ability to adopt different roles makes him a remarkable voice actor in the industry.

What stands out is how well Castellaneta does as Abe Simpson who depicts a grumpy and old man that tells unnecessarily long stories. It is his acting skills that bring more depth into this character making him funny; hence being one of the series’ beloved personas.

So far in his career on The Simpsons series Dan Castellaneta has won numerous awards which include four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance.

How to Get Old Man Voice Like Abe Simpson in A Few Clicks

HitPaw AI Voice Changer is a powerful program that allows users to change their voices on the fly, transforming them into an Abe Simpson-like voice. Using its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, this software provides a wide range of voice changing effects, including the ability to imitate popular characters and celebrities.


  • Voice Changing in Real-Time: Instantly sound like Abe Simpson during a live call, stream, or recording.
  • AI Driven Voice Effects: Use sophisticated AI algorithms to come up with lifelike and believable vocal impressions.
  • A Vast Voice Collection: Pre-existing vocal profiles are available for selection, such as aged male ones comparable to those of Abe Simpson.
  • Customization Choices: Adjust voice parameters like pitch, speed and tone until having an ideal Abe Simpson sound.
  • Convenient navigation through the program and application of voice effects in just several clicks makes it suitable for newbies as well as professionals.

Click Now & Check How to Change Your Voice in Real-Time


1.Download and install the HitPaw AI Voice Changer from the official website.

2.To start using HitPaw AI Voice Changer to get an Abe Simpson voice, go to "Settings" and select the appropriate input and output devices you'll be using.

select input and output

3.Browse through the available voice effects and select the one that best resembles Abe Simpson's iconic elderly voice. For users with Nvidia 4G, AMD 6G, or better, you can change your voice in real-time using the AI Voice Effects.

select the real time voice effects

4.Turn on "Voice Changer" and "Hear myself," then speak into your microphone to preview how your Abe Simpson voice sounds. If you're in a noisy environment, manually activate noise reduction, but keep the level moderate to avoid filtering out important sounds.

hear myself

5.After selecting the Abe Simpson voice effect and previewing it, adjust the volume to your liking to achieve the perfect Grampa Simpson impression.

adjust volume level

FAQs about Abe Simpson

Q1. Is Abe Simpson Homer's dad?

A1. Yes. The father of Homer Simpson, also called Grampa Simpson, is referred to as Abe Simpson.

Q2. Is Abe Simpson a war hero?

A2. In The Simpsons series, we often hear him, Abe Simpson remembering his past like experiences he underwent during the World War II. He used to tell a lot of stories but not all were true while some would be very confusing or even contradicting. But he indeed fought in that war and was proud of being a soldier.

Q3. Did Abe Simpson fight in WW1?

A3. So yes, Abe Simpson participated in the first global conflict. This indicates that he could not have been eligible for World War 1 since he was underage when it happened. However, this did not prevent him from going to war where he falsified his birth date so as to join.


For an authentic voice similar to Abe Simpson’s in your project, the HitPaw AI Voice Changer Tool will be great. It has an easy-to-use interface with real-time voice-changing options and an extensive library of Al-powered tones that can convert our voices into the beloved character of Grampa Simpson from the Simpsons.

HitPaw AI Voice Changer's advanced AI algorithms ensure that your Abe Simpson impression sounds realistic and convincing, making it perfect for fan-made animations, parody videos, or even just for fun. The software's customization options allow you to fine-tune the voice parameters to create the perfect elderly, raspy voice that captures the essence of Abe Simpson.

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