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What is 3GP, How to Open and Convert It?

You most likely ended up on this article because you heard about a 3GP file but didn't know what it was. Even if you did, there is a high chance that you always believed that this multimedia format was only exclusive to 3G mobiles and didn’t know how to view 3GP files on computer.

If that is the case, and you want to gain more insight into this particular file format all while learning about some incredible 3GP video converter, then you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to learn all about 3GP file format and the best 3GP video converter software.

Part 1: What is A 3GP File?

A file 3GP is a multimedia file developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The 3GP file format helps store video streams as MPEG-4 Part, H.263 pr MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC/H.264). Along with all this, it also saves audio streams such as HE-AAC v1, AMR-WB+, AMR-WB, AMR-NB, AAC-LC, or HE-AAC v2.

Besides using .3GP files on 3G mobile phones, they can also be played on 4G and 2G phones. The file format was specifically created to save disk space, data usage, and bandwidth; hence, it is often used, created, and converted between mobile devices.

Part 2: How to Open and Play .3GP File?

Sometimes, you record a video from a camera or your phone and then want to view it on your computer. However, given the different format, the video cannot be played directly on your computer. In such cases, one should install a 3GP video player to enable this action. Many famous 3GP file video players allow 3GP file to MP4 conversion and so much more. Some of the few players include 3GP Movie Player, Media Player, RealPlayer, Quick Time Player, and more.

Another powerful 3GP file format player is Blu-Ray Player, which not only plays Blu-ray discs and folders but also supports 3GP videos along with other formats. So, if you are wondering how to view 3GP files on a computer or how to play 3GP files on Windows, this tool will help you easily open your 3GP files.

Part 3: What is the Difference between MP4 and 3GP?

MP4 and 3GP are file systems designed and developed by MPEG and 3GPP, respectively. MP4 is perfect for general use, while 3GP is dedicated to GSM-based phones. While both formats support variable bit rate audio and variable frame rate, they differ in other aspects.

MP4 uses ttxt, VobSubs and BIFS for subtitles while 3GP uses 3GP Timed Text for subtitles. 3GP does not support the menu format like those in a DVD, but on the other hand, MP4 does hold this exceptional capability. These are a few of the differences between MP4 and 3GP. However, while MP4 is newer and far more advanced, it doesn't mean 3GP is bad either. Sometimes, you have a 3GP file format player and wonder how to open a .3gp file. If that is the case, we suggest you try using the 3gp file converter free download to open your files. Hop on below to learn more about them. 

Part 4: What is the Best 3GP Converter to Free Download?

Questions like how do I open a 3GP file, how to play 3GP files on Android, and how to play 3GP files on iPhone might come into your mind when you encounter a situation where you have received a 3GP file. The best way to surpass this situation is by using a .3GP video file converter to play 3GP files.

One of the best ways to convert 3gp file to mp4 or any other format is through HitPaw Video Converter. The service offers its users an easy and simple way to convert any video format into the one of their choices. The ease of use also comes packed with a truckload of exceptional features, which you can read below!

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • The flawless converter allows you to convert your videos into 1,000 video and audio formats.
  • The service is powered by a reliable and fast hardware-accelerated conversion engine, which makes it one of the best converters on the market.
  • Each conversion the service makes will be high-quality and will not lose even an ounce of quality from its original version.
  • HitPaw Video Converter also allows its users to download videos from over 10,000 websites.

How to Convert 3GP to Other Formats Using HitPaw Video Converter?

Now that you know all the incredible features HitPaw Video Converter provides, we are sure you'd want to learn how to open .3gp file and convert it using this 3GP video converter. If that is the case, then we have listed the steps for you below:

Step 1: Import the Files

Download and Install the HitPaw Video Converter and tap on 'Add Video' to import your files. You can also directly drag your files or folder to the program. The videos would then be imported into the program by the queue.

open video converter

Step 2: Edit Video Info (Optional)

You can also change the file name to edit the title if they want. To do this, click on the pen or icon info to edit the media meta info. You can add the video's title, artist, album, genre, date, and description.

edit video info

Step 3: Add Subtitles

You can add subtitles to your videos by clicking the 'Add Subtitles' button. HitPaw Video Converter uses SRT, ASS, VTT, and SSA subtitle supports. If the default option is 'No subtitles,' the video is already embedded with hardware or closed subtitles. These types of subtitles cannot be removed and are permanently added to the subtitle frames.

add subtitles

Step 4: Select an Output Format

Now, you can select the output format for your files. Click the inverted triangle on the lower right side of each file to choose your preferred format. Users can tap the 'Convert all to' button in the lower left corner to select a unified output format for all imported files.

selec an output format

Step 5: Convert the Video

Click on this tab, “Hardware Acceleration Detection and Lossless Conversion,” in the top right screen corner. Now, choose a target folder on the interface and tap convert to convert the videos to the format you selected.

choose hardware acceleration

Step 6: Access the Converted Files

Head to the Converted Tab at the top when the conversion is over. This is where you will easily find all your converted files.

find converted files

Watch the following video to learn more details:


Q1. Is 3GP a suitable video format?

A1. While 3GP was an incredible format in the past and is still a good pick if you want to save storage space, its low quality and smaller resolution don't make it recommended for professional use.

Q2. Is 3GP better than MP4?

A2. MP4 is a newer and better format; hence, we'd say that MP4 takes the lead over 3GP.


Through this article, we tried to summarize and explain everything you should know about the 3GP files. However, while this format was a good pick in its time and still allows you to save storage, we cannot deny that there are better picks than this out there. So, suppose you received some 3GP files and wanted to convert them. In that case, we hope this article helped you understand the best 3GP video converter in the market, HitPaw Video Converter. Do give it a try!

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