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How To Download Video From Facebook With Quick Links

Many consider Facebook to be the funniest videos on the internet. And when a person watches a video, an enormous pleasure is present when they share that particular video with someone else, be it a friend or relative. But what about when that person doesn't have Facebook? You need to download video from facebook to send to that person.

And it was with this in mind that we brought 11 methods for you to download facebook video and send it to whoever you want!

  1. HitPaw Video Converter
  2. Apowersoft Video Converter
  3. Savefrom.net
  4. Video Downloader for Facebook - FastVid (Android)
  5. FDown.net
  6. AceThinker Music Keeper
  7. SnapSave
  8. Any Video Converter
  9. Clipbox: Salve Videos
  10. OnlineVideoConverter
  11. Wondershare UniConverter

1 - HitPaw Video Converter

The most recommended by us is the complete HitPaw Video Converter, which is an application focused on downloading video from facebook and also converting several videos to different formats, suitable for those who want to get the video on their computer or cell phone already in the correct format.

Furthermore, this app is provided with excellent features and functions that make it the best app to download video from facebook, such as a simple editing feature that makes a big difference.

How to download a video from facebook:

  • Step 1
  • You need to download the HitPaw Video Converter application on your computer. And it’s very simple: go to the app’s website, click on “Free Trial” and wait for the installer to download.

  • Step 2
  • After downloading it, click on the downloaded file to install it.

  • Step 3
  • Enter Facebook and capture the link of the video you want to download.

  • Step 4
  • Access the newly installed application and click on “Download” in the menu at the top center.

    download facebook
  • Step 5
  • Click on “Paste URL”, which is on the upper left side, and paste the link that was copied, to be able to download facebook video.

    download video
  • Step 6
  • Finally, after the download is complete, click on “downloaded”, at the top, and then click on the folder referring to the video that was downloaded, to access the location where this video is.


2 - Apowersoft Video Converter

A well-known company mainly because of its video editors, and which most likely has several Facebook videos edited with this company's editor, Apowersoft also has a facebook video downloader app, which is Apowersoft Video Converter.

As its name suggests, this application also works (and very well) as a video converter, having several conversion possibilities. In addition, the application also has a small tutorial to help those who do not know the application to be able to use its functions, such as downloading video from facebook, but more precisely its converter.

3 - Savefrom.net

The first site on this list is the incredible Savefrom.net, one of the most accessed through Google search engines and that has resources for downloading videos from many sites, including downloading videos from facebook. Its advantage is that it is a completely free method with simple and straightforward features, without having to learn an extensive step-by-step process to download the video.

4 - Video Downloader for Facebook - FastVid (Android)

The Video Downloader for Facebook - FastVid is the most recommended application for those with an Android cell phone here, for being the highest ranked in the Play Store (Google application store) and for having a very good rating (4.6) . Its negative point is a certain amount of ads, but nothing that prevents the user from downloading facebook video.

5 - FDown.net

An international site, with translation into several languages and which can download video from facebook through the link is FDown.net. This application was developed exclusively for this purpose, which can be considered a differential.

To know if it can download private video from facebook it is necessary to carry out the test, because until a certain update there was this possibility, which became uncertain over time.

6 - AceThinker Music Keeper

When it comes to a very efficient app, AceThinker Music Keeper stands out from the rest. It has a feature that allows you to access the link, identify the video in question and download it directly, being one of the most ideal applications to download video on facebook. Its disadvantage is that it only allows this download in the paid version.

7 - SnapSave

Another site to download video from facebook is SnapSave, which is also international and has translation into our language. According to information from the website itself, this application is one of the best Facebook video downloaders and can download videos in high quality, such as Full HD, 2K and 4K. In addition, it supports Android and iOS, being able to download videos on mobile in this case.

8 - Any Video Converter

An application that promises to convert any video, Any Video Converter is present in this list as one of the great applications to download video from facebook, and in a way that the video already comes out with the ideal format for the user to do whatever he wants with the video.

Its integrated converter, which allows the video to come out in the best possible way, is one of its main features and has the possibility of converting into hundreds of different formats, ideal for those who want to download facebook video and already use video in a project or send to a friend.

9 - Clipbox: Salve Videos

For iOS users, the application that we recommend to download video from facebook is Clipbox: Save Videos, because it has a good rating, a good download speed and for being the best positioned in the search for applications in the Apple store. Its downside is not being able to download private or protected videos.

10 - OnlineVideoConverter

The fourth site on this list and the tenth method to download video from facebook via the link is OnlineVideoConverter, which is very fast in downloading and has an advantage over other sites: you can download the video already converted in the format you want.

11 - Wondershare UniConverter

One more company known for its video editor, Wondershare still has Wondershare UniConverter, which is also a converter with the function of downloading video from facebook by link. The high quality of download and conversion and its high speed are its biggest advantages.


One of these 11 methods is sure to be right for you to download video from facebook. Therefore, the tip is that you test them in order, so that the first one that serves you is already the one used by you.

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