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5 Best Webcam for Streaming for Working from Home in 2024

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-28

#Live Streaming

The emergence of Covid-19 introduced people to the online world as many people were forced to depend on video calling instead of meeting physically. Similarly, the trend of live streaming on platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube has also gone places. On top of that, many gamers opt to stream their video games to increase their fan following and provide their audience with much-needed fun in these unprecedented times. However, you'll need to look for the best webcam for streaming video games, as a mediocre webcam can spoil your party. To help you select a reliable webcam for game streaming or broadcasting your live stream, we're about to reveal the 5 best webcams for streaming video games.

Part 1: 2 Best Webcam for Live Streaming

If you're looking for a webcam for live streaming or streaming podcasts, you must follow the guide below.

1. Logitech C920

The Logitech C920 is probably the best webcam for streaming podcasts as it offers mind-blowing quality. Apart from being cost-effective, Logitech C920 is pretty reliable and has superior image quality. On top of that, this webcam blesses you with mind-blowing video quality at 1080p. Although you'll find many webcams that offer you to stream 1080p HD video, those webcams offer lower frame rates. On the other hand, Logitech is a rare exception that enables you to stream your podcast at a high-quality frame rate.

Every footage that Logitech C920 produces has high resolution. Hence, Logitech might be the best option as it doesn't cost a lot of money, and you can acquire its services at affordable rates.

best webcam for streaming podcast - Logitech C920


  • Logitech is fairly easy to use.
  • You can enjoy 1080p HD video quality at affordable rates using this webcam.
  • It comes with built-in hardware compression that helps you improve the stream quality.


  • Sometimes the audio is muffled.

2. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Everyone wants to make the live streaming top-notch as you always intend to impress your audience with the live streaming. Luckily, the presence of Microsoft LifeCam Cinema makes your job a lot easier than you think.

 It comes with a 720p video resolution followed by 30 FPS. The webcam's TrueColor Technology helps you make your broadcast flawless, and it can impress many people who tend to join your broadcast.

Although some people complain about the audio issues, this webcam is still pretty useful when broadcasting your live video.

The best thing about this webcam is that it doesn't charge a heavy amount. This webcam is termed the best budget webcam for streaming.

best webcam for live streaming - Microsoft LifeCam Cinema


  • Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is a pretty cost-friendly webcam.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel for many angles.
  • It maintains brilliant video resolution while broadcasting your video.


  • The webcam's auto-focus features need improvement.

Part 2: 2 Best Webcam for Streaming Video Games

Using a webcam to stream video games is pretty common, and many people tend to opt for appropriate options to serve their purpose.

Here's the list of two outstanding webcams to stream video games.

1. Razer Kiyo

If you want to make your video gaming experience memorable, you should opt for Razer Kiyo. It is a remarkable webcam that enables you to make game streaming spectacular. Razer Kiyo comes with a modern aesthetic followed by twelve white LED lights that make the video steaming flawless. On top of that, this webcam helps you to adjust the lights courtesy of 12 impressive brightness settings. Luckily, Razer Kiyo blesses you with the opportunity to explore 1080p resolution with 30 FPS, making it the best webcam for game streaming. Another thing to admire about Razer Kiyo is its high color saturation, as it makes the lighting top-notch.

Hence, Razer Kiyo is a complete package if you want to live stream your game and make it memorable for your audience.
best webcam for streaming video games - Razer Kiyo


  • It comes with spectacular ring light for low light.
  • Razer Kiyo webcam uses mind-blowing forward thinning LED lightning.
  • Using Razer Kiyo, you can enjoy the high-quality image of 1080p and 720p resolution.
  • You can get punchy images with fascinating contrast adjustments.


  • No companion software.
  • Large size design.
  • Non-detachable cable.

2. Aukey FHD Webcam

Aukey FHD Webcam is the best budget webcam for streaming as you can purchase it at affordable rates. Even though Aukey offers its services at an affordable price, you won't see any compromise with the image quality.

Using this mind-blowing webcam, you can enjoy 1080p HD resolution during live game streaming at 30 FPS. On top of that, the presence of built-in stereo and 2-megapixel base microphones enhances the reputation of this decent webcam.

The most important thing about Aukey FHD Webcam is its easy interface, meaning even the newcomers can operate this webcam without any issue.

Moreover, Aukey is compatible with macOS and Windows XP. Interestingly, it doesn't come up with additional software. Instead, you'll only need to plug the webcam into a USB port, and then you start streaming your game.

Although the lightening of this webcam might create doubts in your mind, this webcam is perfectly suited for those who are new to steam a game.

best webcams for game streaming - Aukey FHD Webcam


  • Aukey FHD Webcam is cost-effective.
  • It doesn't come up hectic procedure to operate it.
  • You can enjoy 1080p HD streaming.


  • Lack of video compression.

Part 3: Best Software for Record Games with Webcam - HitPaw Screen Recorder

If you're looking for a tool to record your game with a webcam, HitPaw Screen Recorder can be an outstanding option. It is a mind-blowing screen recorder that enables you to record your screen and audio simultaneously. Apart from recording your screen, HitPaw Screen Recorder is also pretty good at editing the recorded video.

1. Advantages of HitPaw Screen Recorder:

  • 1

    Using HitPaw Screen Recorder, you can record gameplay along with a webcam.

  • 2

    It comes with a fairly simple user interface.

  • 3

    HitPaw Screen Recorder comes with hardware acceleration to improve the quality of the recorded video.

  • 4

    Recording and livestreaming are possible in this program.

  • 5

    Also perfect for recording a lecture and picture-in-picture videos.

2. How to Record A Game on HitPaw Screen Recorder

To record video games effectively, please follow the simple guide below.

Step 01Download and Launch HitPaw Screen Recorder.

If you still do not have HitPaw Screen Recorder on your computer now, please download and install it first.

Step 02Choose the Recording Game Option.

After launching this program, please click on Game in the main interface.

what is the best webcam for live streaming

Step 03Play the Game

Visit the drop-down list and select the game you'd want to play.

Step 04Hit the Red button

After playing the game, you'll need to tap on the "Red Record" icon to start recording your screen. You can hit the same recording button when you're done with it.

best streaming webcam for twitch

Step 05Start Recording Game

Click on the icon to start streaming and click on it again when you want to end the streaming.

best cheap webcam for twitch streaming


Whether you want to stream your live broadcast or stream your video game, you can take the notes from this guide, as we've mentioned the top 5 webcams for live streaming.

Of all the options you'll explore here in this guide, HitPaw Screen Recorder is the best option. Using this tool, you record your screen while playing video, and it can play the role of the best webcam for live streaming.

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