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AV1 vs HEVC - Comparison Between Two Video Codec

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-06-06

Since 4K and 8K, high-definition content has become famous. Many people are considering using the 4K or 8K video; video codecs are here to offer lower bandwidth costs and better video quality.

The two most significant codecs are none other than HEVC and AV1. Thus, comparing AV1 VS HEVC makes sense as the winner of this debate can help you store and play the fascinating ultra-high definition videos. A better video codec can take care of compression efficiency, compatibility, and computational performance.

This article will compare AV1 and HEVC and tell you about the better option.

Part 1: What Are the AV1 And HEVC?

What is AV1?

AV1 is nothing but a video format for Windows computers. This file tends to get saved in multimedia format, and that multimedia container format is supposed to store video and audio using the codecs including Xvid and DivX.

Since the AV1 file uses less compression to preserve the files, it takes more memory space than MOV and MPEG.

You can also create AV1 files without compression at all. It makes your files lossless, meaning the size of every one-minute file will be 2/3 GB.

It also enables you to decompress the video. The term ''codec'' is taken for decoder and encoder, and it tells you about the hardware or software used to decode or encode data.

What is HEVC?

After discussing ''what is AVI '', let us talk about the HEVC file. It is a new type of video compression that comes with better performance and quality than previously used standards. In this format, a source video tends to get compressed via an HEVC encoder.

After creating and storing the Bitstream, it decodes it into frames' sequence via video decoder. The best thing about HEVC is that it comes with both smaller and bigger sizes of files.

However, HEVC relies on hardware acceleration, and that's why you can't play the videos on older devices released before the HEVC format became the current standard.

Both HEVC and AV1 are closely related, and we'll discuss AV1 VS HEVC in the next phase.

Part 2: AV1 vs. HEVC

There are significant differences between AV1 and HEVC, and we've listed the AV1 VS HEVC below.

1. Compression Ratio

HEVC offers about 34 % lower compression than AV1. In short, you can say that AVI has more bite rate and possesses two times higher coding efficiency than HEVC. A higher compression ratio means you can reduce video file size, and that's why many people opt to use AVI.

2. Video Quality

If you're to determine the video quality, you need to consider the frame rate of that video. HEVC format cokes two tiers, meaning the maximum frame rate it comes up with is 300 FPS. The second one is a normal yet primary one, and it carries a frame rate of 60 FPS.

Meanwhile, AV1 offers the most used frame rate of 25 FPS. The second aspect of assessing the quality of a video is resolution.

Hence, HEVC supports 8192 X 4320 resolution, and AVI comes with the ability to store 7680 X 4320 resolution video.

3. File Size

Although File size doesn't tell you about the parameter of any codec, it helps you understand the main difference between the two codecs.

The file size tends to rely on frame rate, compression ratio, and bit rate. Hence, you can conclude that the AVI file is smaller than the HEVC video file. The length and resolution of the AVI file are also smaller than the HEVC video file.

Part 3: AV1 vs. H265

H265 is considered a successor to H. 264, and you'd be pretty surprised after knowing that HEVC and H265 are two similar things. There is no harm in telling you about the differences between AV1 and H265.


  • AV1 uses WebM and Google Developed WebM, meaning it offers high quality. In addition, this format is designed for WebRTC and HTML5 web videos.
  • AV1 will be the future 4K codec format with 30 to 40 % more bandwidth than its counterpart. Moreover, Netflix and YouTube might start using the AVI format for fast 8K or 4K video and VR content streaming.
  • AV1 comes with lesser decode complexity than HEVC decode. You might get a compatibility issue with AV1 as it comes with limited compatibility.


  • H265 tends to use MKV and MPEG MP4 container formats. Presently, 4K monitors, Ultra HD 4K/8K TVs, and other software and hardware support H. 265 codecs. Moreover, H.256 is designed to run 8K/4K/2K videos effectively.
  • H. 256 format has a more demanding, advanced, and powerful encoding algorithm.
  • You won't see any compatibility issues in H. 265 as new-generation devices, hardware, software, and operating systems tend to use H.265

After reading about AV1 VS H265, you'll be able to know about the better option for you.

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what is av1


AV1 offers higher compression rates than HEVC, meaning you can reduce the AVI file size. When you reduce the file, the resolution and frame rate also decreases automatically.

Hence, if you're to store videos in a smaller size, AV1 will be a good option. However, if you aim to keep ultra-high quality 4K and 8K videos, going for HEVC is a good option.

On the other hand, if you want to convert the videos into different video formats, you might take the services of HitPaw Video Converter, as it can help you transform the videos within a few simple clicks.

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