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Top 5 Websites to Download Green Screen Mouse for Your Creative Projects

One fun green screen technique is to replace your computer mouse cursor with a custom animated mouse. A green screen mouse enables you to highlight elements, point at text, and visually engage your audience during screencasts, live streams, tutorials, and more.

In this article, we'll look at five great websites where you can download free and premium green screen mouse cursors to use in your video projects.

Part 1. What are Green Screen Mouse?

1. Mouse Click Green Screen


The mouse click green screen refers to animated mouse click cursors and effects available for download. These are digital cursors and click animations created on a green screen background, like circles, arrows, or abstract shapes that flash or pulse with clicks and drags.

Using chroma key editing, you can layer these click effects over your main footage to replace the computer mouse cursor with more dynamic visuals. This adds energy and flair to tutorials, gameplay videos, recordings, and more.

2. Green Screen Mouse (real mouse)


The mouse green screen, in this case, refers literally to video clips of an actual pet mouse captured on a green screen set. By filming a real mouse against a solid green backdrop, the animal can then be overlaid on other footage to create the illusion that a mouse is moving around the screen.

The benefit of using a live animal is that the mouse's natural movements feel organic as it runs around, sniffs, and interacts within the virtual scene. This quirky approach could enhance gaming streams, cooking tutorials, reactions, DIY videos, and other content formats.

Part 2. 5 Top Sites to Download Green Screen Mouse Effects

1. Green Screen Mouse with Vecteezy


With over 3 million stock assets, Vecteezy is a top source for free and paid green screen mouse effects. Their library includes hundreds of animated green screen computer mouse, clicking effects, and moving hand elements. Many options are available for free download without attribution.

  • Hundreds of mouse click, cursor, and hand effect options
  • Filter by style: minimal, retro, colorful, simple, etc
  • Download individual elements or get bundled packs
  • Many free options without attribution
  • Create an account to access all assets
  • Intuitive search tools to find the perfect mouse asset

2. Mouse Green Screen with Pond5


Pond5 is a major online marketplace with a huge library of video clips, After Effects templates, images, and more. For green screen mice, they offer both live-action mouse videos as well as animated green screen mouse clicker.

  • Real mice filmed on green screens
  • Animated mouse cursor packs and After Effects templates
  • Affordable individual asset pricing starting under $10
  • Easy licensing process with editorial rights
  • Variety of mouse styles and creative options
  • New content added daily from contributors

3. Mouse Click Green Screen with Pinterest


While not a stock asset site, Pinterest is a great source to discover and save green screen mouse click effects and cursor inspiration. Many users pin and share their favorite mouse cursor green screen VFX finds.

  • Huge variety pinned from multiple sources
  • Easy visualization with preview images
  • Organic discovery through related Pins
  • Direct links back to original asset sources
  • Boards dedicated to green screen assets
  • Share or repin mouse clicks you like

4. Mouse Clicker Green Screen with Shutterstock


With over 400,000 video clips, Shutterstock offers a quality selection of green screen mouse click effects. Filter for "Green Screen" and "Mouse Click" to see many unique options for the mouse clicker green screen.

  • Hundreds of mouse click and cursor effects
  • Can preview clips before licensing
  • Affordable pricing starting around $10-$20
  • Editorial and commercial use licenses
  • Diverse mouse styles: simple, colorful, animated
  • Clip lengths from 4-8 seconds up to 30+ seconds

5. Mouse Clicking Green Screen with Pixabay


Pixabay's library of over 2.7 million free stock images and videos includes a handful of quality mouse clicking green screen effects to download at no cost.

  • Completely free downloads
  • Small but solid selection of mouse VFX
  • No attribution required
  • Clip lengths around 8-12 seconds
  • Variety of cursor styles and animations
  • Additional free stock content like backgrounds

Part 3. The Best Way to Create a Green Screen for Videos with HitPaw Video Object Remover

Once you've downloaded some creative computer mouse green screen effects, the next step is overlaying them onto your main footage. An easy way to prepare clips for compositing is to remove the background entirely. With the right video editing tools, you can easily delete objects, people, and clutter to leave just a clean green screen behind.

HitPaw Video Object Remover is a powerful AI-powered video editor that makes it simple to erase unwanted elements from complex clips. With just a few clicks, the intelligent software can track and remove moving objects, people, text, and more.


Here are some key features that make HitPaw ideal for green screen video production:

  • Quickly remove unwanted objects, people, text, etc. in just 3 seconds
  • AI precisely tracks object movement frame-by-frame
  • Adjust selection brushes to fine-tune erased areas
  • Simple 3-step process: outline, erase, preview
  • Leave behind a clean green screen background
  • Works for static and moving cameras
  • Retain important shadows and textures
Step to Use

With HitPaw Video Object Remover, you can swiftly delete distracting people and objects from your footage. This cleaner video is perfect for compositing mouse click effects, motion graphics, virtual sets, and anything else you can imagine. Here is how to use it:

  • Step 1: Import your green screen mouse footage featuring mouse click animations or a live mouse captured against a green backdrop. Use clear, well-lit clips with the mouse in sharp focus.

  • Step 2: HitPaw's AI rapidly scans the green screen mouse footage, automatically removing the solid green background and isolating the animated or live mouse.

  • Step 3: Use the "Magic Selection Brush" to carefully cut out the mouse if needed. Refine any edges around the mouse to precisely separate it from the background.

  • Step 4: Review the editing results and touch up edges with the Selection Brush to ensure flawless mouse isolation. The mouse should be cleanly cut out against a transparent backdrop.

  • Step 5: With the mouse fully removed from the original green screen background, export the processed clip.

    choose Green Screen fill

Bottom Line

In this article, we looked at five great sites to discover free and affordable green screen mouse cursors, click effects, and even live mice footage.

Once you've downloaded your chosen mouse elements, using a tool like HitPaw Video Object Remover makes it easy to remove backgrounds and isolate the mouse against a clean green screen. The powerful AI instantly keys out green screens so you can focus on creative compositing rather than tedious masking and rotoscoping.

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