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Full Guide on How to Delete Stickers and Emojis on Snapchat

Snapchat stickers enables you can create unique personalized stickers to make your photos/videos more attractive. But what happens if you have added a sticker that you did not want or you want to delete Snapchat stickers from someone else's picture/video? This article talks about different instances and use cases where you can delete Snapchat stickers from snaps. Read below to know more about this.

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How to remove Snapchat stickers from someone else's picture? Free download HitPaw Watermark Remover and it can automatically delete stickers on Snapchat with built-in AI and deep learning techniques.

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Part 1. How to Delete Snapchat Stickers from Current Snap?

Add the sticker to check whether a substitute sticker is present or not? You might noticed that the sticker hides a lot of the video or photograph and hence decided to remove it. Just follow the below steps to know how to erase Snapchat stickers. Before following the steps, keep in mind that this method only helps in removing a sticker from the current snap.

  • 1.Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android phone and access your Snap. Tap and hold your finger down on the sticker that you wish to remove.

  • 2.Drag the sticker around the screen until you see all the options surrounding it vanish and a trashcan logo is shown at the right of your screen or on the screen at the bottom.

  • 3.To remove any added filters, simply swipe left or right on the snap, till you reach the 'no filter' option.

  • 4.Once done, release your finger from the screen. The sticker must be deleted disappear, indicating you have successfully known how to delete Snap stickers.

    how to delete snap stickers

This is how to delete a sticker on Snapchat. There is no restriction to how many sticker removals you can make. If you added a sticker to a snap, you can always remove it by following the exact same steps every time mentioned above.

Part 2. How to Remove Filters and Stickers from Old Saved Snaps?

Now that you have learned to remove emojis from Snapchat screenshots of the current snaps. Snaps saved over the years to your memories can also be edited to delete stickers and filters. If you are snaps are saved to memories and are accessible from your Memories folder, they can be edited. All you have to do is follow the below steps to know how do you delete stickers on Snapchat.

  • 1.To begin with, launch the Snapchat app and go to Memories section.

  • 2.Next, tap on the snap from which you wish to remove emojis from Snapchat.

  • 3.Next, tap on the three-dot icon that is shown on your screen on the top. Now, click on the Edit Snap option from the list shown on the screen.

    how to delete a sticker on snapchat
  • 4.From here, hold the sticker which you wish to remove and drag it right towards the trash bin icon.

    remove emojis from snapchat screenshots
  • 5.Repeat the above step until you delete all stickers on Snapchat at once. Make sure to save the pic by clicking on the Done option before leaving it. Lastly, save the picture Save as Copy in your device.

This process hopefully helps in answering your “can you delete stickers on Snapchat” question. In the same manner, users can add other filters and stickers as well.

Part 3. How to Delete Snapchat Stickers from Someone Else's Picture/Video

We just had a look at how to delete stickers Snapchat from within the app. What if you wish to delete snap stickers from someone else's picture or video. At such time you will need a dedicated snap sticker remover like HitPaw Watermark Remover that can be used to remove Snapchat stickers from another users' picture or video.

  • AI tech to automatically detect and delete the snap stickers
  • Remove stickers from Snap photos as well as videos
  • Remove emojis from pictures/video without affecting background
  • Erase snap stickers and retouch the background with surrounding pixels
  • Not only filters, but also remove different objects, people, logos, and watermark
  • Easiest and quickest way for both beginners and professionals to remove stickers

Follow the below steps to know to use this Snapchat emoji remover to remove Snapchat stickers from another users' picture or video.

  • Step 1.Download, install, and launch HitPaw Watermark Remover on your PC. Tap to import the saved snap picture or video.

    how do you delete stickers on snapchat
  • Step 2.Choose the sticker with the help of the most suitable selection tool (such as the Polygonal Lasso Tool or Marquee Tool). Normally, the AI Model is selected by default.

    how to delete stickers snapchat
  • Step 3.Tap the Preview option and the tool will begin to remove Snapchat stickers from pictures with AI automatically.

    how to delete all stickers on snapchat at once
  • Step 4.If you are satisfied with the removal, tap the Export option to save it.

    how to delete all stickers on snapchat at once


All in all, you just had a look at different methods to permanently delete the sticker from your Snapchat photos and videos. If you want to remove stickers from a saved snap, you should resort to some designed sticker removers. You can easily remove Snapchat stickers from another users' picture or video with the help of HitPaw Watermark Remover.

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