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Finding The Best 15 Classic Christmas Movies To Watch

Watching Christmas movies in the festive season is the only way to feel nostalgic. Christmas movies have many categories, but Christmas classics never get old and fit every mood. They have been a tradition for many families, connecting their childhood memories. In this festive season, pick movies with your family that hold moral lessons and make you feel good.

So, instead of wasting time on channel surfing, bookmark this article. Here, we have enlisted the classic Christmas movies to transport you to your old good times.

Part 1. 15 Best Must-watch Classic Christmas Movies Recommended

Classic movies were well-crafted and had an enduring cinematic appeal that stood the test of time. Whether it is their storytelling or beloved actors, people enjoy watching them. Thus, prepare your couch and select films from the classic Christmas movies list for this festive season.

1. The Bishop’s Wife (1948)

Filled with comedy and fantasy, this old classic Christmas movie is an Oscar nominee. It shows the struggles of the Bishop and his wife in building a new church where an angel from heaven intervenes. The message this movie tries to explain is human fragility and humble awards for doing the right thing.


the bishops wife christmas movie

2. The Christmas Project (2016)

It is a charming and comical movie for people of all ages based on loving others. During the Christmas season, boys tried to take revenge on bullies, but their mom decided to send them gifts. It’s a true story of writer Matthew Buckley’s childhood experiences, first love, and family.


the christmas project christmas movie

3. Hats Off to Christmas! (2013)

Christmas can bring disappointments as well, just like Mia was in this movie. After her 10 years of service at a hat shop, the manager asks to train his son for an upper-management position. From which, she was disappointed but later fell for the manager’s son, Nick.


hats off to christmas movie

4. Deck the Halls (2006)

Beautifully decorative houses set the perfect Christmas mood and ambiance. The name of the movie also means decorating houses and entertaining guests. It’s a classic family Christmas movie where two neighbors get passionate about decorating homes to make them visible from space.


deck the halls christmas movie

5. A Christmas Carol (1997)

It is a musical animation movie that shows three valuable lessons. In this movie, a ghost of Jacob Marley and three spirits of Christmas past, present, and future haunt Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley was a late business partner of Scrooge, but why he was haunting his friend is a question to discover after watching.


a christmas carol christmas movie

6. Chasing Christmas (2005)

This movie is a re-telling of the “A Christmas Carol” novel by Charles Dicken in 1984. The story revolves around past, future, and present ghosts who teach Jack the real spirit of Christmas. Actually, Jack hates the Christmas holiday, so you have to watch this comedy movie to discover why.


chasing christmas movie

7. Home Alone (1990)

If you are looking for a hilarious old Christmas movie, Home Alone sounds perfect. It’s about an eight-year-old boy who accidentally left home alone during the Christmas season. He found himself in charge of the house but later handled the thieves entering his house on Christmas Eve.


home alone christmas movie

8. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Are you also a Santa Claus believer? This movie is also set around finding this truth when a little girl rushes into a man claiming Santa. For the best screenwriting and original story, this film won three Academy Awards.


miracle on 34 street christmas movie

9. A Bride for Christmas (2012)

As the name suggests, this movie shows a bride ready to marry near Christmas, but the story is heartfelt. Jessie, who is heartbroken by her three disastrous engagements, gets a man who she thinks truly loves her. In reality, the single man is trying to win the bet with his friends by getting married.


a bride for christmas movie

10. An American Christmas Carol (1979)

Among the original Christmas classics, this movie has a separate fan base. Like other movies written by Charles Dickens, this one is also based on relationships, transformation, and social injustice. The story revolves around a businessman who makes life miserable for people around him until Christmas Eve.


an american christmas carol christmas movie

11. The Year Without a Santa Claus (2006)

Unfortunately, kids of this generation are forgetting the real meaning of holidays. So, this movie shows the disappointment of Santa Claus, who decides to take a year off until the kids realize his presence. You must watch the movie to discover if Santa returned to deliver presents.


the year without santa claus movie

12. The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)

This movie perfectly combines biography, drama, and comedy to watch this Christmas. It was written after the three flop novels of Charles Dickens and based on true inspiration. The Christmas festive is redefined in this movie from a historical perspective.


the man who invented christmas movie

13. Mrs. Santa Claus (1996)

Santa Claus gets so busy caring for your happiness that he ignores his wife during the Christmas holidays. So this movie is based on Mrs. Santa, who feels ignored by her husband. It’s a comedy movie where Mrs. Santa leaves the North Pole and gets a job in 1900s New York.


mrs santa claus christmas movie

14. Christmas on Division Street (1991)

Searching for the best classic Christmas movies, you can watch this one. It’s a comedy family movie where a short-tempered student befriends a homeless man. This story shows the true Christmas spirit of an 80-year-old street bum and a 14-year-old upper-class boy in downtown Philadelphia.


christmas on division street christmas movie

15. A Christmas Snow (2010)

Another story based on hating Christmas is highlighted in this movie. The main character, Kathleen, refuses to celebrate Christmas since his father abandoned her family 30 years ago. Watch the movie to find out if she let go of the grudges or which circumstance caused her to do that.


a christmas snow christmas movie

Part 2. How to Download Classic Christmas Movies for Offline Watching

After picking one of the Christmas Classics, it is time to enjoy the holiday season with loved ones. For this, downloading movies in advance is a great idea to watch them smoothly. The question arises of how to download them because it's pretty difficult. Not more with Hitpaw Video Converter, a definitive solution to downloading Christmas movies.

  • Download classic movies from popular website like YouTube, Netflix
  • Download classic movies in various formats for playing on any device
  • Download Movies with high quality in 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc.
  • Built-in video editing solutions to edit movies based on your needs
  • 120X faster speed makes movie downloading process seem a piece of cake

Using this AI platform, you need to do nothing except paste the link to the movie. Let's start this process and download the best classic Christmas movies to your devices:

  • Step 1: Download, install, and run Hitpaw Video Converter. Click the Download tab from the home screen. Open the platform and copy the URL of the movie you want to download.

    good classic christmas movie
  • Step 2: Go to Hitpaw Download tab and tap the paste URL option to automatically paste the link.

     good classic christmas movies
  • Step 3:Hitpaw will analyze the link and show information about video and audio. You can select video format and resolution for your movie.

    classic christmas films
  • Step 4:Tap the Download option to download the video. The downloaded video can be accessed from the Finished tab.

    best classic christmas movies

The old Christmas movies were filmed with outdated equipment compared with today's technology. That's why they seem blurry and low in quality, which might annoy today's generations. What if you can upscale them after downloading? Yes, it is possible with HitPaw Video Enhancer. It is an AI-powered platform that can enhance the resolution of movies with automation.


As discussed, the holiday season can pass by watching the relaxing and nostalgic Christmas classics. That's why this article has assembled some top picks from classic Christmas movies filled with fun. Moreover, there you have find Hitpaw Video Converter to download or edit Christmas movies. To further streamline your movie plan, you can even upscale classic movies with HitPaw Video Enhancer, as explained in this article.

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