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Top 5 Real Time Audio Translation Device for Broadcasting Videos

In the full world of content creation where you can see a lot of people uploading the audio or video content, understanding the language of the content is a daunting task. Do you want to opt for real-time audio translation for broadcasting videos?

Aiming at the real audio translation has become effortless courtesy of the audio translation devices. Dive into this post to explore the five tremendous real time audio translation devices.

Part 1: Best AI Audio Translator Online in 2024

Finding an appropriate audio translator for broadcasting videos has become simple as we introduce the two amazing options below.

1. BlipCut

With supporting 35+ languages effortless user interface, BlipCut Video Translation doesn't shy away from translating videos. Regardless of which language you intend to translate the audio into, BlipCut Video Translator will only take a few moments translating the audio files.

The substantial thing about this real time audio translation tool is that it doesn't tweak the sound or video retaining the original quality.

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  • Supports the 35+ languages
  • Lets you to translate the videos quickly
  • Relies took the ChatGPT translation and voice cloning
  • Doesn't affect the sound or video quality
  • Support the multiple audio and video formats
  • Lets you to translate the multiple audio and video files simultaneously

Here's the detailed guide to translate the audio of a video through BlipCut Video Translator.

Step 1:

Navigate to the official webpage of the BlipCut Video Translator and then tap on the Upload a video/audio icon to import the video into the timeline. You can also copy the URL address from YouTube and then paste that URL address into the main interface of the BlipCut Video Translator.

realtime audio translation for broadcasting videos
Step 2:

Select the target language you wish to turn the audio into as BlipCut is compatible with the 35 languages and turning the audio files into as many languages is simple.

BlipCut video translator
Step 3:

In this phase, you'll need to review the translated video and modify its credentials. Once you're done translating the videos into the desired language, you can download the video by hitting the Download button.

realtime japanese audio translate

2. HitPaw

HitPaw Video Translator hands down is the best real time audio translator that stimulates translating videos and audio into multiple languages. Despite offering professional and advanced features and supporting multiple accents, it doesn't affect the video quality.


  • Enables you to translate your videos into various languages
  • Compatible with multiple video formats
  • No video or audio quality loss
  • Lets you transcribe the audio into various languages
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Follow the step-by-step guide below to translate the audio and videos through HitPaw Video Translator.

Step 1:

Launch the web browser and navigate to the HitPaw Online Video Translator. Select the video you want to translate and then drag that video into the timeline of the tool. You can also copy and paste the URL address of the video into the search box of the HitPaw Video Translator.

HitPaw translate audio
Step 2:

Select the language you intend to turn the video into. Customizing the settings of the video translation is also a couple of moments away.

realtime audio translation device for broadcasting videos
Step 3:

After translating the video into the preferred language, you'll need to preview the video. Next, tap on the Download button to start exporting the video.

HitPaw video translator

Part 2: 5 Best Realtime Audio Translation Devices in Amazon

If you're looking for a real time audio translator to translate the audio in real in multiple languages, here's the list of 5 unique options for you.

1. FxyxGyc Translator

FxyxGyc Translator appears as the real-time audio translator that takes no time before translating the audio. Whether you want to record the audio or intend to import it to translate it, this language translator doesn't require any extra time before translation. You can translate the audio and the photo, which will help you read the text written into the images. It supports translating the audio into 137 languages; you can also rely on the 12 offline.

You can also learn several accents, including Spanish, English, and Arabic. Apart from offering the simplest user interface, this audio translator is 98% accurate and doesn't affect the sound quality while translating the audio files.

FxyxGyc Translator

2. Neyes V12 Language Translator

Finding the accurate audio translation for broadcasting videos has turned simple thanks to the excellent and stunning features of the Neyes V12 Language Translator. With this real-time Japanese audio translation tool, you can import the audio and then get the translation in text form before reading that translation into the live broadcast.

With this fantastic audio translator you can either translate the audio into the text or turn the text into audio is also fairly simple. Since it supports multiple languages, translating the audio files into multiple languages is possible.

Neyes V12 Language Translator

3. Zyhappk Language Translator

The response time of 0.5 makes the Zyhappk Language Translator one of the best and most inspiring real-time audio translation tools. Whether you're willing to translate the audio offline or online, Zyhappk Language Translator allows you to explore the 139+ languages.

Translation of the text into speech or speech into text is essential and the ability to translate the image is undoubtedly icing on the cake. The best thing about the real time audio translation tool is that it lets you translate the voice in real-time meaning you can speak in the microphone and this tool will start translating it within 0.5 seconds.

Zyhappk Language Translator

4. threequel Language Translator

You're working on the video project and are supposed to broadcast a live video. But the thing is that you've got the script copy in audio form, so translating the audio and turning it into text will help you read the video script effortlessly.

Fortunately, that's where the Threequel Language Translation comes into play. It enables you to translate the audio to 1007 languages with amazing accuracy. Apart from prompting the simple user, Threequel Language Translator ensures that you don't have to spend any extra time translating the audio files allowing you to translate the files in real time.

Threequel Language Translation

5. Tilibra Translator

You must not ignore the Tilibra Translator for the real-time audio translation tool. It is also a two-way language translator, meaning that in addition to translating the text into the audio, turning the audio into the text is also quite simple and possible.

Tilibra Translator offers mind-blowing accuracy and a 0.5 response rate, meaning that after pasting the audio, you'll get the translation of that audio file quickly.

realtime japanese audio translate

In Conclusion

Putting the eyes into the real time audio translation is only a matter of a few clicks. We have listed the 5 outstanding ways to go for the real time audio translation device for broadcasting videos and all the devices we've listed are worth your attention.

We have also recommended the HitPaw Video Translator and BlipCut Video Translators, which enable you to translate the videos without doing much. With these two tools, translating the videos to the preferred language is quite simple, and the quality of the videos won't be messed up either.

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