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What are Dua Lipa Spotify Top 10 Songs in 2024

Let's dive into the electrifying world of music with a spotlight on Dua Lipa Spotify top 10 songs as of 2024. Dua Lipa has become a global sensation with her irresistible beats, captivating lyrics, and powerhouse vocals, dominating charts and playlists worldwide.

From her chart-topping hits to fan favorites, let's explore the tracks that have earned Dua Lipa a coveted spot in the hearts of millions of listeners around the globe. Get ready to groove to the rhythm of her biggest hits and discover the songs that have solidified her status as a pop icon in the digital age".

Part 1: How Many Followers Does Dua Lipa Have on Spotify?

Dua Lipa, the electrifying pop sensation, boasts an impressive 42.8 million followers on Spotify, as reported by chartmasters.org. This staggering number firmly secures her position at number 25 on the platform's list of the most-followed artists.

With her infectious beats and undeniable talent, Dua Lipa continues to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying her status as one of the most influential voices in modern pop music. Join the millions who groove to her tunes and witness the magic that has propelled her to the upper echelons of Spotify's most-followed artists.

Part 2: What Are Dua Lipa Spotify Top 10 Songs in 2024?

Dua Lipa stands as one of the preeminent singers of her generation, celebrated for her remarkable talent and a catalog of brilliant songs that captivate audiences worldwide. Among her extensive repertoire, here are ten standout tracks that showcase her extraordinary vocal prowess and undeniable charisma.

1. Don't Start Now:

This infectious disco-pop anthem surged to the top of the charts with its pulsating beat, irresistible melody, and empowering lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners worldwide. As Dua Lipa's signature hit, "Don't Start Now" captivates audiences with its catchy hooks and infectious energy, solidifying its place as a timeless pop classic in her repertoire.

dont start now

2. One Kiss:

A remarkable collaboration with renowned DJ and producer Calvin Harris, "One Kiss" emerges as a captivating dance-pop masterpiece that held sway over airwaves worldwide. This infectious track showcases Dua Lipa's versatility as an artist and highlights her ability to seamlessly blend her sultry vocals with Calvin Harris's dynamic production. From its infectious rhythms to its euphoric melodies, "One Kiss" exudes an irresistible charm that transports listeners to the heart of the dance floor.

dua lipa one kiss

3. New Rules:

With its catchy chorus and empowering message about self-respect and independence, "New Rules" became an anthem for empowerment and resilience, earning Dua Lipa widespread acclaim.

4. Levitating (feat. DaBaby):

This collaboration with DaBaby added a fresh twist to the disco-infused pop sound of "Levitating", further solidifying its status as a fan favorite and a staple on playlists everywhere.

5. Cold Heart - PNAU Remix:

Dua Lipa's collaboration with PNAU resulted in a mesmerizing "Cold Heart" remix, blending retro vibes with modern production to create an irresistible dance floor filler.

cold heart pnau remix


With its bold attitude and infectious melody, "IDGAF" became an anthem for anyone who's had enough of toxic relationships, showcasing Dua Lipa's fierce and uncompromising style.

7. Scared to Be Lonely:

Teaming up with Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa delivered a poignant electro-pop ballad that explores the vulnerability and fear of heartbreak, resonating with listeners around the world.

dua lipa idgaf

8. Break My Heart:

This catchy pop gem combines shimmering production with Dua Lipa's captivating vocals, delivering an irresistibly catchy tune that's impossible not to sing along to.

9. No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa):

Dua Lipa's collaboration with Sean Paul resulted in a tropical-infused banger that effortlessly blends her sultry vocals with Sean Paul's signature dancehall style, creating a track perfect for summer vibes.

10. Physical:

Drawing inspiration from '80s pop, "Physical" is a high-energy anthem encouraging listeners to let loose and embrace their inner strength, showcasing Dua Lipa's ability to revive retro sounds with a modern twist.

Part 3: How to Save Dua Lipa Spotify Songs without Premium

Unlock the magic of Dua Lipa Spotify hits without a premium subscription, courtesy of HitPaw Video Converter. Seamlessly download her tracks as local files in pristine, lossless quality, supporting various audio formats. With batch conversion capabilities, you can swiftly grab multiple songs simultaneously, expanding your music library effortlessly. Whether you're on a Mac or Windows, HitPaw has you covered, ensuring compatibility across all your devices. Say hello to uninterrupted jams and immerse yourself in the world of Dua Lipa wherever you go.

Main features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Download Dua Lipa's Spotify music in lossless quality while retaining metadata information and ID3 tags.
  • Support multiple audio formats for flexibility in playback options.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems for seamless integration.
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  • Access stunning audio editing features to customize your music as desired.
  • Experience lightning-fast conversion speeds of up to 120x for swift results.

How to download Dua Lipa Spotify Songs using HitPaw video converter

  • Step 1:Install the tool from Spotify's official website onto your computer, then access the Music section and choose the Spotify music converter.

    install the tool on your computer
  • Step 2:Log in using your Spotify account credentials.

    enter your spotify account credentials
  • Step 3:Browse Spotify to find the music you wish to download—whether it's a single track, playlist, or artist. Click Download to proceed.

    click on the download button
  • Step 4:The tool will analyze the URL of your selected music and provide a preview of the tracks once completed.

    preview the spotify music
  • Step 5:Select your desired audio format for the downloaded music. HitPaw Video Converter supports WAV, M4A, and MP3 formats, ensuring top-notch sound quality. Opting for 320kbps MP3 audio quality guarantees an exceptional listening experience.

    select the audio format
  • Step 6:Initiate the download process by clicking Convert All. With batch conversion, you can download multiple songs simultaneously. Given a fast internet connection, the process will be completed swiftly while preserving the original sound quality.

    press the convert all button

Watch the following video to learn more details:

FAQs About Dua Lipa Spotify

Q1. How many total streams does Dua Lipa have on Spotify?

A1. By December 2023, Spotify had unveiled a remarkable achievement within Dua Lipa's musical journey: many of her tracks had transcended the extraordinary threshold of 2 billion streams, marking a significant milestone in her career trajectory.

Q2. What is Dua Lipa most streamed songs on Spotify?

A2. Dua Lipa's most streamed songs on Spotify typically include hits like "Don't Start Now", "New Rules", "Levitating", and "One Kiss". These tracks have garnered billions of streams collectively and continue to be fan favorites, showcasing Dua Lipa's enduring popularity on the platform.


We've provided a detailed rundown of the top 10 Dua Lipa Spotify songs, showcasing the range and popularity of her music on the platform. From chart-topping hits like "Don't Start Now" to fan favorites such as "New Rules" and "Levitating", these tracks exemplify Dua Lipa's undeniable talent and global appeal.

For those eager to enjoy Dua Lipa's music offline, we recommend the HitPaw Video Converter as the ultimate solution. With its simple user interface and robust features, including batch conversion capabilities, HitPaw makes downloading Dua Lipa's Spotify music as local files effortless. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to uninterrupted jams with HitPaw Video Converter.

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