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8 Best AI Video To Text Converters For Online Transcription

Advanced technology that comes along with the algorithm of artificial intelligence for conversion of spoken content taken from any video into written text is referred to as video text ai tools. You can easily extract wording from different interviews, webinars, and videos and can save it for future use.

These video-to-text AI come with several key features that make them recommended tools. You will be given the benefit of real-time transcription and you can also go ahead with multiple languages. In addition to this, these AI tools also support automatic formatting and punctuation.


Part 1: 8 Powerful Online AI Converters For Video To Text

You can easily get access to these efficient tools if you have content in the form of video but want to transform it into text form. The results will be amazing and you will face no limitations in the conversion process.

(1) Notta.ai

Notta.ai is known as the best platform used for converting videos to text procedure. It is also compatible with all types of files format for video uploading. It is an online platform so you can access it on any kind of device using Google, chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.

  • It has a large number of languages.
  • It is a fast platform as in a few minutes the procedure will be completed.
  • The converting process from video to text is highly accurate.
  • The free version of Notta.ai has limited features as compared to the paid version.
video to text free

(2) Go Transcribe

It is a useful and popular platform used for converting free ai video to text with ease. It produces accurate results and has a fast processing system. Also, it is a highly secure platform that supports a user-friendly interface. It has an affordable pricing plan with a free version also.

  • It has a real-time transcription option.
  • It is a secure platform and your input data will be safe and in the right hands.
  • The pricing plans of Go Transcribe are very affordable and budget-friendly.
  • The expensive or paid options have the best and most useful editing tools.
video to text converter

(3) Maestra.ai

For converting videos into text with ease then Maestra.ai is a good option. It has an easy interface which makes it easy to use for every type of user. It also provides a large number of languages with speaker identification and format customization option.

  • The user can also easily convert the video into several language text.
  • It also has a customizing format option.
  • The speaker identification option is also available on Maestra.ai.
  • The paid pricing plans of this tool are high and expensive.
video to text converter free

(4) Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. is a platform that provides a feature for learning and understanding different languages. It can convert video to almost more than 75 languages easily. For language learners word highlighting and translation features is also provided.

  • It can be used as a teaching place for learning different languages easily.
  • It has a feature of word highlighting and translation options for language learners.
  • It also has a customizing speed option.
  • This platform is mainly designed for the use of video creators.
video to text transcription

(5) Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is another ai that converts video to text and is always preferred by different brands and businesses whenever they find a need to retrieve their sensitive data. You can use this tool to automatically convert the words from a live video into text form.

  • It has a translation option for translating videos into different languages.
  • It has an advanced speed recognition option for automatically transcribing videos to text.
  • Multiple users can use and work together at the same time.
  • While using the free version, the user will face different types of restrictions or limitations.
video to text software

(6) Flixier

Now, we are going to discuss another straightforward and affordable transcription tool that is not only full-featured but also contains effective tools for editing purposes. You can use it for transcribing audio from any kind of video even if it's not clear or contain background noise.

  • Real-time collaboration can be done on Flixier.
  • It consists of a comfortable interface.
  • Flixier enhances the procedure with an intuitive video editor feature.
  • The videos made by paid version and videos made by the free version will have a great difference.
video to text generator

(7) Speechtext.ai

If you are in search of a tool that converts a video into text form but you don't have to put much effort then Speechtext.ai is the perfect tool for you. This tool lets you extract audio from any video and then provide users with that audio in the form of text.

  • The procedure of converting videos to text will be accurate and efficient.
  • Fast transcription of videos to text procedure will be held.
  • The user can easily transcribe videos from popular platforms.
  • The user using the free version will encounter a watermark issue.
video to text ai free online


Last but not least, you can also go ahead with VEED.IO to extract text from a video accurately. The amazing fact about this tool is that users can access its services through different platforms without any restrictions.

  • Automated transcription can be used for saving time and effort.
  • Beginners can also use this platform without any skill.
  • You will see an easy-to-use editor feature in VEED.IO.
  • Creating videos using the free version will not be easy.
video to text ai tool

Part 2: Bonus-Tip: Recommended Software For Making AI Videos

In addition to the above-discussed video-to-text converters, we are here with a bonus tip for you. You can look forward to accessing HitPaw, the most recommended software for the creation of AI videos.

HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw is considered an innovative and multifaceted video to text ai that has gone far away from traditional editing capabilities and hence is renowned as a powerful video-to-text generator. This platform lets users transform any content in video form into accurate and clear text by using artificial intelligence technology.

Features Of HitPaw Edimakor

There are numerous features of this amazing software. Some of them are as follows.

  • Users are given the benefit of real-time transcription and they can get instant text transcripts even while seeing live recordings or any live video.
  • A variety of languages are being supported by this AI tool and it ensures that users around the globe can enjoy its services.
  • The most amazing feature is that this software can work seamlessly along with its other inbuilt video editing features.
video to text converter ai

Part 3: FAQs About Video To Text AI Converter

Q1. Which AI Can Convert Video To Text?

A1. The market is full of different AI-powered platforms that allow users to convert a video into text form effortlessly. But it is suggested to go ahead with the HitPaw Edimakor as it comes with such features that support your work and will facilitate you a lot.

Q2. What Are The Applications Of Video-To-Text AI Converters?

A2. There are diverse applications of converters that turn video to text ai. Some of them include content creation, for the generation of subtitles and captions in a video, for analysis and research purposes and most importantly media can also take help from these tools to transcribe different news interviews and broadcasts.

Q3. What Is The Best Video-To-Text Converter?

A3. If you want to know which is the best and most preferred video-to-text converter then it's important to make sure that different factors make a tool the best. These factors include its features, usage price, and accuracy. However, you can go ahead with HitPaw which is at the top list nowadays.

Bottom Line

Hope that the above article has successfully covered the power of video-to-text AI tools that are transcribing videos into text form without much effort. You can make your video creation journey more fascinating with the help of the HitPaw Edimakor and can transform any kind of video to text form in seconds.

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