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Top 10 Audiobooks on Spotify in 2024

Are you not a book reader but love the concept of audiobooks? Well, then, we are sure that as an audiobook enthusiast, you might always be on the lookout for the best audiobooks in the market. If that is the case, then you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to learn about the best audiobooks on Spotify in 2024.

Part 1: 10 Best Audiobooks on Spotify in 2024

Do you want to know which is the best audiobook on Spotify, or simply learn about a few many? We have a list of the ten best concluded for you below:

1. Langston Hughes Reads Langston Hughes

langston hughes reads langston hughes

Through this audiobook, Langston implies a tone of brotherhood, friendship, and cooperation for everyone to follow. He sets out to honestly portray the joys and hardships encountered by the working class of black lives, avoiding sentimental idealization and an array of negative wordings.

2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This book revolves around the life of the March Family during the Civil War era. The audiobook follows the journey of four sisters: Meg, who yearns for her family's comfort; Jo, an aspiring writer; Beth, a kind soul with immense love for music; and Amy, a young artist with big dreams. With their father working in the Union army, dive into the story of all the challenges these little women face in making lasting bonds and forming friendships.

3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Based on the dystopian world, The Hunger Games is a story of Capitol reigns and districts under oppressive rules. Meet sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen through the audiobook. She volunteers in the Hunger Games to save her sister and sets in motion a story of rebellion, survival, and meeting unexpected alliances.

4. You Should See Me In a Crown by Leah Johnson

Leah Johson's debut book follows the life of Liz Lighty, who always believed she was too black, poor, or awkward to shine in her small, rich, and prom-obsessed town in the Midwest.

However, she has a plan to get out of Campbell, Indiana, forever by attending Pennington College, playing in their orchestra, and becoming a doctor. Though when the financial aid she hoped for comes crashing down, Liz has to take other steps.

you should see me in a crown by leah johnson

5. Sandworms of Dune by Frank Herbert

Sandwords of Dune is the second part of the extended double novel conclusion to the series Hunters of Dune. This audiobook unravels and re-weaves Frank Herbert's immense plot structures, encompassing time, place, and challenges.

6. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

According to the best audiobooks on Spotify Reddit suggestion, if there is one audiobook that would leave you baffled, it is this one. Undeniably one of the best audiobooks on Spotify Premium, this heavy-hitting psychological thriller will leave you wanting more.

So, dive into the story of Alicia, who shot her husband five times in the face and vowed never to speak again, and Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist who tries to interview her to unravel the mystery of what happened.

7. Always With You by Fiona Grace

This 3.8-star-rated rom-com shows the shattered life of Ariel, who recently lost her job and finds her boyfriend cheating—all on the same day. Thinking it's too much, she packs up her life in LA and moves to Maine. They say that with new places come new opportunities and even a new love life. Listen to this audiobook to find out what happens after.

8. Next Door by Blake Pierce

next door by blake pierce

With its 4.4 rating, Next Door by Blake Pierce revolves around Chloe Fine, an intern in the FBI Evidence Response Team. While she has a hectic job, Chloe is also dealing with her own troubled past.

Dive into this story to find out how Chloe works through the lies, secrets, and gossip and the mystery that surrounds her mother's death from when she was a kid.

9. The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene

The entire 23 hours and 6 minutes you will spend hearing it will make you realize that the $23.07 you paid for it was worth it. This is because every story you might have heard about smart-thinking powerhouses and high-skilled specialists is put into this amazing audiobook for you to listen to.

10. The Killing Game by Kate Bold

the killing game by kate bold

One of the best free audiobooks on Spotify, The Killing Game, is a six-hour narration by Justin Price. The story portrays a brilliant FBI BAU agent who became a U.S. Marshal and is very good at her job.

Alexa Chase—the protagonist—has to put herself into the killer's mind because the bodies around her keep piling up. Her intuition tells her she might be next in this pile of bodies, but will her brilliance help her save herself? Listen to the audiobook to find out.

Part 2: How to Find Audiobooks on Spotify?

Now that you know the best audiobooks of 2024, are you wondering how to find the best audiobooks on Spotify free. Well, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Spotify account and navigate to the search bar.
  • In the search bar, write 'audiobooks' and hit enter. On top of that, you will see some recommended classics and a few artists.
  • Scroll down your screen to find 'Playlists' and tap on it.
  • Tap on the 'see all' button present on the playlist.
  • Once done, you can access all the best audiobooks on Spotify, free and premium.

Part 3: How to Save Audiobooks on Spotify without Premium

If you aren't a Spotify premium user but still want to save premium audiobooks from Spotify, HitPaw Video Converter has got you covered. Read more about this exceptional service below:

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • HitPaw Video Converter offers GPU acceleration, which enables fast downloads.
  • All downloads made through the service are lossless, ensuring high quality.
  • The service will help you download subtitles to improve your audiobook experience.

How to Download Spotify Audiobooks Using HitPaw Video Converter?

Here is how you can download Spotify Audiobooks using HitPaw Video Converter:

  • Step 1:Download and install the HitPaw Video Converter. After installing, launch it and choose the Spotify music converter from the toolbox.

    choose the spotify music converter from the toolbox
  • Step 2:To make any downloads, you will first have to log into your Spotify account.

    log into your Spotify account
  • Step 3:You can also use the built-in web player to listen to audiobooks directly.

    use the built in web player
  • Step 4:Click on the download tracks, playlists, artists, or albums. You will see a link in the address bar. Tap on the download button.

    download tracks playlists artists or albums
  • Step 5:Once you click the download button, the service will start analyzing your download.

    analyzes the download
  • Step 6:Now, choose the output format for your downloaded files in the' Convert all to' option.

    choose the output format for your downloaded files
  • Step 7:Click on the Convert All button to make batch conversions.

    click on the convert all button

Watch the following video to learn more details:

FAQs about Best Audiobooks on Spotify

Q1. Is Spotify audiobooks as good as Audible?

A1. Both services are excellent in their aspects. While Audible provides better sound quality, Spotify provides a faster listening experience.

Q2. Does Spotify have full audiobooks?

A2. Yes! Users can listen to the full audiobooks on Spotify.


We tried concluding the best audiobooks on Spotify in 2024 here, but if you have any more suggestions, please let us know. Moreover, to easily download your favorite Spotify book, make sure to use HitPaw Video Converter.

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