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Best eBooks and Audiobooks Torrenting Sites in 2024

If you are looking for audiobook torrenting sites to download eBooks, this is the correct place. For users who prefer reading books in digital format, eBook is a boon for them and can be easily accessed via torrent sites. eBooks have created a strong presence since the last decade due to their shareable content, unlimited storage, cost-efficient characteristics, and cross-platform access. With the rising digitized era, hard copies of books have become an outdated thing. Hence, here are some of the best audiobook torrent sites that can help you get the best eBooks easily. Keep reading to know more.

Part 1. Best Torrent Sites to Download Audiobooks and eBooks

Torrent sites offer a vast collection of audiobooks and eBooks that you can download for free. These sites host a wide range of titles, from classics to bestsellers, making them a great resource for book lovers. However, it's essential to use these sites responsibly and check the copyright laws in your country. Additionally, always use a reliable VPN to protect your privacy and security while torrenting. Below are some of the best torrent sites for downloading audiobooks and eBooks.

1. 1337X

1337x has emerged as a worthy audiobook torrent site in the last few years. This site contains mostly latest content and is known for security, reliability, and accessibility. Owing to its popularity, the platform's torrents are normally well-seeded, which indicates that torrents downloaded from this site are often faster as compared to from sites with weak trackers. Overall, this is a great place to visit for downloading eBooks.

audiobook torrenting sites

2. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the popular audiobook torrenting sites Reddit. There are millions of digitized texts, comprising books with unexpired copyrights. It is easy to find books that interests you directly from the homepage. Also, books are given visibility and well prioritized. The database is mostly filled with vintage and collectible books.

audiobook torrent sites

3. The Pirate Bay

If you are looking for one of the torrent sites audiobooks with huge library of eBooks, then The Pirate Bay is your option. It has the huge collection of eBooks and users must choose this one of the worthy sites to find their desired eBook easily. If your torrent download is sluggish, users can also add more torrent trackers to their torrent client like qbittorrent or uTorrent to boost download speed. The Pirate Bay has previously known for being one of our top Torrent Search Engines. When it comes to eBooks, the site offers a range of textbooks for university students. Users can navigate to the eBooks section to find the popular torrent files of eBooks or search using the title of the book.

audiobook torrent site

4. Wikibooks

One of the best audiobook torrent sites, this books torrent platform has a huge database of eBooks available in Deutsch, Hindi, English, Italiano, Portugues, and five more languages. Wikibooks has a simple UI and searching eBooks is very simple. To download book torrent from Wikibooks, just choose your preferred language and look for the book that you wish to download.

audiobook torrenting sites reddit

5. MyAnonaMouse (MAM)

MyAnonaMouse is another one of the best audiobook torrenting sites dedicated to offering users with free audiobooks and eBooks. It has legal comics, books, magazines, and music in its library of more than 60,000 torrents. Like most renowned private trackers, this site has an interview process that users have to pass to admit to the site. Users can find available interview time slots on the homepage. Luckily, the site is more lenient during interviews as compared to other trackers.

torrent sites audiobooks

6. Free-ebooks.net

This site is exclusively for eBooks and a popular audiobook torrenting site. There is an option to download books in a PDF format and even the ability to view the platform in Portuguese and Spanish indicating that it caters to more of a worldwide demographic. It displays featured eBooks on the main page so users will have a series array of suggestions if they are confused about what to read. The site is one of the reliable website for reading free eBooks.

best audiobook torrent sites

7. KickassTorrents (KAT)

One of the well-liked eBook torrenting sites, the home page of this site has more data as compared to any other option. It shows the latest torrents of popular search categories. Users can see the torrent's size, who has uploaded the torrent, how long it has been uploaded, and how many seeds it has. The audiobook section is grouped under the category Other. Users can hover their mouse over Popular, Browse, or Top on the top navigation bar, click Other to check the torrent results, and tap the Audiobook category to view all the audiobook torrents.

best audiobook torrenting sites

8. Planet eBook

Even though it is a eBook torrent sites, the books there are free and users can download works of famous authors, including Fyodor Dostoevsky and Charles Dickens. The file formats are user-friendly for PC, mobile, and Kindle devices. It is also worth noting that the site only shares eBooks that are out of copyright, meaning users do not need to be concerned about accidentally downloading copyrighted material. Just because it is not a eBook torrent site does not necessarily mean your online activity is safe. We suggest you to be cautious while visiting any site.

audiobook torrenting site

9. Anna's Archive

One of the best torrent sites for eBooks, Anna's Archive is relatively new and it has dedicated sections for audiobooks, eBooks, and articles. Moreover, Anna's Archive is also a perfect option most of the options in the list. The visually clean UI of this site makes it simpler to search eBooks. To download eBook from here, users can search using the author name, title, or ISBN. Also, the site provides multiple mirrors to download eBooks for every book on the website. Therefore, users can use the mirror that is the most reliable and fastest.

ebook torrenting sites

10. BookYards

This torrent website has a huge collection of eBooks that users can download and read from torrents. They have books on every genre and field possible. The site is well-organized and comes with clean UI. It is a home to a huge variety of eBooks on Art, Spirituality, Biography, Parenting, and much more.

ebook torrent sites

Part 2. Best Way to Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3 or M4B

It is necessary to use an extra tool for converting Audible files to MP3 or M4B. After multiple comparisons and tests, we recommend using HitPaw Video Converter, the best AAX to MP3 converter. HitPaw is specially designed for converting Audible eBooks to MP3 and M4B. Due to the advanced features, HitPaw software is able to preserve the ID3 tags and complete chapters, including artist, title, date, author, and more. HitPaw allows users to change the volume if you wish to make Audible narration louder or the speed as per your needs. Also, the converting speed of HitPaw is up to 120X faster as compared to other tools. Therefore, it only takes a couple of minutes to convert an entire Audible AAX audiobook to MP3 easily.

  • Ability to split Audiobooks
  • Preservation of ID3 tag and chapter information
  • High sound quality and great efficiency
  • Common formats for flexible playback
  • 120X faster conversion speed
  • Step 1:Download, install, and launch HitPaw on your device. Click Audible Converter to import your eBook directly to the program.

    best torrent sites for ebooks
  • Step 2:Click Convert all to in the lower left corner to select MP3 or M4B as a single output format for all imported eBooks.

    ebook torrent site
  • Step 3:Click edit icon to open the format preferences to choose audio codec for the MP3 or M4B format.

    audiobook torrenting sites
  • Step 4:Select a target folder in the interface and click Convert to convert the eBook to the MP3 or M4B format.

    audiobook torrent sites
  • Step 5:Once complete, go to the Converted to access the converted files.

    audiobook torrent site

Part 3. FAQs on Best Torrent Sites for eBooks and Audiobooks

Q1. Is it legal to download eBooks from torrent sites?

A1. Even though using torrent is illegal in many countries, users can easily overcome this by using a third-party VPN tool.

Q2. Will eBook torrents work on Kindle?

A2. Yes, provided that your downloaded eBook is in PDF, MOBI, KPF, EPUB, or TXT formats.

Q3. Is downloading eBooks from torrent sites free?

A3. Although most torrent sites are free, users need to check before downloading the eBooks from the site to avoid paying later.


All in all, we just had a look at some of the best audiobook torrent sites that can help you get the best eBooks easily. We also saw that users can use HitPaw Video Converter for converting Audible eBooks to MP3 and M4B with ID3 tags and complete chapters intact. HitPaw also offers 120X faster conversion speed, thereby converting an entire AAX audiobook to MP3 quickly.

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