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[Updated!] 9 Essential AI Graphic Design Generators

In our increasingly digital world, AI graphic design generators are becoming essential tools for creatives and non-creatives alike. These clever programs can instantly generate logos, images, color palettes, fonts, and more with just a few prompts.

In this guide, we'll explore 9 of the most crucial free ai graphics generators that are likely to have a big impact in 2023 and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned pro or hobbyist, read on to discover how these technologies can enhance your creative abilities today.

Part 1. 9 AI Graphic Design Generators

1. Create AI Graphics with Designs.ai


Designs.ai is an AI-powered graphic design platform that can instantly generate high-quality logos, social media posts, banners, flyers, presentations, and more based on your text prompts. It lets you create ai graphics quite easily.

  • Huge range of graphic design assets generated with just text prompts
  • Thousands of customizable templates for common design needs
  • Option to further edit designs before downloading
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Limited control over finer design details
  • Requires internet connection to generate graphics

2. Artificial Intelligence Design Generator with Fotor


Fotor is a free online graphic design and image editing tool with built-in AI capabilities for enhancing photos and automatically generating design assets. It is the best artificial intelligence design generator.

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Huge library of fonts, templates, graphics, and stock images
  • AI filters, effects, and enhancement tools
  • Automated graphic generator with style transfer
  • Requires subscription for full access to assets
  • Limited design customization options

3. AI Picture Design with Taskade


Taskade is a productivity and collaboration platform with an AI image generator that can create unique header images, scene illustrations and more from text prompts. It is the best ai graphic design generator free.

  • Seamlessly integrates with other Taskade workflow features
  • Built-in image annotation and commenting
  • Customizable image sizes and aspect ratios
  • Free unlimited use
  • Limited library of graphics styles
  • No advanced editing features

4. AI Image Designer with Canva


Canva offers an AI graphic design solution that instantly generates custom images, logos, ads, banners, thumbnails, and other visual content optimized for social media and websites. No doubt, it is the best ai image designer.

  • 10,000+ customizable templates
  • Drag-and-drop image editing
  • Photo enhancer and background remover
  • Brand kit and logo generators
  • Affordable Pro subscription plans
  • Text to design ai
  • Limited control over fine details
  • Requires internet connection

5. AI Generator Design with Visme


Visme is an online visual content creation and design platform with AI capabilities to auto-generate presentations, infographics, banners and other graphics tailored to your brand. It is the best ai generator design.

  • 100,000+ customizable templates
  • Animated AI create visual
  • Built-in stock libraries of vectors and images
  • Team collaboration features
  • Affordable payment plans
  • Steep learning curve
  • Clunky animations

6. AI Graphic Creator with Adobe Sensei


Adobe Sensei is an AI framework that empowers creativity tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Spark with automated graphic design assistance. It is the best ai graphic creator.

  • Auto image masking and selection
  • Automated composition adjustments
  • Object removal and reconstruction
  • Font matching and recommendations
  • Requires Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
  • AI features limited to enhancing human creative work

7. Create Graphics with AI — Uizard


Uizard is an AI visual content generator for logos, posters, banners, thumbnails, app icons and more with full customization before downloading. Unizard allows you to create graphics with ai without any trouble.

  • Customize all design elements before finalizing
  • Color palette generator included
  • Option for unlimited graphic downloads
  • Developers API available
  • More expensive payment plans
  • Limited integration with other design tools

8. AI Graphic Maker with AutoDraw


AutoDraw pairs machine-learning capabilities with easy sketch input to instantly transform doodles into professional clip art, icons, logos, and more. It is also one of the best ai graphic makers.

  • Fun and simple sketch input
  • Customizable color themes and sizes
  • Completely free web and mobile app
  • Images can be exported in multiple formats
  • Limited overall style and graphics library
  • Requires artistic sketching ability

9. AI for Graphics with Alpaca


Alpaca is an AI assistant plugin for graphic design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator that generates and enhances images via natural language prompts. It is the best ai for graphics.

  • Works with familiar Adobe programs
  • Photo restoration and colorization
  • Outline vectorization from sketches
  • Affordable yearly subscription
  • Requires Adobe CC subscription too
  • Slow processing time for image generation

Part 2. The Best Tool to Enhance Images with HitPaw Photo AI

After exploring various crucial AI graphic design generators, let's look at a handy tool that can further enhance the images you create. HitPaw Photo AI is an AI-powered automatic photo enhancement software that can take your images to the next level of quality. You can enhance any ai picture design.

Key Features
  • One-click automatic photo enhancement
  • 4 AI models for different photo types
  • Removes blurriness and noise
  • Upscales resolution up to 8K
  • Batch processing of multiple images
  • Lossless enlargement without quality loss
  • Keeps original photo colors and details
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Works on Windows and macOS
  • Step 1:Go to the HitPaw Photo AI website or click the download button to get the software package. Install it on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Step 2:Launch the software and import the photo you want to enhance. You can upload JPEGs, PNGs, and other common formats. Click a sample image to preview the effect, or drag and drop your own photo.

  • Step 3:Choose from 7 AI models depending on your photo type, like the general model for landscapes or the face model for portraits. The AI will process your image.

  • Step 4:Hit the preview button to see the enhanced photo. If satisfied, click the export button to save the high-quality version. Note you'll need to purchase the full version to export processed images.


Part 3. FAQs of AI Graphic

Q1. Can AI generate graphics?

A1. Yes, AI systems are now advanced enough to automatically generate a wide variety of graphic design assets like logos, images, typography, color palettes, and more based on text prompts or original image inputs. The quality keeps improving over time.

Q2. Is AI replacing graphic designers?

A2. No, AI is not replacing human graphic designers yet. The current AI graphic generators are tools intended to augment designers' workflows, not replace them entirely. AI can help automate repetitive tasks and provide design suggestions, but designers still lead overall creative direction.


AI graphic design generators are reshaping visual media with their ability to instantly produce quality graphics tailored to specified needs. We explored 9 essential options with broad functionality in logo, image, presentation, animation, and other design assistance.

To take your ai render free even further, HitPaw Photo AI leverages the latest enhancement algorithms to automatically improve resolution, fix blurriness, enlarge images, and more with incredible ease. With the right mix of emerging AI and human creativity, the future of graphic design looks bright.

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