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11 Best AI Clothes Changers in 2024 (Online & APP)

While we see all kinds of AI tools, for writing, for image generation, and even voice changers, there is one category that is making waves; AI clothes changers. From handling everyday tasks to mastering intricate processes, AI systems continually break barriers and redefine limits. Among the numerous applications of AI, one that stands out and piques the interest of many sectors is the ability to alter clothing digitally with unmatched precision and lifelike realism.

So, let's get into this fascinating facet of technology, exploring the wonders of AI change clothes 2024.

Part 1: Top 5 AI Clothes Changer Apps in 2024

These apps allow users to virtually try on different outfits, change the color of their attire, and even experiment with various accessories. Here, we present the top 5 AI clothes change apps of 2024, detailing their features, pros, and cons.

1. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is not just a makeup app but also offers a virtual try-on for fashion accessories. It provides real-time makeovers, skin analysis, and a live makeup cam to try out real products.

ai image clothes changer
  • Comprehensive beauty and accessory try-ons.
  • Skin health tracking and personalized advice.
  • Real-time AR makeovers with cosmetics from top beauty brands.
  • Hair color changer offers a realistic virtual salon experience.
  • Primarily focused on makeup, so clothing options might be limited.
  • Requires in-app purchases for full features.

2. Pronti AI - Outfit Maker

Pronti AI - Outfit Maker is an innovative outfit maker, personal shopper, and smart wardrobe assistant. The app offers personalized outfit and shopping suggestions based on the user's closet, the occasion, and mood. Users can upload their clothes, and the more items they add, the better Pronti understands their style. The app then provides outfit ideas based on the user's closet items, mood, choices, and even the weather. Additionally, users can shop for new items that complement their existing wardrobe, discover new brands, and optimize their closet usage.

ai change cloth
  • Personalized outfit suggestions based on user's closet, occasion, and mood.
  • Allows users to upload their clothes for a more tailored experience.
  • Provides shopping suggestions that complement the user's existing wardrobe.
  • Features a diary to keep track of outfits worn.
  • Some users reported issues with the color selection feature.
  • The app may occasionally categorize clothing items incorrectly.

3. Facetune Editor

Facetune is one of the most popular selfie photo editing apps, widely used by creators, influencers, and celebrities. The app offers a range of features that allow users to effortlessly enhance their selfies. With tools like Smooth, Light FX, Relight, Tone, and Defocus, users can achieve professional-level edits on their photos. The app also offers a unique AI Avatars generator, where users can see what their AI-generated selfie would look like. Additionally, Facetune provides a video editor that lets users elevate the look and style of their selfie videos, offering seamless editing and retouching capabilities.

cloth change ai
  • Photo and video editing tools for professional-level results.
  • AI Avatars generator offers a unique and personalized experience.
  • Allows users to experiment with different makeup looks and hair colors without any commitment.
  • User-friendly interface with one-tap editing features.
  • Some users might find the plethora of features overwhelming.
  • Requires a learning curve for those unfamiliar with advanced editing tools.

4. Change Dress And Clothe Color

Change Dress And Clothe Color by Csmartworld is a user-friendly app designed to modify the color of dresses and clothes in photos. The app provides an array of colors to choose from, allowing users to instantly switch and edit the color of their attire in a photo. It also offers over 500 stickers, the ability to draw and erase unwanted regions, and the option to import photos from various sources. The app is not just limited to changing colors; it also provides virtual outfits for men, women, and kids, along with fashion accessories like beards, mustaches, hairstyles, glasses, and caps.

ai photo editor change clothes
  • Wide range of colors to choose from for dress color modification.
  • Offers virtual dress-up with hundreds of outfits and accessories.
  • Provides 500+ stickers to enhance photos.
  • Allows users to draw and erase specific regions for precise editing.
  • User interface can be unintuitive and challenging to navigate.
  • Recurring ads

5. Recolor Dress & Clothes Color

Recolor Dress & Clothes Colour by Hansraj Dass is a specialized app designed to change and replace the color of outfits in photos. The app offers a vast array of color shades, enabling users to effortlessly switch the color of their attire, be it a shirt, t-shirt, jeans, suit, skirt, or any other clothing item. It provides a unique platform for users to design cool profile pictures by editing and replacing outfit colors. The app also boasts features like drawing different shapes, writing colored text on costumes, and using over 100 kinds of dress colors. It's a perfect tool for those who want to experiment with different outfit colors without spending money or time.

ai to change clothes in photo
  • Wide variety of color shades for outfit modification.
  • Allows users to draw and write on photos for a personalized touch.
  • Import photos from various sources for editing.
  • Provides a virtual dress-up experience with realistic new shades.
  • Slow unctionality and user experience.

Part 2: Top 6 AI Clothes Changer Online in 2024

If you don't want to download anything on your phone, you can also try some online AI clothes changer tools. Here are 5 best online AI clothes changers for you.

1. MyFashion AI

change cloth ai

MyFashion AI is an AI-powered cloth change AI tool designed to generate unlimited outfit ideas. Users can upload a photo and specify the type of clothing, material, and color they wish to include.

  • Offers a wide range of outfit ideas.
  • Customizable based on user preferences.
  • Limited information on the accuracy of the generated outfits.
  • Freemium model might restrict some features for free users.

2. FashionAI

clothes changer

FashionAI is an AI-powered tool that uses AI to change clothes and chatbot that recommends unique fashion styles based on user preferences. It allows users to explore new styles and get outfit ideas for different occasions.

  • Provides personalized fashion recommendations.
  • Versatile with both app and chatbot interfaces.
  • Might not cater to all fashion tastes.
  • Limited options.

3. Wardrobe AI

ai change clothes

Wardrobe AI offers personalized fashion recommendations based on uploaded images and the user's preferred style. It uses AI technology to suggest clothing items and accessories.

  • Personalized recommendations based on user's style.
  • Uses images for more accurate suggestions.
  • Might not always align with user's fashion sense.
  • Limited to the styles and items in its database.

4. The New Black

changing clothes

This AI tool assists brand designers in creating new variations of black cloth designs for various clothing and accessory types, including jackets, shoes, and bags. It offers a range of design variations.

  • Specialized in creating variations of a specific color.
  • Useful for brand designers focusing on black designs.
  • Limited to black cloth designs.
  • Might not cater to broader design needs.

5. TeeAI

best ai clothes changer

TeeAI is an AI-powered tool that generates unique and customizable designs for t-shirts. It has been trained on a vast database of images and patterns to produce high-quality designs.

  • Offers unique t-shirt designs.
  • Uses a vast database for accurate and diverse designs.
  • Restricted to t-shirt designs.
  • The quality of designs might vary.

6. Fotor

change clothes photo editor

Fotor offers a user-friendly online AI outfit generator that allows users to virtually try on different clothes with ease. With its intuitive interface, wide range of fashion options, and smooth experience. Free trial makes Fotor a change clothes photo editor online free. It is the ultimate destination for exploring new styles.

  • Offers an easy-to-use platform.
  • Offers free trial.
  • Limited customization features for adjusting fit or style details.
  • Virtual try-on results may not always perfectly reflect how clothing fits or looks in reality.

Exrta Tip: How to Change Image Background After Changing Clothes

HitPaw Online Background Remover is a versatile online tool designed to efficiently remove backgrounds from photos. Tailored for online shops, social media, cars, and various user cases, this AI-powered tool ensures a seamless experience for users, allowing them to customize their images to their liking.


  • Precise Background Removal: It uses powerful technology to analyze the image and remove background precisely.
  • Change Background: You can make the background transparent, color it, or even use customized background templates.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Beyond just removing backgrounds, the tool offers features like adding shadow effects, auto-selection of areas, and manual background restoration.
  • Bulk Background Removal: Users can batch process images, changing the background color of up to 50 images with a single click.
  • Add Shadow Effect: This feature enhances the realism of the image by adding natural-looking shadows.
Change Now!

Steps To Change Background:

  • Step1: Upload and Remove
    Start by uploading your desired image. Once uploaded, click on the "Remove" button to automatically remove the background.

    ai clothes remover
  • Step 2: Edit Background
    After removal, click on "Edit" to change the image background. You can choose from the provided templates or make other edits to the image.

    ai clothing remover
  • Step 3: Download & Save
    Once satisfied with the edits, click on "Download" to save the modified image to your device.

    change clothes

Final Thought

The digital age is spicing things up, and the fashion sector isn't left behind. Tools like OutfitsAI and Slazzer offer unique spins on how we engage with fashion digitally. While these tools have their pros and cons, HitPaw Online Background Remover brings simple, efficient, and user-friendly application. HitPaw stands out as an AI photo background changer, offering seamless integration and perfect results for fashion enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Change Now!

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Clothes

Q1. Which is the best AI clothes remover website?

A1. AI can use algorithms and patterns to remove clothing from images. Here are some of the best AI clothing remover online.

  1. DreamGF
  2. Undress AI App
  3. Neural Love
  4. Remover ZMO AI
  5. SoulGen

Q2. Can AI change clothes from a video?

A2. Yes, AI can be used to change clothes in a video. This is typically done through deep learning techniques and computer vision. There are AI algorithms and software tools that can track and manipulate clothing in video footage. These AI technologies can change the appearance of clothing on individuals in videos by altering their digital representation.

Q3. How to change color of clothes in a video?

A3. Changing the color of clothing in a video typically involves using video editing software and not strictly an AI solution. However, you can incorporate AI techniques for more advanced or automated tasks in the process. Some popular options include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, can help you change color from video. If you want to change clothing color from an image, Photoshop can help you with high quality.

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