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Top 6 Methods for Converting FLAC to MP3 in 2024

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-02-06

FLAC, or Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a very popular audio format that allows video compression. However, FLAC format is heavier, and takes up six times the storage as of the MP3 format.

So, if you have an audio file in the FLAC format, and wish to convert FLAC to MP3, what do you do? In this article, we bring the best options handpicked for you from the internet that can help you convert audios from one format to another in seconds! Stay tuned.

Part 1. Use HitPaw - the Fastest FLAC to MP3 Converter on Windows/Mac

When talking about video converters and editors, we clearly have one winner. Videographers and audio producers alike love everything about HitPaw, because it is just that awesome! Not only is it the fastest and safest way to convert videos, but also as easy as ABC. Anybody can use it, it has no annoying ads, is 100% secure, and a MUST for everyone from big firms to simple freelancers and individuals.

use hitpaw to flac to mp3
  • Convert in 1000+ formats including FLAC to MP3 90X faster
  • Download in bulk at ultrafast speed
  • Lossless conversion
  • Allows converting 5000 files at once
  • Built in editor
  • 24-hour tech support

All these features (plus so many more), make HitPaw Video Converter an absolute favourite among people who deal with a lot of audios and videos on a regular basis. If you’re wondering how to convert FLAC files to MP3 using HitPaw, we’re going through that tool!

Step 01 Download HitPaw Video Converter freely by click the button below

Step 02 Open HitPaw Video Converter and add files

use hitpaw video converter to flac to mp3

Step 03 Select an output format (MP3 here) by clicking the triangle

use hitpaw to convert flac to mp3

Step 04 Click Convert to start and wait for seconds

hitpaw is a flac to mp3 converter

You can now edit the converted video or enjoy as it is, without watermarks, ads, and wasting time.

Part 2. If You Have - Try Converting FLAC to MP3 with VLC

When thinking of free software to convert FLAC to any other format, people often think of iTunes in a heartbeat. However, iTunes doesn’t support the FLAC format either! So, if you already have the infamous VLC player on your PC, it will do the trick for you! Read along and see how to use VLC as FLAC to MP3 free converter online.

  1. Open VLC
  2. Go to media and choose Convert (or click Ctrl + R)
  3. Add your audio and click on convert/save

  4. use vlc to convert flac to mp3
  5. Choose MP3 in the drop-down menu

  6. vlc is a flac to mp3 converter
  7. Click on Start after entering the location of destination

VLC is a great free tool to use to convert FLAC to MP3, but it doesn’t let you alter the bitrate, which is automatically set at 128 bpm. Additionally, only one video can be converted at once.

Part 3. Another Option- Audacity Helps to Convert FLAC to MP3

When it comes to converting FLAC to MP3, we also have Audacity as a popular tool among audiographers. Not only does it allow you to edit your audios in a hundred different ways, but also lets you convert audios in other formats. Let’s see how to use this FLAC to MP3 converter.

  1. Open audacity
  2. Click on Audacity>Preferences
  3. Choose libraries and add FLAC files

  4. use audacity to flac to mp3
  5. Click on File> Export and click on export as MP3

  6. use audacity to convert flac to mp3

In these steps, you can convert FLAC to MP3 using audacity. However, the learning curve of this tool is pretty steep. It is not easy to use and not worth learning if you don’t have to spend much time around audios. For an MP3 converter to FLAC, the tool is a little more complicated.

Part 4. 3 Online FLAC to MP3 Converters Available for You

Let us now look at the online converters you can use to convert WMA files to FLAC or FLAC to MP3.

HitPaw Online Video Converter

Who said you need to install HitPaw to use it? You can also use this wonderful tool using your browser! No storage problem, no commitment. Free and safe way to convert FLAC to MP3.

use hitpaw online to convert flac to mp3
  1. Open on your browser
  2. Go to convert video now
  3. Drag and drop or browse your file
  4. Select the format
  5. Save!

It’s a child’s play! So easy and free of cost, without ads and just so awesome. HitPaw is definitely the best free FLAC to MP3 converter.

Online Audio Converter

Another tool is online video converter. It is also easy to use, although the interface is a little outdated. Plus, the tool has many ads which may be annoying for some users. You can choose the quality, among 8 formats, and convert audios with ease.

use hitpaw online to convert flac to mp3


Zamzar is another powerful tool you can use to convert audios to MP3. The best part is that you can either upload a downloaded version or directly add the URL you wish to import the video from. Then choose MP3 and convert to get your audio!

use zamzar to convert flac to mp3


Everybody likes speed and ease when it comes to converting files from one format to another. This is especially true if you have many to deal with and less time to do so. HitPaw Video Converter is by far the best and favourite tool to convert FLAC to MP3, convert WMA files to FLAC, and perform many more actions. The next time we’re stuck with a boring format, we know where to go!

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