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12 Best Manga Sites to Read Manga Online for Free in 2024

As the popularity of Japanese comics (anime) has soared over the years, its graphic novel counterpart, manga, has also experienced a surge in interest. For enthusiasts on a budget, there's a wealth of fantastic online manga platforms where you can indulge in your favorite titles digitally—and legally. Below are some top-notch manga sites that offer a diverse range of manga series, from well-known classics to hidden gems, all accessible through high-quality scans.

Part 1. What is manga?

Manga are Japanese comic books and graphic novels known for their unique art style and diverse storytelling. They cover a wide range of genres and are read from right to left. Manga is a significant part of Japanese culture and has gained popularity worldwide for its captivating stories and characters.

Manga is read from right to left, in accordance with traditional Japanese writing, and often serialized in magazines before being compiled into bound volumes called tankobon. It's a significant aspect of Japanese popular culture and has gained international popularity, influencing artists and storytellers worldwide.

Part 2. Free Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

Manga often explores complex themes and narratives, catering to diverse audiences and encompassing a broad spectrum of storytelling techniques.


BATO offers a sleek layout for easy navigation and a vast collection of manga across various genres like science fiction, sports, action, and romance drama. As an open-source project, users can contribute content, enhancing the library. With frequent updates and a discussion forum, it's a top choice for manga enthusiasts to stay connected and explore new titles.

free manga sites

2. Manga Doom

Manga Doom earns its place among the top manga websites with its expansive database constantly updating with new chapters. Despite offering premium content, the site remains free, supported by advertising. Its simple layout features a convenient search bar, while creating an account enables interaction with fellow manga enthusiasts worldwide.

free manga site

3. Niadd

Niadd stands out for its efficient design, offering a compact homepage and an extensive selection of free manga without intrusive ads. The "Surprise" button adds an element of fun by suggesting new titles to explore. With categorized genres, direct links to the latest releases, and a user-friendly search feature, Niadd ranks among the top manga websites for its user-focused experience.

free manga reading sites

4. Manga Kakalot

For those seeking variety, Manga Kakalot boasts an extensive collection spanning 40 genres, from popular hits to niche series. Each manga chapter is conveniently presented on a single webpage, with customizable reading options for enhanced accessibility.

free manga reading site

5. Crunchyroll

Renowned primarily for its anime streaming service, Crunchyroll also caters to manga aficionados. The site hosts numerous free manga titles, with an option to upgrade to Crunchyroll Premium for an ad-free experience and access to additional content, including simulpubs.

best free manga sites

6. Comic Walker

A prominent manga site in Japan, Comic Walker offers an English interface for international readers. Featuring popular series and regular updates, the platform allows readers to delve into detailed information about each manga and explore related content.

best free manga site

7. Manga Owl

With over 100 genres to explore, Manga Owl offers a vast selection catering to diverse tastes. From beloved classics like Naruto and One Piece to niche titles, the site is a treasure trove for manga enthusiasts, with features like user collections and community engagement.

free manga site

8. MangaFreak

MangaFreak offers free online manga reading across diverse genres like action, romance, mystery, and fantasy. With its user-friendly interface, the site provides an immersive reading experience, catering to manga enthusiasts of all levels.

free manga sites

9. KissManga

KissManga stands out as a reliable source for free digital manga, boasting a vast catalog and user-friendly interface. Readers can easily navigate through popular, trending, and specific manga titles, with high-quality scans and comprehensive series information.

manga free sites

10. Book Walker

Sister site to Comic Walker, Book Walker offers a mix of paid and free manga titles in e-book format. With frequent updates and discounts on purchases, it's an ideal destination for manga enthusiasts looking to expand their digital library.

manga free site

11. Readm.org

With its clean layout and extensive genre options, Readm.org simplifies manga discovery for readers. Features like advanced search, subscription alerts, and community interaction enhance the reading experience, making it a go-to destination for manga enthusiasts.

manga reading sites free

12. MangaFox (FanFox)

MangaFox, also known as FanFox, offers a diverse collection of manga genres, complemented by user-friendly navigation and interactive features like manga rankings based on reader feedback and reviews.

manga sites free

13. MangaHere

Similar to MangaFox, MangaHere provides a wide array of manga genres and recommendations, with a focus on user engagement through features like manga spoilers and new release highlights.

manga free sites

14. MangaDex

Renowned for its extensive library and user-friendly interface, MangaDex offers a rich reading experience for manga and Manhwa enthusiasts. Whether as a guest or registered member, readers can enjoy features like random recommendations and community interaction.

manga free site

15. MangaPark

Despite its simplistic interface, MangaPark boasts a vast collection of manga titles searchable by various criteria, including author names and popularity. The platform's customizable themes add an extra layer of immersion to the reading experience, catering to diverse preferences.

read free manga sites

Bonus Tips: Download Crunchyroll Anime and Manga for Offline Playback

Crunchyroll, renowned for its streaming services of anime and manga, has one significant limitation: you can't download videos to watch later without an internet connection. Fortunately, HitPaw Video Converter software comes to the rescue. Powered by AI, it enables downloads from over 10,000 websites, including Crunchyroll. The key benefit of using HitPaw Video Converter is offline viewing of your favorite Crunchyroll shows. This means you can build a collection of serials and movies to watch anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.

  • Download full anime episodes and movies in high quality from Crunchyroll.
  • Convert downloaded videos to friendly formats like MP4 for playback on any device.
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  • Extract anime audio for offline listening.
  • Batch download multiple titles simultaneously.
  • Step 1:Get the HitPaw Video Converter on your computer. Open the program and click the "Crunchyroll Downloader" feature.

    read free manga site
  • Step 2:Sign into your Crunchyroll account in HitPaw Video Converter to access your complete library. This ensures the best quality downloads

    manga sites for free
  • Step 3:Navigate Crunchyroll to find the anime you want. When on the anime's page, click the "Download" button in HitPaw Video Converter.

    manga site for free
  • Step 4:Choose specific seasons or episodes to download. Select output settings like MP4 format, resolution up to 1080p, audio track, and subtitles.

    free online manga sites
  • Step 5:Click "Download" to initiate the saving process. You're ready to enjoy your favorite Crunchyroll anime offline, anywhere, anytime!

    free online manga site


With these stellar manga sites at your fingertips, diving into the world of digital manga has never been easier or more enjoyable. If you want to download Crunchyroll Anime and manga for offline viewing, HitPaw Video Converter comes in very handy. It enables downloading Crunchyroll videos to be watched anywhere without an internet connection.

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