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Top 10 Online and Offline Video MP4 Compressors for Your Desktop

Videos that you record from your smartphone or any other camera can become a headache when uploading them to the sharing sites. More extensive size videos with high resolutions often make us experience issues while downloading or playing the clips. Hence, we all need video compressors!

MP4 video compressors can help us in this regard as they reduce the file size by removing extra details in the data. This article has compiled the best offline and online video compressors that can shrink your big videos' size and help you enjoy them without any trouble.

Top 10 MP4 Compressor for Your Desktop

1. Freemake Video Converter

It is one of the best free MP4 video compressors for your desktop. It supports a good sort of output formats, including MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV, ROM, and et al, so you'll always select a format that is suitable together with your device.


OS: Windows only (including Windows 8, 10).


  • Easy to use
  • You can cut, join and rotate videos
  • Provides plenty of tools for video compression
  • No ads
  • Best for beginners


  • Web Pack requires three days to unlock all advanced features
  • No Mac version yet

2. Movavi Video Convertor

According to the top ten reviews, Movavi Video Converter is the fastest converter. It has straightforward to use. This tool shrinks the large-sized videos successfully without losing the quality. Moreover, it has a built-in editor and can convert media files to 180 formats.


Supported platforms: Windows and Mac.


  • High speed converting
  • Supports different video formats such as (WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP) and WMA to MP3
  • It helps us trim and merge video creations
  • Can easily insert subtitles


  • Limited editing features

3. Any Video Converter

To compress your large clips, Any video converter can also work best. It is an unrestricted video compression system that facilitates a variety of formats like RMVB, MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV and FLV. It is offered in both free and premium variants.

any converter

OS: Windows and Mac.


  • Works faster
  • You can edit compressed files
  • No ads


  • Doesn’t support Linux
  • To access more advanced features, you need to upgrade to Ultimate


It is a freemp4 video compressor and open-source video converter for your desktop. FFMPEG supports various video formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and several others. You can easily use this compressing tool to record, convert, compress, and capture screen and stream audio and video.

OS: Linux, Mac, and Windows.


  • It supports many video formats
  • Powerful tool with many additional features


  • Quality loss may occur during the conversion
  • Steep learning curve for novices

5. HandBrake

HandBrake is probably the best-known MP4 video compressor. But, more importantly, it can be used as an online platform and as a download. In addition, it allows you to choose between a single file and a batch for queuing multiple encodes when you wish to compress your video files.

OS: available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Include subtitles
  • Support for CFR and VFR


  • Sometimes takes time to generate output

6. Format Factory

It is another open-source video compressing tool with an in-built conversion suite that we highly recommend. MPG, MP4, MP3, AVI, FLV, WAV, and many other file types are supported. The feature collection is solid and includes codec choice, FPS, resolution, and size, even though beginners who don't want granular customization can pick up Format Factory and use it easily.


OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.


  • Brilliant format support
  • Easy for beginners


  • Unfortunate product placement installations

7. Avidemux

Avidemux is a phenomenal all-rounder MP4 video compressor that is incredible for fast cuts and changing over. The free help intends to cut and encode the video, so support for designs is extensive. However, probably the best component is the capacity to computerize undertakings and queue projects.


OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.


  • Video Filters
  • Audio Filters
  • Custom Scripts
  • Supports Common Video Formats


  • Unavailability of batch process

8. VLC

VLC is a free mp4 video compressor. It is most likely extraordinary compared to other open-source media players as it upholds all video formats. Other than video playback capacities, VLC further offers various video creating and editing features that can help you eliminate undesirable pieces of video cuts or apply effects and filters.



  • You can handle VLC utilising shortcut keys
  • You do not need to install any codecs to read audio or video files


  • It isn't easy to find songs in your library
  • No customization in the program’s interface

9. YouCompress

It is a cloud-based and free MP4 video compressor. Further, YouCompress uses an HTTPS connection for securely uploading any file to convert in your required format.

OS: Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.


  • MOV and MP4 video file formats are supported
  • No registration required
  • You can compress unlimited files


  • It is impossible to select the output file format
  • The settings of video compression are automatic

10 Best Online MP4File Compressor

1. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is a free online tool. You're just a few clicks away when you have to convert and compress videos, and it also provides support for a wide range of formats.


  • It’s free to use
  • No need to download the software
  • It supports 40 media formats


  • Need Internet connection as you can’t use offline

2. Videosmaller

VideoSmaller is a free online MP4 file compressor service that can reduce video file size without losing quality. It also limits the size of video uploads to 500 MB.



  • There are no difficult aspects to understand
  • Free to use


  • There are no advanced and unique features
  • It does not support a wide range of media players
  • No support given when something goes wrong

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is an online for free MP4 file converter and compressor that operates on any pc computer connected to the internet.



  • If your file type isn't compatible, you can email the staff for assistance
  • A variety of file formats support
  • It can convert and compress multiple files simultaneously


  • You’re limited to two files per twenty four hours with the free edition
  • If you have files bigger than 400 Megabytes, you must sign up for the Business plan

4. PS2PDF Online MP4 Video Compressor

As the name indicates, it only creates output video files in MP4 file format. Therefore, it is a perfect online MP4 compressor.


  • No video file size limitations
  • Offers different compression options
  • Allows the user to select the size of the output video


  • Supports just MP4 output file format
  • No file sharing options

5. Online Convertor

If you're seeking for a video compressor this is both effective and quick to use, Online Conversion is the way to go. This file compressor MP4 program supports other formats as well. Such as MOV, WMV, and other file formats from a URL or desktop.


  • Accepts a broad variety of video file formats
  • Smooth upload and procedure


  • No support provided for encrypted video files
  • File size limits to 200MB

6. YouCompress

This is a simple and efficient free MP4 compressor that allows you to minimize the size of audio, video, and image files. You can also use YouCompress to reduce an unlimited amount of MP4, MP3, JPEG, or GIF files.



  • The straightforward file size compression
  • Compressed videos are never watermarked


  • Video compression settings are automatic
  • No file-sharing capabilities

7. Clipchamp

Clipchamp transforms, captures, and compresses video files in addition to making the video editing process more accessible. This free MP4 compressor allows to reduce the size of all videos saved in MP4, MOV, or AVI file formats without sacrificing quality.


  • Great batch conversion options are available
  • It offers a massive selection of templates and designs
  • Easy video upload


  • Modest video compression features
  • A restricted number of video file types for output

8. HitPaw Online Video Editing

HitPaw Onilne Video Editing is a simple and easy-to-handle tool for compressing any video or audio. This file compressor MP4/MP3 maintains the quality of the original clip while compressing and generates remarkable output.

HitPaw Online Video Edting


  • You can download the converted video to MP4 and MP3
  • You are allowed to record and compress the live video streams
  • It effectively supports many video sites
  • No ads


  • Doesn’t work on Linux

9. Gilisoft Video Converter

This program enables you to compress or convert videos without losing their quality. This application helps you to enhance and modify your video clips with no or minimal effort. It supports over 160 video formats, including AVI, FLV, MP4, and others.


  • Add subtitles
  • You can transform SWF files to video or audio


  • It consumes a lot of resources when converting

10. Cloudconvert

It has a user interface that allows you to upload files and get a high-quality output quickly. This MP4 file compressor is compatible with 200 formats.

how to record Speedpaint


  • It offers an API that can be integrated with your app


  • It may not be clear to novices


Video compression is a fundamental part when recording and saving surveillance camera footage since it packs the extra data into the smallest configuration. Thus, we have mentioned the best MP4 video compressor HitPaw Onilne Video Editing which are helping us to store more videos on a hard drive. In addition, they shrink the files by evaluating small groups of images together and removing copies.

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