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Reviews 306 Great

Effective enhancer

“Its 3 AI modes are super useful! I can easily use the perfect models to enhance my pictures as clearly as it's described in the interface. What an effective photo enhancer!”

Noah 2022-03-30

Little surprise in my life

“It impressed me after I used it for the first time. I fix my photo with only seconds. No quality loss as well.”

Leo 2022-03-22

Superb photo enhancer

“I was just having a try on this photo enhancer, but I didn't expect such amazing results from it. Its batching enhancement is fast and quick. 3 AI models are capable to enhance all kinds of photos”

Ben 2022-03-15

Great enhancer

“This great enhancer helps me a lot. I'm very impressed by its 3 AI models, especially the human one. Through it took one to two minutes, it did made my old photos back to life!”

Eva 2022-03-07

Fix my photo and old time

“This tool is simply amazing. I successfully repaired a photo taken a long time ago, the effect is not bad, I am very grateful.”

Tina 2022-02-28

Easy and handy

“It is easy to enhance excellent quality picture in a short time. After I found out it also has batch enhance function, now I'm enhancing all my old photos now!”

Emma 2022-02-23

3 models available for fixing your pictures.

“If you are looking for ways to transform a low-quality or blurry image to quality high resolution, you shouldn’t miss HitPaw Photo Enhancer. HitPaw Photo Enhancer is an AI image enhancer that only requires one click to enhance image quality and resolution and make pictures less blurry. Also, this software has 3 modes to cope with specific photos: General model for landscape, Denoise model for cartoon characters, and face model for human faces.”

Ben 2022-02-14

Love this Enhancer

“HitPaw Photo Enhancer is the best AI image enhancer I ever used. All photos I put is perfectly fixed. There're 3 modes in it and I often use face model to repair blurry photos”

Eva 2022-02-08

Impressive Easy Enhancer

“With only a click and make my pictures to brand new. Impressive. I would recommend to my friends if they want to renew their images.”

Travis 2022-01-20

powerful AI feature

“This is newly updated with hot AI features. With just one click, it can enhance my image automatically. Oh, it can really enhance my portrait image, which makes me look younger after enhancing. It is truly impressed me. I introduced it to my best friend just now, hope she can get her ideal image as well.”

Leon Radzim 2022-01-17

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