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Valentine’s Day Post on Social Media [Ideas & Tips]

Valentine's Day - the day of love and romance. On this day, while couples are busy expressing their deep emotions, social media enthusiasts are also looking to create engaging and heartfelt content that resonates with their viewers. But with the amount of content on social media, it’s normal if you lose inspiration. We’ve come up with creative Valentine’s Day post ideas so you can think ahead and connect with your followers in a timely manner. So, let’s get started!

Part 1: List of 8 Valentine’s Day Post Ideas

How do you post on Valentine's Day on your social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok? Go through this list and revive your social media feed with fresh and amazing ideas.

1. Valentine’s Day Movies or Songs

On Valentine's Day, some people don't want to go out. Instead, they stay at home, cook dinner, or sit on the sofa and watch a movie to enjoy time together. Therefore, it is a good idea to post Valentine's Day movie and song lists. Share them on social media with short reviews to save your followers a lot of browsing time and easily select their preferences.

valentines day post idea - movie list and song playlist

2. Funny or Romantic Captions

Words can also be very vivid and profound to express feelings, whether they are sweet, funny or romantic. Post stories on Valentine's Day about how you met your partner, what made you fall in love with them, or how they bring you joy in your daily life.

valentines day post idea - romantic caption and quote

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3. Photos of You and Your Partner

Express your love on social media and choose photos that capture special memories you two have, such as a simple meal or a fun trip. Sharing these photos makes for a great Valentine’s Day post idea.

valentines day post idea - couple photos

4. Valentine’s Day Videos

Bring back all the sweet and nostalgic memories with your Happy Valentine’s Day video post. To do this, just browse your camera roll and choose a bunch of silly, romantic photos. Merge them into a minutes-long video clip and add your favorite songs to the background. This will make a lovely slideshow of memories for you and your partner to cherish the good times.

valentines day post idea - valentine video

5. Express Love for Yourself

Just as Valentine’s Day arrives, your social media will turn into a love story of sorts. As a single, you can shift this narrative and express love for yourself. Buy yourself a pretty rose and craft a Valentine’s Day post covering the topic of self-love.

valentines day post idea - valentine roses

6. Connect with Your Followers

Through seasonal celebrations of love, you can express deep gratitude to your followers. While this will make them feel more seen and appreciated, you will also build a positive impression. These Valentine’s Day social media posts can include engaging ideas to spark conversation, such as gifts or exclusive offers that will get your followers to like, comment, and share.

7. Post for Promotional Sale

Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday and most people are looking for attractive and affordable gifts for their partners. As a social media influencer or business owner, this is the perfect time to post promotions on social media platforms and make it easier for your customers.

valentines day post idea - valentine protion ad

8. Post for Public Special Events 

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, and most couples seek an opportunity for outdoor celebrations. So, grab the chance and light up their moods with a single Valentine post. You can mention all the special events in your area on February 14th, such as discounted movie therapy, bake sales, Valentine's Day-themed workshops, and more. What you say needs to be kind and clear so people don’t end up in the wrong place.

Part 2: Tips for Valentine’s Day Posts

As every content creator posts on their social media on Valentine’s Day, there are some helpful tips you can master to make your posts more likable to your followers and netizens.

  • Avoid similar content and mix it with humor and appeal to make it catch the eye.
  • Ask questions, conduct polls, or post content directly involving your audience to make them feel participated.
  • Don't just post about romantic relationships; it can be about family ties, friendships, or even love for a pet.
  • Think, schedule, and edit your content before time.
  • Post with relevant hashtags like #love, #valentinesday and so on.

Part 3: How to Make Valentine’s Day Post Videos

Posting a video on Valentine's Day is a great option, whether you want to express your love more fully or post a promotion to attract more customers. To create a video, you need a suitable video editing software. Here comes HitPaw Edimakor, the most fitting tool to edit your Valentine’s Day videos. It not only has powerful features, but also provides perfect AI automation. Let’s go through its features below in more detail.

  • Rotate, merge, crop, or resize the videos to your liking
  • Add subtitles automatically and convey information to a bigger audience
  • Delete background noise for a transparent experience
  • Add images, texts, stickers, transitions and various effects according to your preferences.
  • Export final results in 4K. Adapt to various social media platforms such as YouTube, Shorts, TikTok, LINE and Instagram.

From creating Valentine’s Day posts for businesses to editing fancy content for social media, download Edimakor AI video editor on either Windows or Mac platforms, and read ahead to learn how!

  • Step 1. Start a new project and import photos/videos.

    Run Edimakor on your computer. Click the import button to upload your photos/videos, or drag & drop the media to the interface.

    use edimakor to create valentines day post video
  • Step 2. Edit your video and preview it in real-time.

    Select the features you need from the menu bar and edit your videos. You can adjust or trim content, merge clips, eliminate the noise, and do much more without issue. Click the play button to preview the video in real-time.

    use edimakor to create valentines day post video

    Discover more features by yourself while creating and read our detailed video editing guide for more guidance.

  • Step 3. Export the video and post it on your social media account.

    Click the export button and adjust the frame rate, format, and resolution to save high-quality video.

    use edimakor to create valentines day post video


February is the perfect time to make a mark on social media with valuable, fun, and stylish Valentine’s Day posts. Hopefully, the above ideas will be helpful for your social media posts. If you plan to post a video, an advanced video editor like HitPaw Edimakor can provide good quality video content in this regard.

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