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3 Steps to Recognize The8 in 2024

Description: Meet The8 Seventeen, a singer and dancer from China whose real name is Xu Minghao. This article talks about three steps to get to know and recognize The8 in 2024. It talks about his work with Seventeen, his solo projects, and his TV shows. Find out how HitPaw Voice Changer lets you use The8's creative work to make your soundboards. This can add a unique touch to your audio projects.

Part 1: Who is The8?


The8 performs as Xu Minghao, a Chinese singer and dancer. He's also in the popular South Korean boy band Seventeen. Anshan, Liaoning, China, is where he was born. On November 7, 1997, he came into the world. Pledis Entertainment helped him join Seventeen, and his first show with the band was in 2015. A lot of people noticed how good he was at dancing in Seventeen's shows.

Being successful has helped Seventeen learn many skills, such as how to sing, rap, and do acts. One of those guys is The8. His smooth dance moves and stage presence amaze people all over the world.

Besides his work with Seventeen The8 has also done projects on his own, which show off his unique skills. He's done dance competitions, which show how good he is and how much he loves it.

People also know that The8 has great taste in clothes and a specific style. What he wears on and off stage often says something. These qualities have won him a group of devoted fans, whom he affectionately calls "Carats," who support him in everything he does.

Also, besides working on Seventeen's songs and shows, The8 has helped other people by using his fame to raise awareness of social issues and fund charitable activities. Many people around the world are still inspired by his skills, creativity, and positive effect.

Part 2: The8’s Work of Art

The8 is a member of Seventeen and a famously talented artist with many skills. He shows them off through captivating solo tracks and mesmerizing events, where his creativity and charm draw people in.

The Introduction of The8's songs

1. Night and Rain


"Night and Rain" is a beautiful solo song by The8 that shows off his feelings and beautiful voice. This song, which was on Seventeen's record, shows how The8 can use his voice to show how he really feels. It will keep you listening with its haunting melody and moving words.

2. Falling Down


"Falling" by The8 is a catchy, happy song with a beat that makes you want to fall in love. The8 is a very versatile artist; this song, with its upbeat beat and lively music, combines pop and hip-hop styles to make a fun listen.

3. Side By Side


They wrote the touching song "Side By Side" with Jun, who is also in Seventeen. These two artists, The8 and Jun, have a sweet duet that celebrates friendship and teamwork that speaks to people. In general, it's one of Seventeen's best songs.

The Introduction of The8's Television Shows

1. Youth With You


A well-known reality TV show in China called "Youth With You" had The8 as a mentor, helping up-and-coming young artists get ready for the tough world of show business. People who watch the show and people who compete have said nice things about his ideas and tips, which has made him a respected person in the business.

2. Dancing Millennium


"Dancing Millennium" was a dance competition show where The8 competed with other skilled dancers and showed off his amazing dancing skills. As a contestant, he stands out because he does what he does well and puts on amazing shows. People are mesmerized by his grace and accuracy on the dance floor.

3. All-Star Street Dancing Show


There was also a TV show called "All-Star Street Dancing Show" where The8 competed and showed how good he was at different kinds of street dance. Many people in the entertainment business know him as a skilled and versatile dancer because of his great shows and charm on stage.

Part 3: How to Make The8's Soundboard?

The 8 has gained many fans with his unique voice. It's easy to get his voice, and HitPaw Voice Changer can make your dreams come true. You can learn more about HitPaw Voice Changer in the video below.


  • Change the sounds: HitPaw Voice Changer lets you in your voice to sound like a robot, an alien, or helium.
  • Live Show: The program shows you the changes you make to your voice as you make them. This makes it simple to make changes that always lead to better results.
  • Easy to understand and use: HitPaw Voice Changer makes it easy for people who are just starting out to change their voice. For both new and expert users, the software is , and it does a great job.

How to use HitPaw Voice Changer?

Step1: Select "HitPaw Virtual Audio"

Open the third-party platform, and choose "HitPaw Virtual Audio" as the input.


Step2: Choose Sound Effects

By clicking the "Soundboard" option on the left side, you can select your favorite sound effects. Also customize the shortcuts for the sound effects to your liking for your convenience.


Step 3: Adjust Global Settings

Preview the generated sound with "Hear Myself" and "Voice Change". And you can use the "Noise Reduction" function to minimize background noise.


Step4: Adjust Sound Settings

You can adjust the volume on the right side. Now you can start to enjoy the fun of changing your voice.



We've talked about all of The8's skills. The8 is a well-known member of Seventeen and is also known as Xu Minghao. The8 has wowed people with his amazing singing, dancing, and mentoring skills, from his work with Seventeen to his solo work and TV performances.

In 2024, The8 will still be a big star in the entertainment business, with his creativity and charm drawing people in. The8 still has fans all over the world, whether it's through his exciting shows with Seventeen, his interesting solo work, or his job as a host on TV shows.

We've also heard that HitPaw Voice Changer is one of the only ways for fans to connect with The8's art. Fans can really get into The8's music and entertainment world with HitPaw Voice Changer, which lets them make their own soundboards that look and sound like him.

It's easy to be artistic and try new things when editing audio with HitPaw Voice Changer because it works with many audio files and has a real-time preview. HiPaw Voice Changer is a simple app that lets you make unique and interesting sound effects, whether you're a professional producer or just a fan who wants to make your work more personal.

In 2024, The8's future looks bright for growth, creativity, and making a difference in the entertainment business. People who like The8 are excited to see what he does next. HiPaw Voice Changer is a great way for fans to show how much they admire his work and create unique audio experiences based on it.

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