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How to Make Picture in Picture Video for Windows/Mac/iPhone Easily

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2021-04-30
The picture in Picture feature has been used by many professional editors. This function basically helps to overlay one picture on the top of the order. In this article, we will guide you on how to make Picture in Picture videos without spending more than 10 minutes. So, let’s get started!

1. How to Create Picture in Picture Video on Windows PC

If you want to create reaction videos, it's essential to use the PIP feature. As without it, you won't be able to display two screens in the same video. But the question is, what is the best PIP video creator? In this article, we will tell you the 5 best video editors which can easily work on Windows. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an amazing tool for beginners and experts as well. This software is used by many people and comes with an online option, so you can create PIP without installing it. It also allows you to add slides, videos, and much more. It's a user-friendly program and works for all users.

How to Make PIP Video with Clipchamp

  1. Log into your Clipchamp Create account first. If you don't have a account, please sign up for a new one.
  2. Add you video to the editing timeline.
  3. Click the layout panel and then select Picture in Picture to start make video.

    how to make picture in picture video
  • Ease of Use
  • Good speed
  • Amazing sound effects
  • Crashes at some points

2. Filmora Video Editor

It’s a good video editor for beginners and experts as well. It allows you to edit the videos and also makes sure that you can easily enjoy the PIP feature. It supports many formats, including MP4, MPG, WMW, and much more.

How to Use

  1. Open the software and then upload your background video and overlay video.
  2. Drag the video to the suitable video track.

    how to record picture in picture video
  3. Adjust the postion and resize the overlay video as you want.
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop option Available
  • Provide support for 300+ effects
  • Export video directly to YouTube
  • A bit heavy for some systems

3. Picture-in-Picture by Google

The good news is that you can download the PIP feature for Windows as well. Yes, you can go for PIP Google Extension, which allows you to enjoy all overlap features. You can only download it on Google Chrome. Let's see how it works.

How to Use

  1. Open Chrome web store and search for PIP extension.

    how to create picture in picture video
  2. Now, click the “Add to Chrome” option and wait for a while.
  3. Your extension is ready to use.
  • Allows you to track things
  • Easy to use
  • A good option for beginners
  • Only available on Google Chrome

4. Movavi: Make Picture in Picture Video

If you want to enjoy Picture-in-Picture features, we have just the right tool for you. Yes, we are talking about Movavi, which is an amazing program for both Windows and Mac users. We have mentioned all the details below on how to use it.

How to Use

  1. Download the software for your PC, then open it.
  2. Click New Project to add videos to the software.
  3. Click the Plus button to select Add Video Track, now you can drag one of the video to the additional video track.
  4. Adjust the video resize and also change the position to your need.

    picture in picture recording
  • Simple and user-friendly application
  • Have numerous templates options
  • Trail for beginners
  • A bit expensive

2. How to Make Picture in Picture Video on Mac and iPhone

Are you wondering how to make Picture Picture Video on Mac and iPhone? Don't worry because we have the best video editor for you that you can try. Yes, we are talking about iMovie, which is a video editing tool created by Apple. It was developed in 1999 and has been used for many things, such as editing videos, pictures, and much more. You can use the app and download it on your PC too. Below are the complete steps that you can use to create Picture in Picture effects on Mac and iPhone.

How to use it:

  1. Open the iMovie app on Mac, and select the Clip where you want to add the PIP feature.
  2. You can also drag this feature to the timeline.

    picture in picture screen recording
  3. When you see an icon, release the mouse option. Now, click the option on the left side, and you will see the Picture-in-picture option.
  4. The option will appear on the top side, which means you can easily adjust it on any side of the screen.

    create picture in picture video
  5. Now, click the "Apply Changes" option to add save the changes.
  6. The good news is that you can easily adjust and fix the size. You can also set the transitions.
  • Best for Mac and iPhone users
  • Doesn’t consume much space
  • Allows you to record, edit and make videos
  • Sometimes requires extra time to complete the work.

3. How to Record a Video Free

If you want to create and record videos for free, we recommend using HitPaw Online Free Screen Recorder. It’s one of the best online screen recorders that you can use for Windows and Mac. Besides, you can quick edit the video you have recordered with HitPaw Online Video editor, and both of these two tools are free.

How to Use It:

These are the steps that you can use to record video via HitPaw.
  1. The first step is to select the mode. And after that, click the Start Recording button.
  2. The tool will ask for access to your Microphone and screen recorder.
  3. Once you have given all the permissions, your recording will be started.
  4. Once the downloading is done, you can edit and download the video.

    how to make pip video
  5. These are the steps that you can follow to record any video. However, make sure not to turn off your device; otherwise, you won't be able to record things properly.


We have mentioned all the tools that you can use to make a picture in a picture video. Also, if you want our suggestions, we would recommend you to use Movavi for Windows and iMovie for Mac. Moreover, keep in mind that creating PIP is not an issue; all you need is some tools, and you are good to go.
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