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Heechul: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of K-pop, you have probably heard of Heechul, one of the most versatile and charismatic idols in the industry. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Heechul, from his background and career to his popular songs and TV shows. We will also give you some extra tips to get the iconic voice like Heechul in real-time within seconds using HitPaw AI Voice Changer that can transform your voice into any celebrity or character you want.


Part 1: Who is Heechul?

kim Heechul was born on July 10, 1983, in Hoengseong, Gangwon Province, South Korea. He has an older sister named Kim Hee-jin. He developed an interest in singing and performing after watching Psy’s performance on TV in 2002. He auditioned for SM Entertainment and became a trainee in 2003. He debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005, and later joined its sub-unit Super Junior-T in 2007. Kim heechul super junior formed a project group called Universe Cowards with Min Kyung-hoon, and a duo called Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo with Jungmo of TraxX.

He made his acting debut in 2005 with the drama Sharp 2, and has since starred in various dramas and movies. He is also a popular host and MC for many variety and music shows, such as Radio Star, Knowing Bros, Weekly Idol, My Little Old Boy, and Delicious Rendezvous. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential and versatile celebrities in Korea.


Part 2: Popular Songs of Heechul

Heechul: Close Ur Mouth

Close Ur Mouth is the debut song of M&D, a duo formed by Heechul and Jungmo in 2011. The song is a rock ballad that expresses the frustration of a man who wants his lover to stop nagging and complaining. Heechul wrote the lyrics and directed the music video, which features his fellow Super Junior members and other celebrities.

heechul close ur mouth

Heechul: Narcissus

Narcissus is a song by momo Heechul & Kim Jungmo, featuring Wheein of Mamamoo, released in 2016. The song is a pop-rock track that tells the story of a narcissistic man who falls in love with a woman who resembles him. The song showcases heechul super junior’s smooth vocals and Wheein’s powerful voice, as well as Jungmo’s guitar skills.

heechul narcissus

Heechul: Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream is a song by heechul momo and Min Kyung-hoon, released in 2016 as part of the SM Station project. The song is a rock ballad that depicts the longing and sadness of a man who dreams of his lost love. The song won the Best Rock Song award at the 9th Melon Music Awards, and the music video features the cast of Knowing Bros in a hilarious parody of historical dramas.

heechul sweet dream

Part 3: Famous Scenes About Heechul on TV Shows/Concerts

Heechul: The King of Imitations

Heechul is well-known for his ability to imitate various celebrities and characters, such as G-Dragon, Taeyeon, Elsa, Jack Sparrow, and more. He often showcases his imitations on variety shows, such as Knowing Bros, Weekly Idol, and Running Man, making everyone laugh with his hilarious and accurate impersonations.


Heechul: The Kiss Master

Heechul is also famous for his bold and unexpected kisses with other celebrities, both male and female. He has kissed many of his fellow Super Junior members, such as Siwon, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Ryeowook, as well as other idols, such as Sulli, Sandara Park, Son Dam-bi, and Min Kyung-hoon. He has also kissed some of his co-hosts, such as Lee Soo-geun, Kang Ho-dong, and Hwang Chi-yeul, surprising and amusing everyone with his daring moves.

the kiss master

Heechul: The Legendary Performer

Heechul is a great performer who always delivers amazing and memorable stages with his group or solo. He has performed many songs with Super Junior, such as Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple, and Lo Siento, as well as with his sub-units and project groups, such as Rokkugo, Ulsanbawi, and Sweet Dream. He has also performed his solo song Old Movie, as well as covers of other artists’ songs, such as Shanghai Romance, I’m So Hot, and Bad Boy.

the legendary performer

Extra Tips: Get the Iconic Voice Like Heechul in Real-Time Within Seconds

Heechul is not only a funny and talented celebrity, but also a caring and loyal friend to many people in the industry. He has a close friendship with many of his fellow Super Junior members, such as Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Yesung, as well as with other idols, such as Taeyeon, Yoona, Momo, Hani, and Min Kyung-hoon. He often shows his affection and support for them, and stands up for them when they face difficulties or controversies.If you are a fan of Heechul and want to sound like him, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer,, a free and powerful tool that can change your voice in real-time with various effects. You can use it to prank your friendsand spice up your calls.

Features of HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • Can change your voice into many popular voices, such as Heechul, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Minions, and more. You can also customize your voice with different parameters, such as pitch, speed, tone, and reverb.
  • Can work with any games, programs, or platforms that support voice input, such as Discord, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Fortnite, League of Legends, and more.
  • Easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You just need to download and install it on your computer, select your input and output devices, choose your desired voice effect, and start speaking. You can also adjust the volume and mute/unmute the voice changer as you wish.
  • Safe and secure, and does not collect or store any personal data. You can use it without worrying about your privacy or security.

How to use the Functions of HitPaw voice Changer?

Step 1: Configure Input & Output

Open "Settings" and choose the input and output devices you want to use from the drop-down menu.

open settings

No voice coming out? Here's how to fix it!

If you added other devices manually, refresh the list to see if they are detected.

added other devices manually

If you still don't hear anything after picking a device, click "detect" to check the audio status.

click detect

The icons for microphone and speaker should be green if everything is working fine.

Step 2: Pick Voice and Sound Effects

Browse through the available effects and click on the ones you like to apply them.

pick voice and sound effects`

If you have devices with Nvidia 4G or higher and AMD 6G or higher, you can use AI Voice Effects to change your voice in real time.

use ai voice effects
Step 3: Tweak Global Settings

Turn on the "Voice Changer" and "Hear myself" options and speak into your microphone to hear how your voice sounds. If there is too much background noise, you can click on the "speaker icon" to enable noise reduction.

turn on the voice changer
Step 4: Fine-tune Voice Settings

Once you have chosen and previewed the sound affects you want, you can adjust the voice settings by hovering over the cartoon avatar.

fine-tune voice settings

FAQs about Heechul

Q1. How old is Heechul?

A1. Heechul is 40 years old as of 2023. He was born on July 10, 1983.

Q2. Is Heechul married?

A2. No, Heechul is not married. He is currently dating Momo, a member of the girl group Twice. They confirmed their relationship in January 2020.

Q3. What is Heechul’s Instagram account?

A3. Heechul’s Instagram account is @kimheenim. He has over 8 million followers and posts frequently about his life and work.

Q4. What is Heechul’s nickname?

A4. Heechul has many nicknames, such as Heenim, Cinderella, Space Big Star, Kim Cherry, and Hee-nicorn.

Q5. What is Heechul’s zodiac sign?

A5. Heechul’s zodiac sign is Cancer. He is said to be emotional, loyal, creative, and intuitive.


Heechul is a versatile and charismatic entertainer who has achieved success in various fields of music, acting, and hosting. He is known for his witty humor, unique voice, and creative songwriting. He has also shown his passion and talent for directing and producing music videos. Heechul is a member of Super Junior, one of the most influential K-pop groups in history, and has also participated in several subunits and project groups. If you are a fan of Heechul and want to imitate his iconic voice, you might want to try HitPaw Voice Changer,. This is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can change your voice in real-time within seconds. You can choose from different voice effects, such as male, female, child, robot, alien, and more.

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