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Everything You Should Learn About Krillin in Dragon Ball

In the rich tapestry of Dragon Ball, Krillin voice actor stands as a stalwart companion to Goku, embodying loyalty, bravery, and determination. From his humble beginnings as a student of Master Roshi to his pivotal role in protecting Earth, delve into the multifaceted journey of Krillin, a character beloved by fans worldwide.

Basic Info of Krillin in Dragon Ball

who voices krillin

Krillin, a central character in the Dragon Ball series, is Goku's lifelong friend and fellow martial artist. Originally introduced as a student of Master Roshi alongside Goku, Krillin evolves into a formidable warrior, playing key roles in battles to protect Earth and the universe.

The voice actor for Krillin in the English dub of Dragon Ball is Sonny Strait. With his distinctive portrayal, Strait brings Krillin to life, capturing the character's courage, humor, and growth throughout the series.

Best Way to Get Voice of Krillin for PC

To get the voice of Krillin English for your PC, HitPaw Voice Changer offers an excellent solution. This versatile tool allows you to modify your voice in real-time, enabling you to emulate Krillin's distinctive voice from Dragon Ball effortlessly. With HitPaw Voice Changer, you can adjust various parameters to achieve the perfect Krillin-like voice, enhancing your projects or personal enjoyment of the series.

Pros of HitPaw Voice Changer:
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Wide range of voice options and sound effects to choose from including Krillin voice
  • Real-time voice changing capabilities for online gaming and chatting
  • Ability to import and export audio files for offline use
  • High-quality voice changing technology for realistic and natural-sounding voices
  • Compatible with various platforms and devices

Other 2 Online Voice Changers You Can Try

1. LingoJam

krillin voice

LingoJam is a free online text generator tool that allows users to create fun and unique text styles, including the Krillin English voice actor effect. With LingoJam, users can type in any text and convert it into the iconic Krillin voice style, complete with his signature stutter and accent.

Pros of using LingoJam for Krillin voice effect:
  • Easy to use and completely free
  • No download or installation required
  • Allows users to create and share Krillin-style text with friends and on social media
  • Offers a variety of other text styles and effects to choose from
  • Can be used for fun or for creative writing projects
  • The Krillin voice effect is text-based only, so it may not be suitable for those looking for a vocal effect
  • The text generated may not always be accurate or consistent in terms of Krillin's actual speech patterns
  • The website may contain ads or pop-ups that some users find annoying or distracting
  • The tool may not work well on all devices or browsers
  • The text generated may not be suitable for professional or formal purposes.

2. 101Soundboards

 krillin English voice actor

101Soundboards is a website that offers a wide variety of sound effects, including those related to the Dragon Ball series. It has a collection of Krillin voice actor English effects that fans can use to create a voice effect for their cosplay or other purposes.

Pros of using 101Soundboards for Krillin voice effect:
  • It offers a wide variety of sound effects related to Krillin and other Dragon Ball characters.
  • The website is easy to navigate and use.
  • The sound effects are free to use and download.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • It also offers sound effects from other popular movies, TV shows, and games.
Cons of using 101Soundboards for Krillin voice effect:
  • The website contains ads that can be annoying for some users.
  • The sound effects are pre-recorded, so there is limited customization available.
  • The website does not offer any advanced features for editing or modifying the sound effects.
  • Some of the sound effects may not be appropriate for all audiences.
  • The website does not have a mobile app, so users can only access it through a web browser.


In conclusion, if you're looking to create a Krillin Japanese voice actor effect for your Dragon Ball content or cosplay, HitPaw AI Voice Changer is the best tool for the job. Its advanced AI technology and user-friendly interface make it easy for anyone to create high-quality voice effects that sound just like Krillin. With its wide range of features and customization options, you can fine-tune your voice to match Krillin's unique tone and style. Whether you're a content creator, cosplayer, or just a fan of Dragon Ball, HitPaw AI Voice Changer is the perfect tool to help you bring Krillin's voice to life. So why wait? Try it out today and take your Dragon Ball content to the next level!

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