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HitPaw Toolkit Video Editor

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3 Best Free Audio Editing Software of 2021 ( Editing like A Pro)

If you are a creative artist and have the skills to create something that rocks the world? Then you just have landed the correct place.In the 21st century, audio editing has become professional and more accessible with the help of free audio editors. Instead of expensive digital audio workstations (DAWs) and costly equipped studios, laptops and microphones are used to carry out several audio recording tasks.

No matter how professional your video looks, it will become more noticeable if it has some audio issues. If a video contains some shaky frame, it could be sorted out with the help of professional audio. Similarly, any background or extra noise and low pitch could indulge your audio. Therefore, it is always essential to never compromise the audio quality over the video quality.

To avoid such scenarios, here is our informational guide that will not only help you but also recommend some best free audio editors that you could use in 2021. These audio editors are free and offer a wide variety of services that you quickly find on any professional editing software.

What Should You Look for in Audio Editing Software?

If you are searching for some audio editing tools, there are several things that you should keep in mind before using one. Usually, free sound editing software does not offer as many features as a premium audio editor. An audio editing software usually provides services like mixing, cue points, audio effects, equalizer, format conversion, punch in/ out, track splitting, amplifying, compressing, delaying, noise reduction, pitch, reduce vocals echo.

What is the Best Audio Editing Software?

Here are our top 3 picks for the best audio editing software. Let’s plunge into their features to know what they offer.

1.Audacity Audio Editor Online

No doubt, Audacity Audio Editor Online is the best and free audio editing software in this part. Recommended and used by most professionals, Audacity has won the hearts of its users due to the plenty of professional features it offers. It is a powerful and flexible audio editing tool. Due to extensive built-in tools, Audacity stands out in the list of the top 3 best audio editing software.

audio editor online free-audacity

Key Features:

  • Import raw audio files on 'Import Raw' command.
  • Digitize recording from other media.
  • Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32 bit.
  • Export sound files in various formats.

How to Use?

  1. Step 1. Head to its website. Download, install and luanch it.
  2. free audio editor-audacity
  3. Step 2. Import the respective file into Audacity and look at the waveform.
  4. Step 3. Listen to the imported recording. Choose and take out any clip that you want to
  5. Step 4. Fade out the last second of the selected clip. Export the sound file into the desired format.


Audacity is entirely a free audio editing software that does not provide a free trial.

2. Bear Audio Tool

After Audacity, Bear Audio Tool is another useful and free sound editor. Based on HTML5, Bear Audio Tool is a perfect platform for beginners to learn and master audio editing skills. Bear Audio Tool has its library of sound effects that can be used entirely free of cost.

Key Features:

  • Imports both online and offline files
  • Built-in audio library
  • Offers undo/redo functions
  • Supports multiple formats for audio conversion
  • Offers rearranging clips, trim, and cut functions
  • It also provides pitch, fades in/out, and other sound effects.

How to Use?

  • Step 1. Open Bear Audio tool and import the desired audio file(s)
  • free audio editing software-bear-audio-tool
  • Step 2. Listen to the recording and select any audio clip to edit, fade in/out, or alter its pitch
  • Step 3. Crop any audio clip and put music effects from the library if necessary
  • Step 4. Export the recording into any audio format


The software is an open-source tool and is entirely free to use. You can use it any time to alter, modify, or create something special for your record.

3. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Editor

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use audio editor, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Editor is the most beneficial. Apowersoft is the best free online audio editor due to the following reasons.

Key Features:

  • Apowersoft offers all features free
  • Provides unlimited editing of multiple files
  • Delivers safe, virus-free audio files
  • Easy to use, great for beginners and professionals for quick execution
  • Trim, merge, and mix various files into numerous formats.

How to Use?

  1. Step 1. Open Apowersoft Free Online Audio Editor. Click on 'Start Editing' button to launch it.
  2. free sound editing software-apowersoft
  3. Step 2. You will see its main screen. Please load your audio file here and edit the audio recording.
  4.  apwersoft free sound editor
  5. Step 3.Use pitch, fade in/out, and mixer to editing the file. Also, edit video or image if necessary.
  6. Step 4. Export the file into any desired format.


Apowersoft Online Audio Editor is absolutely a free audio editing tool that demands no money.

What Can You Do Via HitPaw Audio and Video Editor?

Here comes another amazing and most recommended sound editing tool - HitPaw Online Add Music to Video . HitPaw is totally free and extremely easy to use due to its user-friendly interface. It provides unlimited features that cancel the need for any other audio or video editor. Its remarkable features make it the most useful free music editor in this part.By using the HitPaw video editor, one can simply add music to his video.

Key Features:

HitPaw offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Video Cutting
  • Video Merging
  • Change Speed
  • Resizing Video
  • Watermark Removal
  • Screen Recording

How to use?

  1. Step 1. Open its website from your browser and click on 'Add Music to Video Now' button.
  2. hitpaw free music editing online
  3. Step 2. You will see its main screen. Please load your audio file here and edit the audio recording.
  4. best HitPaw free audio editing software
  5. Step 3. When done, please export the file into your local devices.


In the final verdict, it is fair to say that all the above-mentioned free audio editors are best in their functions and features. From Audacity to Apowersoft to HitPaw Online Add Music to Video, you could choose any audio editor. All of them have excellent characteristics, and all are free.

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