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5 Easy Tools for Creating AI-Generated Scripts in 2024

As a writer, AI-generated scripts may save you a lot of time. However, when choosing an AI that can write scripts, you must also check the efficiency of the tool and what other features it comes with. For instance, a robust AI that writes scripts also:

  • Has an integrated video editor
  • Comprises image generation feature
  • Allows you to produce funny AI-generated scripts
  • Enables you to add an intro to your videos via built-in templates
  • Uses AI to write YouTube scripts
  • Generates scripts with AI-powered storytelling

After understanding the advantages, you may want to check each tool for its features, which is tedious. Therefore, to save you time and all the legwork, this piece is dedicated to and discusses the 5 handpicked solutions that you can try to write a script with AI.

Part 1: What Is an AI Script Generator and How Does AI Generate Scripts?

Before proceeding to the real meat, it is crucial to understand what is an AI script generator and how it works. Continue reading to find detailed answers on this.

What Is an AI Script Generator

In a nutshell, an AI script generator is an online solution or a desktop app that accepts prompts, which are simple sentences in layman’s language, and exploits AI to write scripts based on the niche. Depending on the efficiency of the program and the clarity of prompts you enter, the quality and accuracy of AI-generated scripts may vary.

How an AI Script Generator Works

When you enter prompts, define output parameters (e.g., language, tone, word count, and niche), and proceed for execution, the solution uses its AI algorithms to collect all the relevant information from the web and within its database. After that, it segregates the details according to the preferences you defined earlier and generates scripts for you.

The good thing is that an efficient AI program performs all these tasks in less than 60 seconds.

Part 2: Top 5 Tools to Create AI-Generated Scrips Easy and Free

Listed below are the 5 best solutions that use AI to write scripts:

1. HitPaw Edimakor

This one is at the top of this list for a reason. HitPaw Edimakor is a program that not only produces AI-generated scripts but also works as a full-fledged video editor. The integrated screen recorder makes the app even more versatile, as you don’t need any other solution to become a professional content creator or vlogger.

HitPaw Edimakor ai generated scripts Key Features
  • Comes with an integrated video recorder
  • Comprises a dedicated AI-powered subtitle generator
  • Supports more than 30 languages
  • Enables you to choose script tones (Casual, Professional, etc.)
  • Automatically merges video clips without your interventions
  • Allows you to edit videos more granularly with the built-in ‘Advanced Edit’ tool
  • Equipped with a plethora of stock layout templates for intros

2. JotPro

This online solution has a free creative writing and storytelling tool that uses AI to write scripts. In addition, you can exploit JotPro’s full potential through its integrated video production and editing feature, SEO optimizer, blog outline creator, and much more. JotPro is also capable of generating content for websites, social media marketing campaigns, and promotional and follow-up emails.

JotPro ai write scripts Key Features
  • Uses AI to generate articles and blogs within a few minutes
  • Generates SEO-friendly FAQs, meta descriptions, and writeups for ‘About Us’ pages
  • Creates headlines for online content
  • Writes video descriptions
  • Generates Twitter threads

3. Simplified

This web solution justifies its name, as it serves as a one-stop shop for almost all your online business needs. Although Simplified doesn’t have a section specifically called ‘scriptwriter’, writing tweaked prompts for long-form articles can manipulate AI to write scripts in the tone and language of your preference.

Simplified ai writes script Key Features
  • Comprises more than 50 creative writing templates
  • Uses AI algorithms to change the tone of written content almost instantaneously
  • Creates GIFs for free
  • Cuts video clips to produce new content through text prompts
  • Comes with free stock background music
  • Exploits AI to create voiceovers and audio narrations from text

4. ScripAI

This online solution has the potential to revolutionize the entire artificial intelligence industry, as it offers almost everything for free. If you know how to type prompts smartly, you may need to look no further, as ScripAI provides all AI-powered solutions for social media influencers, business strategists, and freelancers under one roof. Not to mention that this also includes AI-generated scripts for free.

ScripAI ai to write scripts Key Features
  • Writes scripts for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts
  • Generates definitions for words
  • Creates Twitter bio
  • Writes stories for LinkedIn posts
  • Generates Twitter threads
  • Helps you write Instagram captions
  • Creates hashtags for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

5. AtOnce

This powerful tool can write several SEO-optimized AI-generated articles of up to 4000 words each in a single go. The best part is that AtOnce-generated pieces remain undetectable by AI checkers. This enables organizations and freelance writers to produce content without being judged by their audience, establishing a committed and long-lasting business association.

AtOnce ai that writes scripts Key Features
  • Automatically adds relevant images to AI-generated scripts
  • Supports more than 30 languages
  • Produces content anywhere from 250 words to 4000 words
  • Exports AI-written SEO-optimized articles directly to websites
  • Writes several articles of up to 4000 words each in a single go
  • Generates undetectable AI-powered content

Part 3: Differences Between Traditional Script Writing and AI-Generated Script

One of the most debatable topics these days is which of the two is better, i.e., Traditional script writing or AI-generated scripts. While people have mixed reviews on this and their answers vary, this section covers a category-wise summary for your convenience.


  • Traditional Writing
    Manually written scripts may not be detailed, as humans have limitations. Furthermore, organic beings need rest to freshen up their mind, and when back at work, they need to recall where they left off. This makes producing long-form scripts quite challenging, especially in large volumes.
  • AI-Generated Writing
    Prepared by machines, AI-generated scripts are scalable as it takes merely a few seconds to write a 1000-word long text. To write detailed content, all you need to do is add a few more words to the prompts, and you’re done.
  • Traditional Writing
    Manual scripts may have the essence of influence, as the tone may depend on the thought process of the person who wrote the text.
  • AI-Generated Writing
    Because AI tools gather information from the facts published online, the content they produce remains neutral and unbiased.
  • Traditional Writing
    Humans write with an emotional state of mind, which gives their content a specific tone. In addition, a single piece of a manual script can comprise multiple emotions according to the scene.
  • AI-Generated Writing
    While some AI solutions have a menu to choose a tone of the script, they lack an organic touch. Furthermore, it is quite challenging to make an AI to write scripts with mixed emotions. Therefore, you may have to complete the screenplay in multiple sessions.


  • Traditional Writing
    When writing scripts, humans use natural intelligence to stick to the subject and produce contextual pieces.
  • AI-Generated Writing
    Algorithm-driven AI tools require prompts with carefully picked words to write content ‘loosely close’ to the main subject. As a result, such scripts require manual amendments post their creation.


Exploiting an AI to write scripts is easy, as long as you have a good command over words. While almost all AI tools require you to choose words carefully when typing prompts, HitPaw Edimakor, a robust program, can accept your simple inputs, process them, and produce next-to-perfect AI-generated scripts within seconds.

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