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Best 7 Tips to Convert Vimeo to MP3

Vimeo is a popular platform favored by independent filmmakers. While the platform allows seamless video streaming, situations might arise where you specifically require only the audio content. In such scenarios, the question arises: how can one convert Vimeo videos to audio?

This article explores the best vimeo to mp3 downloaders and explains the process. So, read on to learn everything about converting Vimeo content into audio formats.

Part 1. Convert Vimeo to MP3 with HitPaw Video Converter

The “download Vimeo video to MP3” process typically involves two separate steps, which users may need to navigate individually. However, the HitPaw Video Converter streamlines this process with a one-click solution.

It quickly extracts the audio and converts it to MP3 simultaneously during Vimeo download. With it, you can not only download videos from Vimeo but also over 1000 other websites, ensuring unlimited access to your favorite content.

Why HitPaw Video Converter Is the Best Vimeo to MP3 Converter

Here are some of the features of HitPaw Video Converter that make it exceptional:

  • High-quality HD and SD Vimeo video conversion ensures pristine audio output.
  • Support over 1000 other formats, providing versatility for your conversion needs.
  • Utilization of CPU acceleration to boost conversion speeds by up to 120 times, saving you valuable time.
  • Seamless downloading of videos from Vimeo and other popular platforms, expanding your content library.
  • Batch processing capability, so you can convert up to 5000 files simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Steps to Use HitPaw Video Converter to Convert Vimeo to MP3

  • Step 1:Open your browser and copy the Vimeo video URL you want to convert to MP3.

    use hitpaw video converter to convert vimeo to mp3
  • Step 2:Launch HitPaw Video Converter and head to the Download section. Click on the “Paste URL” option to paste the copied Vimeo video link into the interface automatically. A dialog window will then appear.

    use hitpaw video converter to convert vimeo to mp3
  • Step 3:Select the desired output format as MP3 and choose the quality settings if applicable. Then, click on the “Download” button to initiate the conversion process.

    use hitpaw video converter to convert vimeo to mp3
  • Step 4:Check out your downloaded video in the “Converted” section and check it out in its full glory!

With these simple steps, you can efficiently convert Vimeo videos to MP3 using the HitPaw Video Converter. Enjoy your converted audio files hassle-free!

Part 2. Other Useful Ways to Download Vimeo to MP3

While Vimeo lacks a built-in feature for converting videos to MP3, numerous third-party converter tools fill this gap. Let's look at some of the best solutions to seamlessly convert Vimeo content to MP3 audio to enjoy your favorite content in a more convenient format.

1. AceThinker Free Online Vimeo Downloader

AceThinker Free Vimeo Downloader stands out as an exceptional online tool for downloading Vimeo videos effortlessly. This versatile downloader supports Vimeo and extends its capabilities to various other video-sharing platforms like Facebook, Dailymotion, and Instagram.

Its compatibility with popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer enhances user convenience.

convert vimeo to mp3 with acethinker free vimeo downloader
  • Works seamlessly across all platforms and web browsers.
  • Batch conversion is possible.
  • You can convert multiple file formats at once and increase efficiency.
  • The download speed is sluggish.
  • The interface experiences occasional glitches.
  • It comes at a higher price than similar free programs, potentially limiting accessibility for budget-conscious users.

2. VidPaw

The VidPaw App is an excellent option for Vimeo to convert to MP3. It is compatible with over 1000 video streaming platforms, offering users a wide range of content. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation. In contrast to other competing software limited to 1080p video content, VidPaw supports up to 8K resolution videos.

convert vimeo to mp3 with vidpaw
  • User-friendly interface with a neat design.
  • It is well-suited for beginners, offering a straightforward experience.
  • The absence of download limits enables users to download content freely without restrictions.
  • Limited to uploading videos via URL pasting method.
  • Limited compatibility restricts usage to Android devices only.

3. YTMP3

YTMP3 stands out from other programs primarily because it offers a browser extension option. This makes the software accessible on platforms like Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, significantly enhancing user convenience, especially for regular users. Its MP3 Juice feature is noteworthy; you can discover your favorite artists across various platforms.

convert vimeo to mp3 with ytmp3
  • Impressive editing capabilities, considering it's a free tool.
  • Offers multiple browser extensions, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.
  • It is ideal for individuals dealing with audio files due to its comprehensive features.
  • It supports a restricted range of formats, potentially limiting versatility.
  • The presence of numerous popup ads may disrupt the user experience.

4. Online Video Converter

Vimeo to MP3 is an online video converter that is entirely free. It enables users to convert any Vimeo video without requiring registration. Simply input the video link, and you're ready to proceed with the conversion.

OnlineVideoConverter is not just a YouTube to MP3 converter; it offers additional features such as converting and downloading videos in MP4 format.

convert vimeo to mp3 with online video converter
  • OnlineVideoConverter simplifies conversion by specializing in YouTube to MP3 and MP4 extraction.
  • Users can utilize basic features without needing to register or pay. However, there may be limitations on file size and conversion length, especially for longer videos.
  • Supports MP3 and MP4 formats for versatile conversion options.
  • Larger files may experience significant delays during conversion, especially with slower internet connections.
  • Excessive advertising can be bothersome and disrupt the user experience.
  • Limited to supporting Vimeo, restricting compatibility with other platforms.


ClipGrab is a straightforward solution as a Vimeo to mp3 converter. By simply copying the video link and clicking “Grab this clip,” users can effortlessly download and convert videos.

ClipGrab supports conversion to various popular formats such as MPEG4, MP3, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora, and WMV, ensuring compatibility with different devices. Its user-friendly interface eliminates the need for complex settings, so it is accessible to all users.

convert vimeo to mp3 with clipgrab
  • Compatible with major platforms and potentially with additional sites
  • Completely free to use.
  • Offers synchronization with iTunes for seamless media management.
  • Lack of instructions regarding compatibility with specific sites
  • Basic functionality
  • Occasional triggering of malware alerts

Part 3. FAQs of Vimeo to MP3 Converter

Q1. How to convert Vimeo live streaming video to MP3?

A1. To convert a Vimeo video, first, copy its URL. Then, navigate to Vimeo webisite. Paste the URL into the provided blank box. Finally, click the “Download MP3” button to convert and save the Vimeo video as an MP3 audio file.

Q2. Is Vimeo Free?

A2. Yes, Vimeo offers a Free plan for users. In this, you can sign up for free and have access to basic features such as video creation and editing, screen recording, sharing, and embedding options. However, the Free plan has limitations on the number of videos that you can upload and edit and other features compared to the paid plans.

The Bottom Line

In short, when you want to listen to the content of a Vimeo video, it's best to go for a trustworthy converter among the various options available. We've explored different approaches for converting Vimeo to MP3 audio.

Among them, the most recommended approach is utilizing the HitPaw Video Converter. This versatile tool supports over 1000 audio and video formats. It can download Vimeo videos in the highest quality available, whether 1080p, 4K, 8K, or beyond. This ensures that you get the best audio experience when converting to MP3.

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