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Guide to Know Where to Watch Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama

In the mood for a lighthearted Chinese drama with a touch of rom-com? Then "Got a Crush on You" (also known as "听说你喜欢我" - Shuo Ting Ni Xi Huan Wo) might be just what you're looking for! This 2023 drama follows the story of Song Xing Chen, a successful doctor who decides to ditch the rat race and pursue her own path. Here's your guide to finding out where you can watch it:

Part 1: What is Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama?

1. What is Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama About

"Got a Crush on You" is a Chinese drama that revolves around the lives of young individuals navigating the complexities of love, friendship, and personal growth. Set in a contemporary urban environment, the series follows the intertwining stories of several characters as they grapple with their feelings and relationships. At its core, the drama explores the various forms and stages of romantic attraction, from innocent crushes to deeper connections. It delves into the challenges and joys of pursuing love, often portraying the ups and downs of modern romance with authenticity and relatability.

Throughout the series, viewers witness the characters' journeys of self-discovery and emotional growth as they confront their insecurities, face life's obstacles, and ultimately learn valuable lessons about love and relationships. With its engaging storyline, heartfelt moments, and relatable characters, "Got a Crush on You" offers a touching and entertaining portrayal of the complexities of the human heart.

2. Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama Cast

The Chinese drama "Got a Crush on You" (2023) features a charming cast that brings the rom-com story to life:

  • Gülnezer Bextiyar(古力娜扎) as Song Xing Chen, a skilled doctor who decides to chase her dreams.
  • Xu Kai Cheng(徐开骋) as Qin Yu Fei, a cold and aloof celebrity who harbors a secret crush.

Here's a look at some other supporting actors:

  • Fu Xin Bo(付辛博) as Ning Wei Jin, a rival doctor with a hidden agenda.
  • Zhang He(张赫) as Zhou Jun Wei, Song Xing Chen's supportive best friend.

Part 2: Where Can You Watch Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a popular video-sharing platform where users can discover, watch, and share videos across various genres, including entertainment, music, and drama.

watch got a crush on you chinese drama on dailymotion
  • Visit the Dailymotion website.
  • Use the search bar to look for "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama.
  • Browse through the search results to find the full episodes of the drama.
  • Click on the desired video to start watching "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama on Dailymotion.

2. Reelshort

Reelshort is a platform that specializes in short films, web series, and independent productions. It may feature "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama among its collection of content.

watch got a crush on you chinese drama on reelshort
  • Go to the Reelshort website.
  • Use the search function or browse through categories to locate "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama.
  • Click on the series to access its page.
  • If the drama is available, select the episode you want to watch and enjoy streaming on Reelshort.

3. iQIYI

iQIYI is a leading online video platform in China that offers many Chinese dramas with English subtitles. It is known for providing high-quality content and may feature "Got a Crush on You" among its offerings.

  • Visit the iQIYI website or download the app from your app store.
  • Sign up for an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Use the search function to find "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama.
  • Select the series and start watching full episodes with English subtitles on iQIYI.

Part 3: How to Download Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama to Watch Offline

Indulge in the convenience and freedom of offline viewing with the groundbreaking HitPaw Video Converter, unlocking a world of possibilities for enjoying "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama at your leisure. This state-of-the-art tool empowers you to effortlessly download and savor your favorite episodes with unparalleled ease and precision.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Using URL-only access, you can easily download "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama videos from 10,000+ popular sites, including Reelshort.
  • Enjoy offline viewing of videos without ads, ensuring a superior viewing experience.
  • Save subtitles along with the video for a complete viewing experience, allowing you to follow the dialogue accurately.
  • Experience lightning-fast download speeds up to 120x faster, saving you time and hassle.
  • Benefit from batch download support for efficient downloading of multiple videos, enhancing your productivity.
  • Utilize the built-in video editor for seamless post-download editing, adding your personal touch to the content.

How to download got a Crush on You Chinese Drama videos via the HitPaw Video Converter?

  • Step 1:On your Mac or PC, install and launch HitPaw Video Converter.

  • Step 2:Play the desired video by going to the website that is hosting it and copy the url address of the video.

    copy the url address
  • Step 3:Visit HitPaw Video Converter once more and go to the Download area. Select "Paste URL" to initiate an automatic link analysis and display of the video's metadata. Select the video format of your choice.

    select the video format
  • Step 4:To start the website's download to your computer, click the Download button.

  • Step 5:Locate your video in the Converted tab after it has finished downloading. You can use any media player of your choice or the built-in player on your computer to watch it.

    click the Download button

Watch the following video to learn more details:


Q1. How many episodes in Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama?

A1. The number of episodes in "Got a Crush on You" Chinese drama can vary depending on the specific series and production. Typically, Chinese dramas consist of a range of episodes, commonly between 20 to 50 episodes. However, it's essential to check the specific drama you're interested in to determine its episode count, as it can vary based on the storyline, production decisions, and other factors.

Q2. Is Got a Crush on You Chinese Drama worth watching?

A2. Deciding whether "Got a Crush on You" Chinese Drama is worth watching hinges on several factors that cater to individual preferences. Firstly, the storyline plays a crucial role; if you appreciate narratives centered around romance, friendship dynamics, and personal growth, this series might captivate you.
Secondly, the quality of acting can greatly influence your viewing experience; assessing reviews or previews can help determine if the performances resonate with you. Thirdly, evaluating the production quality, including cinematography and set design, can provide insights into the overall immersive experience.

In Conclusion

This post provides comprehensive insights into the "Got a Crush on You" Chinese Drama, covering its storyline, factors to consider its worthiness, and how to access it across multiple platforms. Whether you're drawn to its romantic themes, intrigued by its storyline, or seeking a high-quality viewing experience, this post has highlighted essential aspects to guide your decision.

Furthermore, for those eager to download "Got a Crush on You" episodes efficiently, the HitPaw Video Converter emerges as a top recommendation. With its user-friendly interface, support for batch downloading, and compatibility with Reelshort, HitPaw offers a seamless solution to enjoy the drama offline. Embark on your journey with "Got a Crush on You" Chinese Drama and elevate your viewing experience with HitPaw Video Converter.

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