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Top 6 Best Anime Character Generator Tools in 2024

Do you love anime and ever dream of crafting your own characters, stories, or scenes? Then, you should check out the latest tools that use tech to help you do just that. Today, we'll introduce you to some amazing anime generator tools using AI!

While some of these AI anime character generator tools are free, others might ask for a small fee. The good news? Most of them give you a sneak peek for free. If you like what you see, they offer monthly plans.

Part 1: List of 6 Can’t Miss Anime Character AI Generators in 2024

Imagine merging your love for anime with some of the latest computer tech. What do you get? You get an amazing tool that can whip up anime art as if by magic! No more wishing you had the skills to draw; these tools can do it for you. And guess what's even better? A bunch of these tools won't cost you anything.

In this guide, we’re going to spill the beans on the 6 top free anime character ai generator tools out there. If you're an anime enthusiast, this is your chance to create something special, to bring your own characters to life, and the best part? Your wallet stays untouched.

Our list include:
  • 4AiPaw
  • Fotor
  • NightCafe
  • DALL-E 2
  • WaifuLabs
  • Arcana Style Transfer
Tool Name Main Purpose Notable Features Cost
4AiPaw Animation Character Generator AI lucky dice, multiple painting styles Some features free, others may cost
Fotor NFT Art & Anime Art Generator Extensive template library, image enhancements Some features free, premium features may cost
NightCafe Animation Character Generator Generate art based on descriptions Some features free, credits may cost
DALL-E 2 AI Image Generator Lifelike visuals, layer editing Mostly free, advanced features may cost
WaifuLabs Anime Character Generator Extensive AI model database, character customization Some features free, others may cost
Arcane Style Transfer Anime Art Generator from Photos Uses famous figures as reference Free

Part 2: Recommended 6 Nice AI Generated Anime Characters in 2024

When we talk about anime and tech coming together, we're really in for some cool stuff. There are computer tools out there that can actually make anime art for you! Think of them as having a little virtual artist inside, ready to draw. Some big names in this space include 4AiPaw, Fotor, NightCafe, and DALL-E 2.

How do these tools learn? They use deep learning and neural networks for making AI generated anime characters. Imagine having a big photo album of anime characters. These tools look through the album, notice patterns (like how eyes are drawn or how hair flows), and then they try to draw their own characters. By showing them different albums (or datasets), they can draw in various styles.

As mentioned above, we’re going to review 6 to ai generated anime characters! tools, let’s start it now:


If you've been searching for an easy way to create animated characters, check out 4AiPaw! It's got this cool feature called the "lucky dice" that helps you come up with character ideas. And the best part? You can use it straight from your web browser like Chrome, or even on your Android or iPhone. This means you can be creative wherever you are.

With 4AiPaw, you can choose different styles and even get ideas from different artists. Plus, you can change how colorful or big your character looks. If you want to chat with others who love making animated characters too, there's a special chat group on Discord for 4AiPaw users.

ai anime character generator free


  • Super simple to use; no techy stuff needed.
  • Opens up loads of creative possibilities.
  • Quick and safe way to create.
  • You can see a preview of your character before it's fully done.
  • Your characters are safely kept in this ai anime character generator free for up to 3 days.
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How to Use 4AiPaw

  • Step 1: Open up 4AiPaw in your web browser and click on "Start Creating".

    start creating
  • Step 2: Pick out the style and artist you like. It's as simple as choosing from a list. Then head to the "Generate" section to decide how big and colorful you want your character.

    generate the character
  • Step 3: Press the "Generate" button and wait a sec. Once it's done, hit "Download" and bam! Your new animated character is ready to be shown off.

    ai anime generator
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Fotor is like this cool art studio on your computer, specially designed for making unique digital artworks, and it's great for creating anime-style art and as ai animated character generator, too. Imagine having a photo, and with just a click, turning it into something that looks like it belongs in a comic book! That's what Fotor does. Plus, you don't have to sign up or download anything to get started – it's that easy.

This tool is famous for anime NFT creation and is known for user-friendly interface.

ai animated character generator
  • Quickly makes fancy digital artwork
  • Super easy to use
  • Lots of design options and ways to change up your picture
  • Over 10,000 ready-to-use design ideas
  • Lets you save artworks in a special digital art format
  • Easy to touch up and improve images
  • Doesn't save your work automatically
  • For some extra fancy features, you might need to pay
  • Only works when you're online on system


Imagine NightCafe as your art-loving software who's really good at drawing unique and original anime characters. If you have an idea for a anime character, just tell NightCafe what you're thinking, click on "Create," and in no time at all, you've got your art ready to go in this amazing ai animation character generator. And the art looks fantastic, every single time!

ai animation character generator
  • You get to decide exactly how your anime character looks
  • Connects with friends on social media
  • No sign up required
  • Compatible with computer, phone, or table
  • Paid tools has the real perks
  • Prompts need to be accurate for best results


DALL-E 2 is probably one of the most famous tools in the market right now for anime character generation with the help of AI. This art-making assistant, created by OpenAI, is perfect for creating anime art and it's absolutely free. In just a few minutes, it can whip up pictures that look so real, it's hard to believe they're not. According to OpenAI, you could even use DALL-E 2 to help create products, graphics, and business ideas.

DALL-E 2 is so easy to use that it doesn't matter if you're a total beginner or a professional artist. You'll find DALL-E 2 helpful for creating top-notch AI-based graphics.

anime character generator ai free
  • Makes incredibly lifelike images super quickly
  • Lets you create drawings from scratch
  • It's easy-peasy to use
  • Allows you to edit different parts of your image separately
  • Not so simple interface
  • Complex for beginners


WaifuLabs is a digital art studio just for anime characters. Want to make an anime girl with a punk-rock look or a futuristic warrior princess? WaifuLabs has your back! With its easy-to-use system, you can design your dream anime character, picking out their hairstyle, outfit, and accessories from a vast collection.

What's great is, whether you're just doodling around for fun or you're a pro artist, WaifuLabs is your go-to AI anime character generator from text to create unique anime figures.

ai anime character generator from text
  • Super easy to use
  • Uses the latest digital technology of machine learning techniques and algorithms
  • Number of customization options
  • Not entirely free
  • Might lag a bit

Arcane Style Transfer

Arcane Style Transfer is a digital photo booths kind of tool where you can get full different photos. But instead of adding mustaches or bunny ears, you're blending your photos with those of famous people to make anime-style art. You can only make one style of anime art per image.

So, pick a selfie or any other photo, pair it up with a celebrity. Anime art magic will happen. And the best part? You can play around with it for free.

ai anime character voice generator
  • Easy to use
  • Redo option
  • Community to help
  • Free application
  • Slow interface
  • Only one type of file support
  • No ai anime character voice generator

Part 3: FAQ About AI Character Animation Generator:

Q1. What AI generator turns you into an anime character?

A1. WaifuLabs is a popular choice that lets you make an anime character based on your preferences. It's like a digital art studio just for anime characters, making it fun and easy to design your dream character.

Q2. What is the best anime AI generator?

A2. There is a range of anime AI generators in the market. 6 of them are reviewed in this article. If we personally give you a recommendation, try 4AiPaw and see the quality results yourself. Other than that, you can also try Fotor and PicSo. If you're looking to turn existing photos into anime-style art, Arcane Style Transfer is a cool tool as well.

Q3. What is the free AI that turns pictures into anime?

A3. Arcane Style Transfer! With it, you can upload your photos, pair them with a famous person's image, and transform them into anime-style art. Plus, it's free, so you can get creative without spending a dime.

Final Thought

Getting into the world of AI generate anime characters can feel a bit like stepping into a sci-fi novel. But with tools like 4AiPaw, Fotor, DALL-E 2, and Arcane Style Transfer, it's all about fun and creativity. If you’re looking for an ease of use tool, must try 4AiPaw, we know you’ll love this ai character animation generator!

So, go ahead and create something cool, share it with friends, or even set it as your new profile pic! In this digital age, the sky's the limit when it comes to expressing yourself, and these ai character animation generator tools make it all the more exciting.

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