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How to Watch the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Live Stream

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

Trans-Siberian Orchestra announced to conduct a 90-minute TSO live stream for people around the globe. People were gone berzerk when this news broke out. No one can imagine the craze people have for the TSO brand. Since it is a new experience for many people, they want to know how to watch a TSO live-stream concert.

We'll give you proper insight into the matter as we've come up with inside news about buying the ticket for the TSO concert and watching it live.

Part 1: What is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is nothing but an American rock band that gained huge popularity. Since being introduced in 1996, the band has never looked back. The band became more popular back in 1999 when they introduced their second album.

Moreover, in 2007, the band came with the Christmas Attic, which impressed all the people, and this band's popularity saw another sharp curve. In 2007, the band sold 10 million concert tickets and 10 million albums.

In addition, the band released the series of The Lost Christmas Eve, Beethoven's Last Night, and many other stories, winning the hearts of millions of people around the globe.

Apart from providing people with immense joy and entertainment with their concert and music albums, the TSO band doesn't shy away from participating in charity work.

Surprisingly, Pollstar and Billboard Magazine had ranked this band in the top 20 selling bands. The band used to conduct multiple concerts throughout the year. Unfortunately, the arrival of Covid-19 affected TSO as they were forced to do a TSO live stream instead of conducting a concert in a physical capacity.

Fortunately, TSO live stream concert brought immense quality, and people from all over the world enjoyed the concert with minimal effort.

 Part 2: Does TSO Live Stream Need Tickets?

Many people around the world ask about TSO live stream 2021 tickets, and that thing shouldn't surprise you as you must know the fan following TSO band enjoys in the ranks. TSO live stream helps you enjoy the music and make your home sound like poetry in motion.

Many people endorsed the idea of live streaming of a concert as it enabled people to entertain themselves from wherever they were in the first place.

However, if you want to attend the live stream of the concert, you'll need to purchase the tickets as you can't watch the stream for free.

The best thing is that you can claim a pass of this stream by only paying about 30 dollars, which is not a lot of money. Instead, everyone can afford to pay 30 dollars to enjoy the breathtaking music.

After purchasing the ticket and having logged in with the account, you'll need to join the stream 15 before the actual time to avoid any inconvenience, as when millions of people tend to get connected to a single stream, things can get a bit tough at times, and some glitches can prevent you from enjoying the stream appropriately.

 Part 3: How to Watch the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Live Stream?

Watching TSO live concert is pretty straightforward as you'll only need to tick a few boxes to serve your purpose. The TSO live stream concert organizer aimed to provide the audience with the best experience. No one wants to face any difficulty enjoying one of the most entering music streams.

Here's how to watch TSO logs steam on TV.

Step 01 After buying the ticket for the stream, you'll need to navigate TSOlivestream.com. Remember, you'll need to visit the website when the show is about to start.

Step 02 You can watch the live stream on various modern devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Moreover, you can also use Smart TVs to watch the live stream.

Step 03 You can watch TSO live stream 2021 worldwide as you shouldn't face any difficulty streaming in your area. But, if you face any issues, you can opt for a VPN to watch the live stream. By using the VPN, you'll be able to pretend as if you're sitting in other countries where watching TSO live stream won't be a problem.

Part 4: How to Record the TSO Live Stream

Watching TSO live stream concert is pretty cool, but what about recording the stream and then playing it whenever you'd want.

Doesn't it seem interesting and worthy of your attention? You'll be pretty pleased after hearing that HitPaw Screen Recorder comes with an opportunity to record TSO live stream.

It is a popular screen recorder that has earned huge appreciation in a pretty short time. Using this spectacular tool, you've got the leverage to record the screen, meaning you can record the full screen with audio.

Besides the screen recording feature, HitPaw Screen Recorder also brings the Live Streaming feature. You can record and stream your video simultaneously, making it a powerful screen recorder.

In addition, this tool also comes with an advanced operation studio that facilitates you to add windows, screens, games, texts, pictures, iOS devices, or texts simultaneously.

hitpaw stream to multiple platforms

Amazing Features of HitPaw Screen Recorder

  • It allows you to record the screen with ease.
  • You can add templates, texts, and other stuff to your live stream.
  • GPU acceleration feature allows you to record any stream with original resolution quality.
  • It supports multiple online platforms, including Zoom, Teams, YouTube, Discord, etc.

How to record TSO live stream using HitPaw Screen Recorder?

Step 01 Install HitPaw Screen Recorder.
To begin with, you don't need to waste any moment before visiting the official website of HitPaw Screen Recorder. After visiting, you'll need to install the latest version of HitPaw Screen and start the program afterward.

hitpaw steam to multiple platforms interface

Step 02 Select Record Screen.
After entering the main interface of HitPaw Screen Recorder, you'll see a few options. You need to tap on the'' Record'' icon and then select ''Screen'' afterward.

tso live stream

Step 03 Click to Select Recording Area.
You can either choose full screen by pressing the Space bar or custom recording area by long clicking. You can scale and move the recording window according to your own needs.

tso live stream concert

Step 04 Start Recording.
You'll need to visit the live stream you'd like to record. After visiting there, you'll need to tap the red icon appearing in front of your screen. The process will start recording your screen.

tso live stream

Using the camera icon, you can take a screenshot of any moment you'd want. Moreover, the pen icon helps you paint the part of your stream you'd like to. Once the stream is completed, you can download the recorded file to your favorite destination.


This guide has nothing but all the information to help you watch TSO live stream. To watch the live stream concert, you'll first need to buy a ticket and then proceed ahead. Luckily, you can start watching a TSO live stream concert after visiting the official website of TSO.

Interestingly, if you want to record the live stream concert, HitPaw Screen Recorder helps you serve your purpose. It is a great screen recorder that allows you to record everything that appears on your screen.

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