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Beautiful piece of software for enhancing images!

“Beautiful peice of software, we are using to enhance hundreds of AI images to artwork and HitPaw has really hit the spot with regards to the quality. I love that you can also upscale 100's of % and it still keeps the quality super clear! Definitely recommend.”

Sam Smithson 2024-01-24

A Revolutionary Experience with HitPaw Photo AI on MAC and PC

“Ever since I discovered HitPaw Photo AI, I've been absolutely astounded. I use it on both my MAC and PC, and the experience has been phenomenal. Each update brings amazing improvements that exceed my expectations. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, perfect for both beginners and professionals. The AI technology transforms my photos and videos with unmatched clarity and quality. Plus, the customer support is fast and friendly, always ready to assist. HitPaw doesn't just enhance my images; it enriches my creative work, significantly cutting down editing time. I'm more than satisfied and excited for future updates!”

Minor Cortes Chinchilla 2024-01-22

I tried to use some super

“I tried to use some super low-resolution photos (1MB) and it enhanced the photo which was big enough for 3m window sticker production! Amazing”

Dickson Chan 2024-01-22

A pleasure to use!

“The software has restored photos for me in a manner better and faster than any manual software I have used including GIMP and Photoshop. A pleasure to use. The appearance of unsavory hallucinations is rare.”

Van Cox 2024-01-22

Amazing piece of software

“Amazing piece of software, no technical skill required to enhance my photos, and extremely fast rendering, highly recommend!”

Mark 2024-01-22

Absolutely love this app

“Absolutely love this app! The photo enhancements are outstanding. It's user-friendly and offers powerful tools. Turned my ordinary photos into stunning ones effortlessly. A must-have for all designers. 5 stars!”

Ting Sing Choon 2024-01-22

The Best AI Tools

“Great products that rival far more expensive competitors and even include features you can't find anywhere else! Highly recommended. I've used the AI Photo and AI Video Enhancer tools, and I look forward to seeing what else HitPaw will release.”

Cubbue 2024-01-18

Best hands down

“After experimenting with several photo enhancing programs HitPaw by far out performed everyone of them. The sharpness feature is amazing. Customer service is quick to reply to your problems. I cannot say enough about this program. We restore old photographs and with HitPaw the results are wonderful. Thank you.”

Cathy Martin 2024-01-18

Powerful and precise

“I really love HitPaw Photo. I use it daily. It works excellent and the results are the best. I highly recommend it.”

DDmanWLKiNG 2024-01-18

I am amazed with the power and accuracy…

“I am amazed with the power and accuracy of this software it has helped me recover & restore photos I thought were beyond correction. Excellent Software”

Mark Richards 2024-01-15

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